The 8 Best Fortnite Zombie Map Codes

The 8 Best Fortnite Zombie Map Codes
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Written by: Knightmare

Since Call of Duty dropped its zombie mode, other FPS games have tried to push this concept forward. Unfortunately, there is no fixed mode for players to fight off zombies in Fortnite. However, thanks to the creative mode in Fortnite, many creators have decided to make their own Fortnite Zombie Maps.


There are many zombie maps in Fortnite, so it can be pretty tedious for someone to choose which one to play. This is why we have hand-picked a number of these maps to present to you guys.


So today, we will be counting down the best Fortnite Zombie Map Codes. You can jump into these maps and blast away zombies with your friends.



Fortnite Zombie Maps


All zombie-themed maps in video games usually have only one goal; kill as many zombies as you can in a limited time. So Fortnite Zombie Maps follow a similar route. Let’s take a look at some of these maps.




8. Z-Nite: The Factories


screen_comp 3


Code: 3303-8983-5104


Z-Nite: The Factories is a survival map. It features up to 4 players in co-op. Echo creates this map. On this map, an endless wave of zombies appears to test the players’ survival antics. This map also has a money system that lets players buy firearms, ammo, health, and other items. 


Moreover, you can use the in-game money; you may access further map areas. Another exciting aspect of this map is that as the round progresses, the zombies become powerful. Overall, it is a tremendous Fortnite zombie map.



7. Shallow West: Zombies


screenshots_0389 9739 0449


Code: 0389-9739-0449


Shallow West: Zombies is a wild-west-inspired Zombie map. In this map, 16 players can play at the same time. They will face waves of zombies, and after defeating a wave, another section of the map will unlock until they reach the final boss.


Players may level up, earn abilities, and purchase weapons and healing supplies along the way. The overall theme of this map sets it apart from the rest. It is enjoyable to play, especially if you have cowboy-themed skins like the Cowboy Wrangler or the Cowgirl Hustler skin.




6. Nightfall - Zombie Survival


8876 0278 7743


Code: 8876-0278-7743


Nightfall is an open-world-style zombie map in Fortnite. It is like a fully-fledged mini-game inside Fortnite. This map was created by TJ Designs, who also kept the map up-to-date. On this map, it is your responsibility to eliminate zombies who have appeared in the city and rescue the city.


Nightfall is a delightful map. It features many fun elements that can be enjoyed with your friends. So what are you waiting for? Load into creative mode and jump into this map full of zombies.



5. Apollonias


Apollonias (Zombie Survival) 8100-4167-5016 by tonyquest


Code: 8100-4167-5016


Apollonias is a Fortnite zombie map created by tonyquest. This map is inspired by the legendary board game called Monopoly. In this map, all players begin at the same place and proceed by killing monsters. 


During the game, players can use hiding spots and tunnels. They may also search for three hidden coins to enter the armory and strengthen their weapons. It is a very well-made map with little nuances that make it stand out from the rest.



4. Arc of Retribution


0798 7985 2485


Code: 0798-7985-2485


Arc of Retribution is quite a famous Fortnite Zombie map. It is created by snownymous. In this map, players face ten waves of zombies. 16 people can play it at once. Moreover, you can get cash to spend in the shop and upgrade their equipment after each round. 


This map is aesthetically unique. It is entertaining to play, and the whole dungeon-like architecture gives it a personality. The gameplay is quite solid and similar to other maps that we have featured. However, the best part of this map is that it focuses a lot on survival, and players are only given a single life.




3. Kino Der Toten Remastered


screen_comp 5


Code: 0782-2189-7490


The following map on our list of best Fortnite Zombie maps is the Kino Der Toten Remastered map. This map might be familiar to OG Call of Duty fans. It features the primary survival mode like all the other maps. However, this one is full of easter eggs from Call of Duty.


Kino Der Toten is a brilliant map. It is the closest replica of the original Kino Der Toten map from Call of Duty. All the credit goes to MIST_JAWAFETT, who has created this map and has been keeping the map updated. So, copy the code and jump into this map if you’re a fan of Call Of Duty.



2. X-mas of the Undead - Zombie Survival


screenshots_9300 2622 9913


Code: 9300-2622-9913


Christmas and horror are a combination that doesn’t get much credit. X-mas of the Undead is a Christmas-themed zombie survival map. You have only one objective on this map, kill as many zombies as possible. It is a maze, so you must pave your path to escape as you kill zombies.


The overall snowy feel of this map is lovely and unique. It is the perfect combination of cozy and adventurous. X-mas of the Undead is a perfect map for a cold evening when you’re tucked inside your room.


1. Sunrise City - Horde Survival


Sunrise City - Horde Survival 5780-2589-3510 by ItsSpark


Code: 5780-2589-3510


This has to be one of the best Fortnite zombie map codes ever. This single-player Creative Mode level is designed for those that like grinding and setting new records. The map design is quite beautiful, and the gameplay also feels solid. 


In this map, the little region will be overrun with zombies, and players' primary goal will be to keep killing them and breaking other players' records. It is perfect for a small competition between you and your friends.





So this was our list of the best Fortnite Zombie map codes. We hope you find a suitable map you can enjoy with your friends. Share this guide with your friends and tell them about these fantastic maps.

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