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How To Activate An Augment In Fortnite And Augments List

How To Activate An Augment In Fortnite And Augments List
Written by: Mohsin

Augments are a new feature added by Epic Games to Fortnite’s Chapter 4 Season 1. Players are required to activate an Augment in the game if they want to gain some useful buffs and unlock more seasonal challenges.


However, in the game, players are not clearly informed as to how they can activate an Augment, so we have brought this article to you. It will guide you the process of the process by which you can activate an Augment as well as how Augments work.



Moreover, you will also find a detailed Augments list in this article that is present in Fortnite as of right now. So, let’s get on with it!



What Are Augments?


Reality Augments are special buffs to your character, weapons, or items that greatly increase your combat and survival skills. Players get to pick between one of two Augments at a single time.


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These Augments range from giving your vehicles unlimited fuel, making your weapons reload faster, letting you deploy another glider, and much more! When activated, an Augment can last until the end of a match or until the player is eliminated, with a maximum of four stackable Augments at a time.


The longer a player stays in a match, the more Reality Augemts they will receive. Moreover, players should ensure to activate the Augments when they can to even the playing field. This is because other players are always activating them when they become available, so you don't want to be left at a disadvantage.



How To Activate An Augment In Fortnite


It is crucial to activate Augments in Chapter 4 Season 1, if you want to get combat and exploration buffs. The game also features the Oathbound set of quests which are locked until you complete the Reality Augment Tutorial.


2023 01 01_15


The tutorial asks players to activate Augments several times in the game. In order to activate an Augment, players must wait until the appearance of a blue text that says “Ready!” below the minimap.


After that, you have to press right on the d-pad or “7” on PC by default to open up the menu and pick between the two Augments. However, if you are not a fan of either of the options, hold the “Reroll” button to force another randomized Augment to take its place.


The first reroll of a match in the game is free, but they do cost 100 gold bars after using the first free one. Each time a new Augment choice becomes available, a “Ready!” text will appear below the minimap. So, you can simply activate another buff if you want.



Also, keep in mind that you do not have to worry about losing your Augment buffs with each choice, as they can be stacked until the end of your match or when you are eliminated.



How To Unlock More Augments In Fortnite


Some Augments will be locked if you are just starting out; however, you can unlock more of them by playing more matches in Team Rumble, Battle Royale, and Zero Build. The chances of a new Augment appearing in either of your two choices are slim, but it is there nevertheless.


Players will see a yellow badge that reads “Unlocked!” under an Augment’s picture while choosing between two if this is the case. This does not happen very often, so we recommend that you pick that Augment in case it appears so you can add it to your collection.



Fortnite Augment List


Following is a list of all of the Augments currently present in Fortnite, split into their four different categories:



Combat Augment List


Reality Augment


Mechanical Archer

Players will receive an Explosive and Shockwave Bow.

Rifle Recycle

Weapons using medium ammo have a chance not to consume ammo.

First Assault

The first bullet in the magazine of a player’s assault rifle deals bonus damage.

Rushing Reload

Sprinting will slowly reload your equipped shotgun.

Light Fingers

Weapons using light ammo reload faster when this Augment is equipped.

Tactical Armory

This Augment grants a Rare Tactical AR and Combat Shotgun.

Pistol Amp

Through this Augment, pistols have greatly increased magazine size.

Demolitions Munitions

Objects players destroy have a chance to drop explosives (excluding player-built structures).

Bow Specialist

Bows draw and reload faster, and you regenerate arrows over time.



Game Changer Augment List


Reality Augment


Chug Gamer

Players receive a Chug cannon through this Augment.


By activating this Augment, players can gain the ability to deploy their glider.



Mobility And Scouting


Reality Augments


Tricked Out

Entering a Car or Truck applies Chonkers and a Cow Catcher to it.

Storm Mark

When the storm changes, ping the area to highlight nearby enemies for a short duration.

Bush Warrior

Players regenerate health and partial shields whilst inside large foliage.

Soaring Sprints

Player can jump much higher and with lower gravity while sprinting when this Augment is activated.

More Parkour

Your energy regenerates briefly after mantling or hurdling.


Through this Augment, players can always see the next storm circle.


Vehicles you're inside do not consume fuel and have increased health.

Party Time

Gain Balloons over time.


Enemies hit by a player’s marksman rifle or bow shots are marked for a brief duration.




Reality Augments


Jelly Angler

Players receive a Fishing Rod through this Augment. They can use it to fish anywhere but can only fish up jellyfish.

Splash Medic

Players have a chance to find Chug Splash in every container they open with this Augment.


List Of Future Augments In Fortnite


There are many more Augments that Epic Games is keeping from us, and they might release in the future. These Augments are as follows:


  • Green Thumb
  • Danger Hero
  • Icy Slide
  • Dragon Armory
  • Knights Armory
  • Foodie
  • Hunter Gather
  • Double Hook
  • High Ground
  • Gun Game
  • Midas Touch
  • Harvester



We are currently unaware of the effects of these Augments but based on the information given by iFireMonkey on Twitter, following are some possible future Augments in Fortnite, and that their effects might be:

Reality Augments


High Ground

It might have something to do with Low Gravity.

Midas Touch

Players will get 40 Bars for each elimination when this Augment is activated.


Shield Mushrooms & Apples drop from bushes.

Knights Armory


Hunter Gather

Extra HP/Shield when consuming food.



Gun Game


Dragon Armory




Shadow Striker

Something with the Shadow Bomb effect.

Peely’s Plunder

Get a Buried Treasure Map.

Green Thumb


Shotgun Siphon


Icy Slide

Get an icy feet effect when sliding.

Sniper Specialty


Riftjector Seat

When your shield breaks, it instantly rifts.

Unstable Foot


Zero Shield

Get the Zero point Dash effect when you lose all your shield.

Danger Hero

Regain Health & Shield While Sprinting with this Augment.


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