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The Best Warm-Up Courses In Fortnite

The Best Warm-Up Courses In Fortnite
Written by: Shizza

The Creative Mode in Fortnite features Fortnite Warm-Up Courses that help players get ready to play the game. Even if you are a player who hasn’t played in a long time or just someone who wants to practice, these courses are great for practicing and getting prepared to head into battle.


Practicing your edits during a match can be near impossible, with 98 other people looking to destroy you at any chance they get. Creative Mode is basically Fortnite’s sandbox where players can free-build, create their own maps, or play user-generated game codes.


Maps are pretty versatile in terms of what they may be used for, and Creative Mode has an abundance of playable maps that anybody with the correct code can access. The Warm Up maps are perfect for warm-ups, target practice, hide-and-seek, racing, and much more!



We have compiled a list of some exceptionally well-made warm-up courses that are best for players and will help you prepare for a match.



The Best Warm-Up Courses In Fortnite


  • Candook’s Ultimate Warm-Up Map: 2338-7889-8904
  • Edit Pump Wars: 1478-6145-6503
  • Warm-Up Course Solo: 9597-1873-8450
  • Raider’s Warm-up Course: 2559-0136-9834
  • Crosshair Placement, Piece Control, and Aim: 3739-6759-3380
  • Mongraal Classic: 7269-0152-0094
  • Edit and Aim Course: 8655-4007-7726
  • The Ultimate Movement Practice Map: 6463-0324-3788
  • Warm Up | Aim, Edits, Builds Map Code: 3925-1383-1933
  • Jordystrom Edit Course: 4240-3520-4824



1. Candook’s Ultimate Warm-Up


Map Code: 2338-7889-8904




Candook is a well-known mapmaker on Fortnite that has made many famous maps and has amassed a cult following with their dozens of quality maps. Edit courses skyrocketed when building became a huge part of Battle Royale, and this all-in-one map quickly reached the top due to its versatility.



Candook’s Ultimate Warm-Up Course functions as an Aim Training, Warm-up, and Edit Course. If you need practice in any part of your skills or during a match, you will want to keep this map on your Favorites list!


Moreover, there is no input delay in this exceptional map, it consists of Chapter 3 weapons, and you can also earn XP!



2. Edit Pump Wars


Map Code: 1478-6145-6503




Edit Warm-Up Course is the perfect Fortnite warm-up course for you to get ready for some fast-paced action and has been featured on Fortnite’s Discovery Menu Tab several times. It keeps players at the edge of their seats and leaves their heart racing with close combat in each round.


It prepares your mind and sharpens your reflexes by switching between fighting and editing. You often find these things in those intense situations at the end of a competitive match. You will benefit from this map if you lack in this area and panic quickly at the end of a game!



3. Warm-Up Course Solo


Map Code: 9597-1873-8450




As the name suggests, the Warm-Up Course Solo is best for playing independently and is more like a practice routine. You can easily play this map for fifteen minutes or three hours, and you will see significant results in your game once you start practicing on it.



This is a challenging edit map that spends a lot of time putting your vertical editing skills to the set. So if you play solos, this map is the one to help you get in your zone and sharpen your close-quarter combat reflexes.


The skills taught in this map give you an edge when fighting a player where you are supposed to have excellent building skills.



4. Raider’s Warm-up Course


Map Code: 2559-0136-9834




Created by Raider464, this Fortnite warm-up course has useful new materials that will help you improve your shotgun aim. It is one of the best warm-up courses and helps in aiming perfectly and never missing a target. This map features five different editing courses ranging from Easy to Impossible.


The range of difficulties allows you to enhance your abilities no matter your skill level, and you will physically see your game improving a great deal. When you begin this course, you will have the option to jump on a launch pad to begin a timer so you can compare the speed of your completed runs.


Remain attentive as you progress through this warm-up course, as you encounter different targets that will teach you how to pop an edit and quickly fire at an opponent.



5. Crosshair Placement, Piece Control, and Aim


Map Code: 3739-6759-3380




Proper crosshair placement is a crucial part of editing, as it will increase your edit speed and limit your chances of missing an edit. This Fortnite warm-up course features markings in front of the builds to indicate the most efficient location for you to place your crosshair for all types of edits.



After some consistent practice, your editing crosshair placement should become something close to muscle memory. This map features an incredibly helpful edit and aim course that develops your aim and shooting speed immediately after editing.


Like the most advanced editing technique, this map also contains a section that will teach you some common piece control methods.



6. Mongraal Classic


Map Code: 7269-0152-0094




Created by Tabzg, Mongraal Classic map is named after the professional Fortnite player that popularized the edit. This map was made to train players to perform a wall take, place a ramp, and edit it quickly before firing at a boxed opponent.


Although this map may be one for experienced players, that doesn’t mean this map is not immensely helpful to new players as well. This map consists of a single metal wall with a dummy behind it that will shoot at you if you remain in their line of sight for long.


You will drop down to a reset setup as you shoot the dummy behind the wall. This Fortnite warm-up course will enable you to practice rapid wall takes or even simple window edits before nailing headshots.



7. Edit and Aim Course


Map Code: 8655-4007-7726




Shride’s Edit And Aim Course is similar to the other edit courses mentioned, but it provides the player with the most guidance. Starting the course, you will see the edit you should perform on the left side of the wall, indicated by the blue and green blocks.



As the edit course progresses, you will encounter several different instructions depending on the section you find yourself in. This edit course includes everything you would expect but adds various shooting targets and sections of dedicated aim practice, and it is the only map that includes sections of wall resets.


Resetting your walls immediately can be the difference between taking an advantageous peek through your edit or taking unnecessary damage!



8. The Ultimate Movement Practice Map


Map Code: 6463-0324-3788




Created by CoachJazz, this Fortnite warm-up course technically has no editing at all, but winning in any battle royale depends on dishing out more damage than you take. In this map, you can train yourself to take advantage of angles during combat, especially after you perform edits, so you take minimum damage while taking a peek at your enemies.


Once you spawn, choose a weapon before heading over to the left of the room to choose a difficulty. Selecting Practice Mode will make you invulnerable, Default gives you 100 health and 100 shield, Hard limits you to 100 health, and finally, Impossible will leave you with one HP.



After making your decision, you can freely explore the various doorways, and after giving damage to the dummy inside, you will progress to the next practice setup but be vigilant since they are just as eager to shoot you back!



9. Warm Up | Aim, Edits, Builds Map


Map Code: 3925-1383-1933




The creator of this map seems to be new to the Fortnite map-making business, but they have entered the scene in an impressive way. On this map, you have various options available to you to perfect your Fortnite skills.


The design suggests that this map is geared toward players who want to warm up on their own. The multitude of edit paths you can take in this course makes it possible to compete with your friends more than once and see who can adapt the best and masterfully edit their way through the edit course.



10. Jordystrom Edit Course


Map Code: 4240-3520-4824




The Jordystrom Edit course is one of the few solo editing courses in Fortnite and is perfect for players who like to warm up their editing skills. It has dozens of unique structure formations and is perfect for newbies to understand the constructive mechanism and practice their building skills.



This Fortnite warm-up course allows you to hone your editing skills for whatever structure design challenge an opponent might leave for you. Apart from being a great map to improve your editing abilities, it also works as a long warm-up for players who have already mastered their technique.

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