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How to get Brute Scales in LEGO Fortnite

How to get Brute Scales in LEGO Fortnite
Written by: iamharoongill

Welcome to the adventurous world of LEGO Fortnite, where every resource counts in your quest for survival and supremacy. Among the myriad of items, you can collect, Brute Scales stand out as particularly elusive yet vital for advancing your gameplay. These scales, dropped by the formidable Brutes – the colossal, dinosaur-like monsters roaming the landscape – are key to upgrading your crafting bench and enhancing your in-game capabilities.


Often, players prefer to avoid these intimidating creatures due to their immense strength, but the rewards they offer are too significant to ignore. In this guide, we'll delve into the most effective strategies on how to get Brute Scales in LEGO Fortnite, including both confrontational and non-combative methods, ensuring you're well-equipped to handle these giants and reap the benefits they hold.




How to get Brute Scales in LEGO Fortnite




Embarking on the quest for Brute Scales in LEGO Fortnite, your first challenge is locating the Brutes themselves. These towering enemies are not just formidable in strength but also elusive in nature. The most reliable spot to encounter Brutes is the Shores biome, a location marked by its unique landscape and environmental challenges. However, it’s crucial to remember that Brutes are not confined to this area alone. They have a tendency to appear randomly across various biomes in the game, each biome hosting its own variant of Brute.


These different variants, while distinct in appearance, all share the common trait of dropping Brute Scales upon defeat. As you traverse the diverse terrains of LEGO Fortnite, keep your eyes peeled for these gigantic adversaries. Their presence is not only a threat but also an opportunity to gather the much-coveted Brute Scales, a step closer to enhancing your gaming prowess.



Strategies for Defeating Brutes in LEGO Fortnite


How_to_get_Brute_Scales_in_LEGO Fortnite


Successfully defeating Brutes in LEGO Fortnite is a feat that requires both strategy and skill. To obtain Brute Scales, you'll need to engage these formidable foes, and here's how you can do it effectively:


  1. Preparation is Key: Before confronting a Brute, ensure you're well-equipped. Ranged weapons like crossbows are highly recommended due to their ability to inflict damage from a safe distance. Equip yourself with the best gear available to you, prioritizing those that offer enhanced protection and damage.
  2. Maintain Your Distance: Brutes are known for their strength and ability to deal massive damage up close. Keeping a fair distance is crucial. This tactic not only helps in avoiding their powerful blows but also gives you the time to react to their moves, especially the boulders they hurl.
  3. Utilize Ranged Weapons: Engaging Brutes with ranged weapons allows you to chip away at their health while maintaining a safe distance. Crossbows are particularly effective due to their combination of range and damage output.
  4. Master the Art of Dodging: Brutes are not just strong; they are also surprisingly quick for their size. Learning to dodge their attacks is essential. This requires timing and a good understanding of their attack patterns.
  5. Patience is Vital: Brutes won't go down easily. It's a battle of endurance. Stay patient, keep chipping away at their health, and avoid getting greedy with your attacks. Overcommitting can lead to mistakes and, consequently, a quick defeat.



Alternative Method to Acquire Brute Scales




For those players in LEGO Fortnite who prefer a less confrontational approach, there's good news: you can still acquire Brute Scales without engaging directly with the Brutes. An alternative and somewhat safer method involves exploring the Dry Valley, particularly its lava caves.


  1. Exploring the Lava Caves: Within the Dry Valley, a network of lava caves offers not just a thrilling exploration experience but also a treasure trove of valuable items. These caves are marked by their distinct, fiery environment and are relatively safer compared to facing Brutes head-on.
  2. Finding White Chests: Scattered throughout these caves are white chests, known for containing rare and valuable loot. The trick lies in diligently searching these chests, as they can sometimes contain Brute Scales.
  3. Rarity and Luck: It's important to note that finding Brute Scales in these chests requires a bit of luck, as their appearance is rare. However, the effort is often worth it, considering the avoidance of the tough battles with Brutes.
  4. Additional Rewards: While searching for Brute Scales, you might also come across other rare items, such as Sand Brute Scales, making your exploration of the lava caves doubly rewarding.


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Brute Scale Crafting Recipes




Once you've successfully obtained Brute Scales in LEGO Fortnite, the next exciting phase is using them for crafting. Brute Scales are not just a badge of your combat or exploration prowess; they are also a crucial component in enhancing your gameplay through crafting. Here’s how you can utilize these scales:


  • Upgrading Your Crafting Bench: The primary use of Brute Scales is to upgrade your crafting bench. This upgrade is essential as it unlocks the ability to craft more advanced and powerful items, giving you a significant edge in the game.
  • Crafting Unique Charms: Brute Scales are required in the crafting of several special charms, each offering unique benefits. These include:
    • Cool-Headed Charm: Helps in maintaining composure during intense battles.
    • Hearty Totem: Increases your overall health, giving you more resilience.
    • Health Charm: Provides a boost to your health regeneration.
    • Inner Fire Charm: Enhances your damage output.
    • Regeneration Charm: Speeds up health recovery over time.
    • Totem of the Immortal: Grants temporary invincibility, a critical advantage in difficult situations.
  • Strategic Crafting Decisions: Choosing which charm to craft first depends on your play style and current needs in the game. For instance, if you find yourself frequently in the thick of battle, the Health Charm or Regeneration Charm might be your priority.
  • Gathering Additional Materials: Remember that crafting these items may require additional materials besides Brute Scales. It's important to gather several resources as you explore the world of LEGO Fortnite to ensure you have everything you need.





Obtaining Brute Scales in LEGO Fortnite is a thrilling and rewarding challenge that enhances your gameplay experience. Whether you choose the direct approach of battling the formidable Brutes across various biomes or opt for the less confrontational method of exploring the lava caves in Dry Valley, the journey to acquire these scales is filled with excitement and adventure.


Remember, these scales are not just trophies of your conquests; they are key to upgrading your crafting bench and creating powerful charms that bolster your abilities in the game. With the strategies and tips provided, you’re now better equipped to embark on this quest. So, gear up, explore, and let the hunt for Brute Scales in LEGO Fortnite begin!

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