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Fortnite Reality Augments List in Chapter 4 Season 3: The Latest Perks and Activation Method

Fortnite Reality Augments List in Chapter 4 Season 3: The Latest Perks and Activation Method
Written by: iamharoongill

Reality Augments, exclusive bonuses introduced to Fortnite, offer special game enhancements such as item spawns, speed boosts, and weapon power-ups that can potentially steer the game in your favor. This piece will unpack all the Reality Augments introduced in Chapter 4, Season 3.


To ensure victory in Fortnite, you may consider stacking top-tier weapons, choosing strategic landing spots, or even opting for stealthy late-game strategies. Now, the latest strategy in your arsenal is Reality Augments. Introduced in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3, these perks give you minor boosts that can significantly enhance your gameplay and bring you one step closer to victory.


Intrigued by what Reality Augments are and what they do in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3? This article will provide you with all the information you need. Let's unlock the reality behind these innovative power-ups and supercharge your Fortnite gaming experience!





What are Reality Augments in Fortnite?


As the landscape of Fortnite continues to evolve, one of the newest introductions to this thrilling Battle Royale game is the concept of Reality Augments. But what exactly are they?




In essence, Reality Augments can be viewed as Fortnite's bespoke form of gameplay perks. While they may not revolutionize your gaming experience, they provide those minor boosts that can significantly tip the scales in your favor. They give players an edge by making slight improvements to their performance in a match, which, when used strategically, can impact the game's outcome.


These perks are introduced to players at various points during a Battle Royale match. As the game progresses, the Augments continue to stack, providing you with multiple enhancements the longer you survive in the game. With the current count standing at 44 unique Reality Augments, each with its specific benefits, the strategic combinations are nearly endless. The key to success lies in understanding what each Augment does and how it aligns with your gameplay style.


While these Augments do not offer massive game-changing advantages, their cumulative impact can be significant. Imagine having an extra boost in speed when you most need it or regaining health just when you thought all was lost! That's what Reality Augments bring to the table - those little tweaks that keep you one step ahead of the competition.




By becoming familiar with these new additions and learning how to strategically incorporate them into your gameplay, you open up new avenues to increase your chances of achieving that much sought-after Victory Royale. In the constantly changing world of Fortnite, adapting to these innovations can be the difference between being a survivor and being the last player standing.



List of All the Fortnite Reality Augments Perks & Their Benefits


An Overview of Fortnite Reality Augments & Their Benefits Here's a rundown of the current Reality Augments in Fortnite:




  • Light Fingers: Quicker reloading for light ammo weapons.
  • Soaring Sprints: Jump higher with less gravity when sprinting.
  • Swift Shotgun Reload (NEW): Speed up your Shotgun reloading time.
  • Reckless Rifle Reload (NEW): Significantly speed up Assault Rifle reload time when the magazine is empty.
  • Sprint Lines (NEW): Gain a Slap effect when using grind vines, Ascenders, ziplines, or grind rails.
  • Primal Companion (NEW): Acquire thermal vision and health regeneration while riding animals.
  • Steady Hands: Reduce recoil for Marksman Rifles.
  • Keymaster: Receive two keys for unlocking Holo-Chests.
  • Shell Slide (NEW): Earn Shotgun shells while sliding.
  • Shotgun Striker: Gain siphon on player hits with Shotguns.
  • Bloodhound: Tag enemies for a short time when you hit them with your marksman rifle or bow.
  • SMG Sign Off: The final 3 bullets in your SMG magazine deal extra damage.
  • Mythic Munition: Obtain a Mythic Tactical Pistol.
  • First Assault: Your assault rifle's first bullet deals additional damage.
  • Aquatic Warrior: Gain increased speed, health, and partial shield regeneration when swimming (not applicable in the Storm).
  • Medium Ammo Acquired (NEW): Instantly gain medium ammo and find more in containers.
  • Wildwasp Weaponry (NEW): Receive Wildwasp Jars and earn additional ones with each elimination.
  • Exotic Grab Bag: Acquire a random Heisted Exotic Weapon.
  • Rarity Check: Earn siphon from eliminations with Common or Uncommon weapons.
  • Traversal Warrior: Regain Health and partial Shield while using ziplines, grind vines, grind rails, or ascenders (not applicable in the Storm).


Seven of these Reality Augments, clearly marked as NEW, were added to Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 on June 9, 2023. Plus, several Reality Augments from previous seasons have made a comeback.


Remember, Reality Augments are randomly assigned during matches, so getting the ones you want isn't always a sure thing. However, you'll always have a choice between two Augments. If you're not happy with your options, you can use Gold Bars to reroll and possibly end up with a powerful perk combo that suits your playstyle!



How to activate Reality Augments in Fortnite


Adding a Reality Augment to your gameplay isn't rocket science, but knowing when and how to do it is crucial. Here's a step-by-step guide to activating Reality Augments in Fortnite:




  1. Keep an Eye on the Minimap: During a Battle Royale match, keep an eye on the bottom corner of your screen where the minimap is located. A specific icon will appear there when a Reality Augment becomes available.
  2. Understand the Symbol: This icon is more than just a notification. It also indicates which button need to press on your controller to access your Reality Augments.
  3. Choose Your Augment: Once you press the indicated button, you'll be presented with two Augments to choose from. Analyze the options and select the one that aligns best with your current strategy and gameplay style.
  4. Activate Your Augment: After selecting your preferred Reality Augment, activate it. Now you're ready to use this perk to gain a competitive edge in your match!


One important aspect to note is that the button you need to press to access your Reality Augments may vary depending on the console you're using.


For PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users, the right button on the D-pad is your activation key. If you're an Xbox user, you'll need to press the corresponding button on your controller. For PC gamers, the specific key will be indicated on the screen. Remember to familiarize yourself with the controls specific to your gaming platform to ensure you can activate your Reality Augments as efficiently as possible.


The process is straightforward and intuitive, so don't hesitate to jump right in and start exploring the possibilities these Reality Augments have to offer! In the high-stakes environment of Fortnite, making the most of these perks can make all the difference in securing your Victory Royale.


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