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Where to Find Golden Chickens in Fortnite

Where to Find Golden Chickens in Fortnite
Written by: iamharoongill

Welcome to the vibrant world of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2, where excitement reaches new heights with the return of the iconic character, Midas. In this thrilling update, players are introduced to a myriad of new features, including the adrenaline-pumping Floor is Lava LTM, engaging special quests, and the coveted new skin for Midas.


But there's more! The game now offers the unique opportunity to hunt for Golden Chickens, a novel way to amass Gold Bars, essential for experiencing all the novelties this season offers. From purchasing exclusive items at Midas Vending Machines to upgrading your arsenal, these elusive Golden Chickens are your ticket to a richer gameplay experience. Join us as we delve into the locations where you can find Golden Chickens and elevate your Fortnite journey.




What are Golden Chickens in Fortnite




In the latest Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2, Golden Chickens have emerged as a unique and valuable entity, capturing players' attention across the island. Unlike their ordinary counterparts, Golden Chickens possess a magical flair: they lay golden eggs. These are not your typical barnyard finds but precious items that, when collected, convert into Gold Bars—Fortnite's coveted in-game currency.


So, what makes these Golden Chickens so special? When startled or approached, they drop golden eggs. Players can harvest these eggs by eliminating the chickens using any weapon or even their trusty Pickaxe. Each Golden Chicken, once defeated, rewards players with 12 Gold Bars, providing a significant boost to their resources.


These Gold Bars are a gateway to enhanced gameplay, allowing players to access different items and upgrades. Whether it's stocking up on essentials from vending machines, healing up with exclusive items, or beefing up your weaponry at service stations, the gold bars you collect from Golden Chickens unlock numerous possibilities.



Spending Gold Bars in Fortnite


Accumulating Gold Bars in Fortnite is more than just a treasure hunt; it's your key to unlocking an array of exclusive benefits and enhancements within the game. Once you've gathered these bars by hunting Golden Chickens, you'll find different ways to spend them, each adding depth and strategy to your gameplay.


Firstly, the Vending Machines are your go-to spots for quick resupplies. These machines are scattered across the map, offering weapons, ammunition, and other essential supplies. The convenience and variety they provide can be game-changing, especially in critical moments of battle.




Then there are the Healing Machines, vital for those dire times when your health or shield levels are waning. By spending Gold Bars here, you can swiftly regain your strength and get back into the fray, fully recharged.


Exclusive to this season are the Midas Vending Machines, named after the legendary character himself. These machines dispense rare and powerful items, but at a steeper Gold Bar price, making each purchase a strategic decision.


Interacting with NPCs (Non-Player Characters) also offers a unique opportunity to use your Gold Bars. You can hire these characters as allies, giving you an edge in combat, or purchase valuable items and intel from them.


Lastly, the Golden Weapon Upgrade Service is where you can take your arsenal to the next level. By spending Gold Bars, you can enhance your weapons, ensuring you have the firepower to face any challenge head-on.


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Special Attributes of Golden Chickens


Golden Chickens in Fortnite are not just your ordinary feathered friends; they hold special attributes that can significantly benefit players. Beyond the allure of golden eggs and the Gold Bars they yield, these glistening creatures offer strategic advantages that can be pivotal during gameplay.


Firstly, when Golden Chickens are eliminated, they drop gold and meat, providing a crucial health boost. This resource can be a game-changer, especially in scenarios where you're far from healing items or in the midst of a skirmish. The ability to quickly regain health by harvesting meat from these chickens adds a layer of strategy, encouraging players to seek them out not just for gold but for survival.


Moreover, Golden Chickens offer a unique mobility advantage. By picking up and carrying a chicken, players can experience enhanced jump heights and glide gently back to the ground. This ability can be instrumental in traversing the map quickly, escaping danger, or reaching strategic vantage points. However, it comes with a trade-off: while carrying a chicken, your sprinting ability is disabled, requiring you to carefully consider when and where to harness this feature.


The presence of Golden Chickens also adds a dynamic element to the game's environment. Their distinctive golden glow makes them easy to spot, but it also means other players are likely to be drawn to them, setting the stage for potential ambushes or encounters. Therefore, finding and interacting with Golden Chickens requires not just quick reflexes but strategic thinking, as players must weigh the benefits of pursuing these creatures against the risks of exposing themselves to enemy fire.



Where to find Golden Chickens in Chapter 5 Season 2




Discovering Golden Chickens in Fortnite's Chapter 5 Season 2 is an exhilarating quest that leads players across diverse and vibrant landscapes. To maximize your Gold Bar earnings and leverage the unique benefits these chickens provide, knowing where to find them is essential. Here are the prime locations within the game where Golden Chickens are known to roam, offering players the chance to harness their special attributes.


  1. Reckless Railways: This area is characterized by its sprawling train tracks and industrial setting, providing ample hiding spots for Golden Chickens. Keep an eye out among the cargo and rails; their distinctive golden glow can often be spotted between carriages.
  2. Restored Reels: A nod to classic cinema, Restored Reels offers a mix of open areas and tight spaces. Golden Chickens like to wander among the theater props and screens, blending in with the golden-era movie magic.
  3. Fencing Fields: As you might expect, this agricultural area with its vast fields and farm buildings is a hotspot for Golden Chickens. They often roam freely here, pecking at the ground and basking in the open spaces.
  4. Pleasant Piazza: This bustling town square is another area where Golden Chickens are found, mingling with the urban environment. Their bright presence contrasts with the muted tones of the buildings, making them relatively easier to spot.
  5. Snooty Steppes: With its high-end boutiques and posh setting, Snooty Steppes may seem an unlikely place for poultry. Yet, Golden Chickens can often be found strutting through the area, providing a dash of rustic charm amid luxury.


Additionally, this season's new Points of Interest (POIs), such as Mount Olympus and The Underworld, are worth exploring. These locations offer a new flavor of challenges and landscapes and serve as potential habitats for Golden Chickens.





Embarking on the quest to find Golden Chickens in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 enriches your gameplay with gold bars and adds an adventurous twist to your journey. By visiting locales like Reckless Railways and Pleasant Piazza, you can hunt these radiant birds, unlocking the potential to enhance your equipment and ally with NPCs. Remember, Golden Chickens aren't just about the treasure; they offer unique gameplay advantages, from health boosts to improved mobility. Embrace the hunt, strategize your approach, and let the Golden Chickens lead you to victory and prosperity in Fortnite's ever-evolving world.

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