Where To Find All NPC Characters In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Where To Find All NPC Characters In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3
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The concept of “collecting” NPCs is new to Chapter 3 in Fortnite. Mostly you’ll come across these NPCs while exploring the map, however, certain characters are harder to come across.


So to help you find these characters, we will tell you all the Fortnite NPC locations. You can interact with these NPCs to gain slight advantages. So, let’s jump right into it.



What Are These NPC Characters?

Every successive Fortnite season brings a fresh cast of characters to the island.
They appear on the Fortnite map as vendors but will attack if you shoot at them. As mentioned earlier, some of them are easier to find while some are difficult to come across.




How to recognize a character?


When you're close to a character, a speech bubble icon will appear on your map as well as on your screen above the character’s head. This speech bubble can also be seen through a wall.


Interact with them, and the first time you meet, they'll be added to your collection, with a confirmation message showing on the screen.





What Benefits Do These Characters Provide?

When you engage with one of the Fortnite characters, you'll be given a set of possibilities, such as taking on a mission for them or purchasing something from them. Among the options are:


  • Duel: To obtain the character's weapon, defeat them in a fight.
  • Hire: Recruit the character as your bodyguard.
  • Prop Disguise: You become a prop until you use an item or receive damage.
  • Rift: Creates a rift in the sky for you to glide through.
  • Storm Forecast: Displays the location of the next Storm phase on your map.
  • Tip Bus Driver: In the feed, leave a tip for the Battle Bus driver.
  • Weapon: Purchase a weapon from the character.


You need Fortnite gold bars to get weapons, equipment, and important information from these characters.




Fortnite NPC Locations

This list reveals where you can find all of the Fortnite characters:


1. Lil WhipConey Crossroad: Inside the Ice Cream Parlor
2. RustlerShifty Shafts: Walking around the eastern side of the location
3. The ParadigmSeven Outpost: North-west of Logjam Lumberyard
4. The Scientist Synapse Station: Inside the main building.
5. The OriginSeven Outpost III: The area to the northeast of The Daily Bugle building.
6. The VisitorLaunchpad: The largest island east of Sanctuary.
7. SunbirdThe Daily Bugle: On the roof of The Temple, which is located northeast of the building.
8. GuacoGreasy Grove: Inside the restaurant.
9. MancakeRocky Reels: Wandering around.
10. Bao BrosCondo Canyon: Inside a restaurant.
11. The ImaginedSeven Outpost V: Southwest of Rave Cave.
12. Cuddle Team LeaderRave Cave: On top of the platform,  above the northern entrance.
13. Stash’dChonkers Speedway: Inside the garage.
14. HavenConey Crossroads: Outside a lakeside building.
15. Jonesy The First (Variant)The Jonese: In the north-eastern side of this place, in the cabin.
16. Ludwig (Variant)The Joneses: Inside a building located at the southeastern part.
17. Bunker Jonesy (Variant)The Joneses: Near the cavan on the southern outskirts.
18. Mullet Marauder (Variant)The Joneses: In the building on this location's northwestern corner.
19. Metal Team Leader (Variant)Shroom Chalet: On the top story of the building.
20. Cuddlepool (Variant)Shroom Chalet: Outside the building.
21. Quackling (Variant)Shroom Chalet: Ground floor of the building.
22. KyleLogjam Lumberyard: Walking around this place.
23. CrypticRave Cave: Walking inside there.
24. FishstickSleepy Sound: Inside a kitchen.
25. The FoundationSanctuary: On a little island.






So this was our guide on Fortnite NPC locations. We hope it will be helpful for you and have a positive outcome on your gameplay.

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