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The Best Tycoon Map Codes In Fortnite

The Best Tycoon Map Codes In Fortnite
Written by: Shizza

The Tycoon maps are one of the most popular and unique maps of Epic Games introduced in Creative Mode. The creators started creating their own versions of tycoon maps in Fortnite, making each map more exciting and fun.


This map is different from all the other maps, such as Murder Mystery maps, Hide and seek maps, horror maps, etc. This is because there is usually no combat in Tycoon maps, but there is still a competitive edge to it.



If you are unfamiliar with these maps, let us quickly give you an overview. The concept of Tycoon maps is fairly simple: you can bring 4 to 16 players into a map. All of these players are split into four teams, each with their own bases where they farm gold and materials.


They later exchange these materials for guns, better base upgrades, and much more! The objective is to build the best base and destroy the other team's base! So, instead of shooting, hunting people, or building objects, you have to become the richest.


You want to have the most lucrative business in whatever you do and become the most powerful and richest player before anyone else. So, if all of this sounds fun to you, then we have compiled a list of some of the best Fortnite Tycoon Codes, so let's get into it!



The Best Tycoon Map Codes In Fortnite


Here is a list of some of the most popular and best Tycoon Map Codes to be released in Fortnite:


  • Bee Tycoon: 4809-6722-8481
  • Social Media Tycoon: 4936-9997-0267
  • Tide Fishing Tycoon: 3445-3540-6580
  • Millionaire Tycoon: 3010-1282-8905
  • Skyscraper Tycoon: 2701-2323-2141
  • Pizza Tycoon: 7275-8076-7508
  • Whack-A-Zombie Tycoon: 2232-2221-2934
  • Minenite: 5483-7246-9718
  • Holiday Tycoon: 5483-7246-9718
  • Social Simulation: Summer Resort: 2232-2221-2934


1. Bee Tycoon


Map Code: 4809-6722-8481




The best part about the Bee Tycoon Map that impressed many players is the addition of cute and adorable pets. In this Tycoon map, you play as a beekeeper, so you must produce flowers and honey to grow and expand your bee farm.



Since this is a competitive Tycoon game, players must keep an eye out for other pesky beekeepers that are hell-bent on sabotaging their work. However, you can also sneak into other players' farms to sabotage theirs!


The Bee Tycoon map is an open-world Tycoon where you must outsmart your opponents and stop their honey production. Become a Bee Tycoon, buy an adorable pet to be your trusted sidekick, and defeat opponents to become a success!



2. Social Media Tycoon


Map Code: 4936-9997-0267




As the name suggests, Social Media Tycoon map is about testing your savvy as an influencer and competing to get the most likes, views, and follows on all platforms. However, it is a tough competition in social media since this is a cutthroat business!


You better watch out for the other players looking to take you down to boost their view count. This map supports up to 4 to 16 players, and the main goal of it is to compete against other players to achieve the 10,000 views milestone.


Once you manage to do that, you can spend money on upgrades to eventually get more ad revenue and buy weapons to protect your assets.



3. Tide Fishing Tycoon


Map Code: 3445-3540-6580




The Tide Fishing Tycoon is another type of Creative map introduced in Fortnite as a part of the maps that deal with catching and making a fish collection. Embark on an open-world fishing competition with your friends or squad and be the first to become the Ultimate Fishing Master.



The goal of this map is to catch and sell fish to earn gold and upgrade your gear, or you can also save your fish to unlock special abilities. To earn exclusive awards, defeat other players on the PvP island and complete hourly quests!


Try out this map if you want to experience something light and enjoyable after a serious and long Battle Royale game! The creator of this map, PWR, is a famous one who has introduced many creative maps in Fortnite.



4. Millionaire Tycoon


Map Code: 3010-1282-8905




Build your tycoon and become a millionaire in this Millionaire Tycoon Map, one of the most popular ones that was also on the LTM for a short period of time. In this well-designed tycoon game, you can hire workers, buy collectibles and fight enemies to become the richest.


This map's goal is pretty simple: you have to become the richest player in the match or get killed while trying to become one. This map is a fun and interesting one that can be played with your friends or alone, where you compete with the other players!



5. Skyscraper Tycoon


Map Code: 2701-2323-2141




The Skyscraper Tycoon map is one of the oldest maps, but its fun gameplay has increased its popularity among many players and was released in early 2021. Like all the other Tycoon maps, your goal is to expand your skyscraper building enterprise into the most successful and the tallest building to reach the top before your opponents'.



To build the highest building, however, you must conquer the black market and control the city's resources. It would be best if you kept your guard up since your opponents will be on the lookout to demolish your building.


Compete against your friends in this thrilling Tycoon map and demolish their skyscrapers before they get a chance to reach the top!



6. Pizza Tycoon


Map Code: 7275-8076-7508




Gather some of your friends and see who can manage a pizza business the best in this true-to-basics Tycoon map! In the Pizza Tycoon map, start your game with a humble restaurant and serve your customers to earn gold and increase your reputation.


Once you have earned enough cash, hire employees who will do the work for you and buy weapons to fight off invaders and defend your business. There are also different ways in which you can slow down other players to prevent them from progressing further in the game!


So, make some pizza, pack it and deliver it in a car to other people's houses! To add to the realistic features, you can also restock your items in this map if you run out of ingredients. Moreover, this game also consists of progress saves if you ever have to leave in the middle of the game.



7. Whack-A-Zombie Tycoon


Map Code: 2232-2221-2934




Get ready to whack a zombie in this exciting and exhilarating Fortnite Tycoon Map Code! This map consists of never-ending mayhem where you level up and earn XP by whacking zombies that pop out of the ground.



This map is a fun and exciting take on the Tycoon game mechanic, adding an entirely unique mechanic for fans to explore. You can retreat into your own private zombie-whacking universe instead of competing against other players to see who can climb the highest!


You can make purchase upgrades in this map, and your progress can be easily saved. It also consists of bonus events, so there are plenty of opportunities to win on this map!



8. Minenite


Map Code: 5483-7246-9718




This map is set in an underground mine, so you will have to work your way from the very bottom. The map of Minenite Tycoon map in Fortnite aims to take control of the rocky underworld from the ogre monsters.


It is also possible for you to take the role of the prison's commander and control all the other players' minions in the game. 2 to 16 players can play this map, so you can easily play it with your squad or friends or just unknowns if you prefer that.



Mine away in this interesting Fortnite tycoon code to rank up in a Cold Mine run by Ogre Overseers deep within a snowy mountain!



9. Holiday Tycoon


Map Code: 5483-7246-9718




This entertaining and amusing Tycoon map is based on the beloved holiday tradition of Santa's Workshop. In the Holiday Tycoon map, you can compete with the other Fortnite Santas by creating the most effective and efficient toy store that you can.


Get into the holiday spirit of the season and build the most desirable toys for girls and boys in this tycoon-style, creative game! This map was created by Brendannnd, who is a famous creator in Fortnite Creative mode and has made many impressive maps.


So, buy upgrades, earn points, and defeat your enemies to build the coolest workshop, and the first team to get 50 points wins!



10. Social Simulation: Summer Resort


Map Code: 2232-2221-2934




Are you looking for a way to relax and blow off some steam by going to a summer resort? Then this map is the perfect option for you as it is one of the most popular maps among players. Even the players who don't particularly enjoy Tycoon games are huge fans of this specific map!



This map consists of many outdoor and indoor activities that players can accomplish just by sitting in the comfort of their homes. These activities include racing, fishing, archery, surfing, gliding, and renting boats.


There are also mazes and labyrinths within the game to power one's brain, along with mini jobs and ways of earning coins!

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