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All The Leaked And Upcoming Things In Fortnite Chapter 4!

All The Leaked And Upcoming Things In Fortnite Chapter 4!
Written by: Shizza

Epic Games has hidden a lot of things in the game files that will come to Fortnite very soon. This includes Stranger Things, the upcoming concert, and even Tilted Towers will be returning in Chapter 4.


2023 02 03


This article will cover everything you need to know about all the leaked and upcoming events in Fortnite Chapter 4. So, let’s get started!



Bush Bomb


The Bush Bomb is a relatively new item that was added to the game. You can throw it down anywhere you want, even on vehicles, as well as dirt bikes. However, the best part about this item is that it does work with the Bush Warrior perk.


So, players can easily throw it down and start getting those passive heals. This is a very useful item, especially in Zero Build competitive Zero Build, because bushes are really powerful and are a great way to hide in plain sight.


2023 02 03_9


Hired NPCs


There are two changes already in-game that not many fans are really talking about, and the first one has to do with Hired NPCs. It is really annoying when players hire an NPC, and they start driving off in a car, and the NPC basically just chases after them.


They do not hop in the car, and sometimes they end up getting lost in the storm because of this. Now, these NPCs can actually hop in the car with you, and they can sit in the passenger seat. This might even make them a lot more useful.



Slap Juice Update


2023 02 03_13


Another change that went under the radar is that the Slap Juice now affects wildlife, so players can get the Infinite Sprint on boars and wolves. However, in this chapter, with all the mobility that it has, we don’t see a lot of players even using the wildlife, and we don’t think that this slap juice buff is going to change that.



Game-Breaking Bug


This one really took players by surprise, and we are unsure as to what it even is or how it happened, but there is this crazy bug in the game. It is one of the most game-breaking bugs in Fortnite.


Players should turn their Crouch Delay to 0.1 and change their Crouch button to the Mouse scroll wheel. After that, you should return to the game and sprint while using the scroll at the same time and having the Slap Berry effect on you.


After you do this for a little while, you will get this really weird Bush Rift where you can teleport and duplicate all consumables and ammo. We are still unsure what this even is or what the Bush Particle is when you Rift.


Is this maybe a Dev tool that somehow got leaked into the actual game, and how do people even find this stuff out? For now, we don’t know, but we can surely enjoy it to the fullest.


2023 02 03_6



Fortnite x The Last Of Us




This update is one that players actually knew for a while and was released all the way back in July 2022. It is Fortnite x The Last Of Us and is based on the recent release of HBO that players are absolutely loving, and the show has received many great reviews.


A lot of people are excited about this specific release, especially Nick Eh 30, because he used to cover The Last Of Us content on his channel. Also, with the show going on, this is the perfect time for him to release this collaboration.



Fortnite x Dead Space


Another collaboration players can expect soon is with Dead Space, a classic sci-fi horror game. There is actually a new game coming out very soon, and players will receive one skin which is Isaac Clark.


There is also a Back Bling which has an HP bar that changes based on your health, so that is really awesome. There is also another Back Bling which is usually blue, but if you take damage, it turns red. These cosmetics sound exciting, even if you have never played Dead Space.



Stranger Things

Something that players are extremely excited about being released in Fortnite is Stranger Things. They have already had a couple of collaborations before. However, since then, the show has gotten even bigger since the last time it was in the shop, which was back in 2019.



Family Guy


Now, this new collaboration has been teased a million times, which is Family Guy. This was first released all the way back when Epic Games did a live stream where they showed Darth Vader, Family Guy, and a few other skins that would be released in the game.


All the other skins have actually come to the game except for Family Guy. Players are starting to lose hope, but recently there was a skin, code-named FrenchFry, in the game files that players think has to do with Peter from Family Guy.


However, at this point, if we do not get Family Guy, this is one of the biggest teases Epic has pulled off without actually giving us what we want.



Travis Scott


Screenshot_2023 02 03_205508


Something that a lot of players wanted and is one of the most requested skins in the game is the Travis Scott skin. Travis Scott has one of the best concerts and is one of the most-loved Icon Skin in the game.


It has officially been one thousand days since the skin has been in the shop, and players think that, for some reason, he is coming back now that it has been a thousand days. However, there are others who also think that it has nothing to do with that, and Travis Scott might not return to the shop for a long time.



New Concert


Speaking of Icon Concerts, there is actually a new concert coming to the game very soon, and it is with Kid LAROI. He has been on the come-up for the past few years, but the thing is that he is not as popular as Ariana Grande Travis Scott.


Some players were slightly concerned about what to expect from this concert. The end-of-chapter event was seen as one of the worst events ever, and people speculate that the event was created in Creative 2.0.


Could this new concert be on the level of Icon Concerts and Rift tours we have seen in the past, or is it going to be some sort of experiment where they create the concert in Creative 2.0, and it is a little underwhelming compared to what we have seen in the past.


Either way, Kid LAROI is still getting his own skin, even two of them, and a full cosmetic set. Furthermore, he also has his own Duo tournament where players can get his skin for free, and if they get eight points, they might get some sort of Icon or spray.


Hopefully, Epic Games will meet and live up to the expectations of players because there are a lot of them who will be extremely disappointed if the Kid LAROI concert is not as exciting or crazy as the other two concerts.



Tilted Towers


Finally, we have the Tilted Towers and some information about them returning in Chapter 4. Currently, Chapter 4 has no OG locations on the map, so leakers were digging around in the game files, and they found something pretty interesting in the Chapter 4 map files.


There is a file named Temp POI. It is actually Ambient sound file called Tilted Towers that recently got added. Now, Epic Games would not do this for no reason, and they would not want to hype up the fans for no reason because they knew that the players were going to see it.


2023 02 03_8


Tilted Towers does have a clock in that little icy cave. Could the snow just melt and reveal Tilted Towers in that location? That has already happened before, so there is a doubt, but at this point, we are convinced that it will return sometime in Chapter 4.



It could be in Season 1, Season 2, or maybe in the last season of the Chapter, and we know that many players will be excited about that.


That is it for all the leaked and upcoming events in Chapter 4 of Fortnite, so make sure to keep your eye out for them and enjoy!

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