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Fortnite: How to get Avatar The Last Airbender skins

Fortnite: How to get Avatar The Last Airbender skins
Written by: iamharoongill

Welcome to the exciting world of Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 2, where the universe of "Avatar: The Last Airbender" has spectacularly collided with one of the world's most popular games. This collaboration introduces an array of Avatar skins and cosmetics featuring beloved characters like Zuko, Korra, Aang, Katara, Momo, Appa, and Toph. As part of Fortnite's 29.20 update and the thrilling Avatar Elements event, players now have the chance to don the appearances of these iconic characters, complete with themed abilities like Firebending, Airbending, and Earthbending Mythics. If you're eager to enhance your Fortnite experience with some elemental flair, here's your guide to unlocking all the Avatar: The Last Airbender skins and their pricing details.




How to Get Aang Skins in Fortnite




Unlocking Aang's iconic skins in Fortnite is a straightforward process this season. By purchasing the Elements Event Premium Pass, all players automatically receive Aang's Outfit skin, capturing his classic appearance from the animated series. For those who wish to go further, completing the challenges within the Event Premium Pass unlocks the Avatar Stage Outfit skin. This special version of Aang offers a unique twist on his usual attire and is claimed as the final reward of the pass. This opportunity allows players to embody the spirit of the Air Nomads as they navigate through the game.



How to Get Katara Skin




Katara's presence in Fortnite can be felt through her dedicated skin, available in two distinct bundles. The first option is the Katara bundle pack directly from the Item Shop, priced at 2,000 V-Bucks. This pack includes the Katara skin, her Waterskin back bling, and the Southern Water Tribe Club pickaxe, which are essential for fans wanting to complete her themed look. Alternatively, players can opt for the Zuko & Katara bundle, which includes her skin and additional items at a discounted rate. This bundle offers versatility and value for those looking to expand their collection of Avatar skins.



How to Get Zuko Skin




Zuko, the fierce Firebender from "Avatar: The Last Airbender," is another fan-favorite character you can embody in Fortnite. His skin is obtainable via two main routes: individually or as part of a bundle. To acquire Zuko's skin individually, head over to the Item Shop and purchase it for 2,000 V-Bucks. This package includes Zuko's skin and features his Broadswords pickaxe and the Scabbard Back Bling, allowing you to fully immerse in the Fire Nation prince's persona.


Zuko & Katara Bundle


For those looking for greater value and a more comprehensive "Avatar: The Last Airbender" experience, the Zuko & Katara bundle is an excellent choice. Priced at 3,200 V-Bucks, this bundle offers a 20% discount compared to buying the skins separately. Along with the Zuko skin, the bundle includes his accessories, the Katara skin with her Waterskin back bling, and the Southern Water Tribe Club pickaxe. This bundle not only enriches your game with top-tier cosmetics but also provides a significant saving, making it a popular option among players eager to collect multiple skins from the beloved series.



How to Get Toph Skin


For players eager to channel the earthbending prowess of Toph Beifong, her skin is exclusively available through the Toph Beifong Pack in the Fortnite Item Shop. This pack is priced at 2,000 V-Bucks and includes the Toph Beifong skin along with thematic items: the War Hammers pickaxe and the Earth Rumble Belt back bling. Toph's skin perfectly captures her formidable and no-nonsense character from "Avatar: The Last Airbender," making it a must-have for fans who admire her earthbending skills and tough personality.



How to Get Korra Skins in Fortnite




Korra, the next generation Avatar following Aang, brings her unique Waterbender and Avatar skills to Fortnite. To obtain Korra's skins, players need to purchase the Season 2 Battle Pass and embark on completing specific quests. The quests are divided into two pages, each offering unique rewards:


Page One's Quests and Rewards:


    • Complete all Page One quests to unlock the Korra Skin.
    • Collect four Mythic items to unlock Avatar's Descent Contrail.
    • Emerge from water to earn Korra's Loading Screen.
    • Hit the same enemy with a non-Mythic and Mythic weapon to get the Waterbender's Battle Fans Pickaxe.
    • Deal 2,000 damage to opponents before the second Storm Circle to get Determined Korra's Spray.
    • Mantle, hurdle, or slide 50 meters during the daytime to receive Water Tribe Colors (Item Wrap).


Page Two's Quests and Rewards:


    • Complete all Page 2 quests to secure the Balanced Korra Skin.
    • Travel 500 meters while on the train for the Avatar Cycle (Back Bling).
    • Earn or pick up a Victory Crown to unlock Avatar's Flourish (Emote).
    • Collect or spend bars (1,500) to earn Korra's React (Emoticon).
    • Hire Characters or revive squadmates (20 times) to obtain Korra's Air Glinder.
    • Eliminate an enemy while below 50 health to get Balanced Korra's Loading Screen.


These quests offer a dynamic and engaging way to delve deeper into the spirit of the Avatar universe while equipping your character with visually striking and thematically appropriate gear. Be sure to complete these quests by May 24, 2024, to claim all the exclusive rewards and fully experience Korra's essence in Fortnite.



How to Get Air Flurry Emote




In addition to the captivating skins from "Avatar: The Last Airbender," Fortnite players can also acquire the Air Flurry Emote, a dynamic expression of airbending prowess. This emote is available for purchase in the Fortnite Item Shop. Priced at 500 V-Bucks, the Air Flurry Emote is relatively affordable compared to other emotes, which can go as high as 800 V-Bucks. It's a perfect addition for players looking to complete their Avatar-themed collection with an action-packed emote that showcases an Airbender's elegant and powerful moves.



Will there be a Sokka skin in Fortnite?


Fortnite has not introduced a skin for Sokka, the witty and resourceful warrior from "Avatar: The Last Airbender." Despite high demand from the community, there has yet to be an official announcement from Epic Games regarding the release of a Sokka skin. Furthermore, no credible leaks have surfaced to suggest that such a skin is under development or slated for future release. Fans of Sokka will need to stay tuned for any potential updates from Epic Games, as new skins and events are frequently added to Fortnite, keeping the door open for Sokka's possible future inclusion in the game.





The arrival of "Avatar: The Last Airbender" skins in Fortnite has brought an exciting new layer to the game, allowing players to step into the shoes of their favorite benders. Whether you're soaring high with Aang, wielding water with Katara, or commanding fire with Zuko, these skins add a unique and thrilling element to your Fortnite battles. Ensure you grab these skins, along with the thematic emotes and additional gear before the events wrap up. With careful planning and some strategic gameplay, you can embody the spirit of the Avatar and enhance your gaming experience.

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