How To Gift Skins And Items In Fortnite

How To Gift Skins And Items In Fortnite
Written by: Mohsin

Have you ever played a Battle Royale match with your friends and had that friend that saved you every time you were in trouble? If you ever feel like thanking or letting that friend know how much they mean to you, then we introduce you to the mechanism of gifting in Fortnite!


Gifting was one of the most asked-for features and was introduced in Fortnite as a limited-time event. Seeing how much a hit it was and how many people wanted it to stick, it was made into a permanent fixture.


So if you want to compliment someone for a game well played or just want to show your appreciation, then you can do so by gifting them one of the items or skins in the item shop. However, there is a catch that you cannot send them any of the items that you possess in your locker since they are account-bound.


Before gifting your squadmates or friends with items or skins, there are a few things that one should keep in mind that are:


  • One should have a sufficient number of V-Bucks to purchase the gift.
  • You will not be able to send gifts if you are not at least a level two player.
  • You must also enter Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to send gifts.
  • Gifts can only be sent to those who have been on your friend’s list for 48 hours or more.
  • Skins and items bought from the item shop can be gifted to others only. That means you cannot gift Battle passes, Battle pass bundle items, or V-Bucks.
  • Each player can send five gifts daily, with a 24-hour cooldown before sending more gifts.



Now that we know what is required from one to send gifts, we shall proceed to the next part, which is how to send gifts. Following are some of the steps through which you can send your friends gifts:


gift fortnite


How To Gift Skins And Items In Fortnite


As mentioned above, you will not be able to choose the stuff you want to gift from your inventory. So, you will have to visit the Item Shop to give someone a gift which can be done in the following steps:


  • Firstly, browse and go through the Item Shop from the top section of the main menu and pick out something that is worthy of gifting and if it suits the tastes of the person you want to gift it to.


  • Once you know what to gift someone, you will need to click on that item. You will be taken to the preview page, where you will be able to check the skin or item yourself before giving it as a gift.



  • You will see an information box on the left side of your screen, which will contain two options: “Purchase” and “Buy as a Gift.”


  • Once you click the “Buy as a Gift” option, you will be asked to pick a recipient from your friends list. You should be careful as to who you are gifting since retracting gifts after they reach their final destination is a difficult task.


  • After picking out the recipient of the gift, you can also customize the gift by picking one of the four different gift boxes that are provided within the game.


  • Clicking on the “Send” option ensures that your gift has been successfully delivered to its rightful receiver.
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