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The Best Fortnite Edit Course Codes (2023)

The Best Fortnite Edit Course Codes (2023)
Written by: Mohsin

Edit courses in Fortnite are custom creative maps made by the people of the community to help you practice your editing and building skills in Fortnite or just to warm up. These courses can also be used to improve your building skills such as the 90s or triple build rushing if you are new to the game or just want to get better.

Our list of the best Fortnite edit courses of 2022 will guide you through the best creative maps for practising your editing skills in the game. These Edit Courses are best for preparing you before going into the sweaty games of Fortnite to give you the best chance of winning.




Best Edit Courses and their Codes


  • Fleas Best Edit Map: 7301-0487-6832
  • Box Fight Practice Map v2: 7562-1598-0199
  • 4-Level Warm-up Course: 5739-0895-9513
  • BoxFight Yourself: 3213-7825-1802
  • Ryft Edit Course: 1510-7344-2178
  • Jordystorm Edit Course: 4240-3520-4824
  • Edit Piece Control and Aim Warm-Up: 3917-0476-8838
  • Warm Up Course Solo: 9597-1873-8450
  • Tryhard Edit Challenge: (Different Codes - All mentioned below)
  • 1v1 Edit Race: 9124-5509-6253



Fleas Best Edit Map




Code: 7301-0487-6832 

This edit course in Fortnite is easily one of the best ones in the game. The scenery on this map can be changed to different themes like Sunset, or a nice purple Galaxy theme. Along with the edit runs, it also has vertical edit-ups and edit-downs so you can also practice gaining the height advantage in-game which is extremely useful in winning fights. The different combinations of building this map supports, along with the option to free-build, makes it one of the best edit courses in Fortnite.



Box Fight Practice (Raider464)




Code: 7562-1598-0199

The next on the list is a map for practising box fights. This map has both aim and edit practice and is a good pick for those who want to become really good at the game. It has a box-fight building practice which is not only just suitable for warming up but more for the people who consider themselves tryhards at the game and want to sharpen their skills. This is because the editing needed to run across this map is extremely fast and tricky. If you want to box fight like a pro, then this is the map for you.



4-Level Warm-up (Raider464)




Code: 5739-0895-9513

The next map on our list is also made by Raider464 but this one is more of a warm-up map rather than try-Harding. The map is divided into 4 levels, each one requiring a different skill level. This course is quick and shouldn’t take you more than 3 to 10 mins to complete each level. These levels range from easy to more difficult as you go up so even if you are really good at the game, you should still be able to benefit from this map.



BoxFight Yourself (Selage)


Code: 3213-7825-1802

This practice map in Fortnite is extremely unique because it lets the player's box fight themselves. It has zombies placed inside the boxed builds who are equipped with guns, meaning they will shoot back at you if they get the chance. So the goal is to edit quickly and kill the zombies before they shoot at you. It is extremely fun and lets you practice your editing and resetting skills in the game.




Ryft Edit Course


Code: 1510-7344-2178

This map belongs to one of the fastest editors in Fortnite, Ryft. This “Impossible” edit course is amazing because of how challenging it is. It is insanely difficult but once you start getting the hang of it, it can really improve your editing speed and make you better at the game. It is also used for warming up by many players who are good at the game.



Jordystorm Edit Course


Code: 4240-3520-4824

This map is perfect who want to play the game solo and wish to warm up their editing skills. It has multiple build structures for you to practice on so you can be ready for whatever your opponents throw your way in the game. It also serves well as a long warm-up practice map for those who are already good at the game and just want to warm up their skills before they jump into a match.



Edit Piece Control and Aim Warm-Up


Code: 3917-0476-8838

With the start of chapter 3 in Fortnite, there were also many new movement mechanics introduced in the game. But there aren’t many maps where players can practice these mechanics. This is why this map is especially good because it is one of the few maps where players can freely practice these movement skills such as skidding, Piece control and of course, the regular warm-up as well. It is a good practice map for returning players who aren’t familiar with the new mechanics in Fortnite.



Warm Up Course Solo


Code: 9597-1873-8450

As the name suggests, this map is best for warming up on your own. It primarily focuses on the vertical building skills of the player, helpful for gaining height. If you are one to play Solos, this editing course is perfect to warm you up and prepare you for the fights about to take place in the game.



TryHard Edit Challenge


Easy: 3692-0671-2791

Medium: 5044-1947-7391

Hard: 7541-8490-7737

The TryHard edit course will surely give the players a tough time. This course is divided into 3 maps, all mentioned above. This is good for allowing players to pick a challenge they want. Whether they just want to warm up or want to truly challenge their skills, this course has it all. Start from the Easy course and try to complete it in record time. When completed, move on to the next one.



1v1 Edit Race


Code: 9124-5509-6253

This map is perfect if you want to challenge a friend to an editing race. Since the difficulty level on this map depends on how good your friend is, you’ll really be able to compete with your friends and give them a run for their money. But do look out though because if you get beaten by your friend, that would not be pleasant.

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