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How To Claim Capture Points In Fortnite

How To Claim Capture Points In Fortnite
Written by: Mohsin

Fortnite keeps the competitive side of players alive and keeps the game exciting through its exciting weekly quests. Players have loved these quests since they were introduced into the game and often find themselves looking forward to some of the thrilling ones.


Fortnite’s weekly quests for this week are also as unique as ever. In one of the quests, players are given the task of claiming Capture Points from all over the map. To give the players a challenge, the game does not specify the exact location of the Capture Points.



Also, even if a player does come across one, claiming it can be a difficult thing to do. This article consists of a complete guide on how players can claim Capture Points in Fortnite, so let’s get on with it!



Where To Find Capture Points


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Players can find the Capture Points located in the middle of each main hub all around the map. These hubs include:


  • Brutal Bastion


  • Shattered Slabs


  • Slappy Shores


  • Breakwater Bay


  • Frenzy Fields


  • The Citadel


  • Faulty Splits


  • Anvil Square


  • Lonely Labs



Once a player reaches a hub, they will notice a flag on the mini-map corresponding to the location of the Capture Point. In case the icon of a Capture Point is completely white, this means that you can easily go ahead and claim it.


However, a green checkmark means that the Capture Point has already been claimed by another player. Moreover, players should remember that Capture Points spawn at main hubs in each game, so this is not a matter of luck as it is of getting at the location earlier than everyone else.



How To Claim Capture Points


It takes just a few seconds to claim a Capture Point as long as you stand inside the circle surrounding it. While doing this task, a circle will fill in the center of your screen as long as you remain inside the radius.


To make it easier for yourself, it is highly recommended that you enter the game as part of a squad so you can protect each other as you capture the flag. When it comes to the quest, it is recommended that players land at a hub that is far away from the Battle Bus’ path.


This will increase the players’ chances of survival. Players must collect many flags to complete the weekly quest, but since progress is tracked cumulatively, you do not have to claim all Capture Points at once.

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