Top Free For All (FFA) Fortnite Maps You Don't Want to Miss

Top Free For All (FFA) Fortnite Maps You Don't Want to Miss
Written by: NutellaOwl

In a Free For All map, all the players are working against one another. Players will continue to respawn with the same weapons, giving them a unique and possibly previously unseen Fortnite experience.


Playing FFA with friends is extremely exciting and an awesome way to hone your shooting and general gaming skills. The FFA Fortnite maps are an amazing choice if you and your pals are searching for a new challenge.


In this guide, we have compiled a list of some of the best FFA Fortnite map codes that will surely keep you on your toes with thrill and excitement.




1. Lefty Leave




Map Code: 5184-5792-0669


Lefty Leave is among some of the best FFA Fortnite maps in the game. The map features a town in which plants of every type have taken over. The idea of this free-for-all map was taken from Tilted Towers and also consisted of architecture which was created by the players.


This map is surely worth trying if you are bored of the usual battle royale and need a break. Players have the ability to build and destroy buildings on this FFA Fortnite map. The creator of this map goes by the name of Senix.



2. Wild West




Map Code: 0288-2045-7447


This particular FFA map features a cowboy-themed town, where players will experience hand-to-hand combat just like that of Wild West. The map only consists of a couple of firearms, including a hunting rifle, revolver, and pump shotgun.


Players can easily outplay their enemies by taking advantage of the map’s actual buildings and other structures as hiding spots. This map was created by WILOY_, who is another player on the Fortnite server.



3. Fortnite III Arena




Map Code: 9644-1572-5947


The Fortnite III Arena FFA map is filled to the brim with boosters and bouncers, which makes it a fun and fast-paced experience. Once on the map, players will find that the only weapons and dogs on this map are shotguns.


If you are someone who enjoys the lethal moments where you eliminate your enemy while being in the air, then this FFA Fortnite map is definitely for you! This exciting map was created by a player known as GALANDSKI.



4. Winter Wonderland




Map Code: 5773-8954-8305


Winter Wonderland is THE place to visit if you are looking to see a beautiful snow-covered city. This free-for-all map has plenty of storage chests full of different types of weapons. This is another map on our list that was created by the Fortnite player, Senix.



5. Turtle Wars Map




Map Code: 7870-8090-5377


Turtle Wars’ FFA mode in Fortnite is exciting and effective for players seeking close-quarters combats. This map puts you, as well as other players, in a cube. It is necessary for a player’s success on this map that they have the ability to build and alter structures.


This particularly fun map was created by a Fortnite player who goes by the name of KM-Gaming YT.



6. Avengers Tower




Map Code: 6110-9715-1550


The Avengers Tower from the movie “The Avengers” served as an inspiration for this unique and amazing Fortnite map. The game’s freeform editing tool was highly useful in helping to bring this map to life.


Just imagine that you are Iron Man from the Marvel movies and take a quick look at Tony Stark’s huge creation. It really does look pretty realistic and gets one excited to get in and start playing!



7. Marine Ford Attacked!




Map Code: 1334-5205-5318


The Whitebeard Pirates, along with their allies on the island of Marine Ford, under the command of Emperor Edward “Whitebeard” Newgate, are engaged in a decisive battle which is known as the Summit War. Come and fight on the Marine Ford!


All the forces of Marine Headquarters, including the Seven Warlords of the Sea, are furious about the recent death of the Whitebeard Pirates’ second division leader. This map has quite a unique and immersive story which will surely keep you hooked throughout the game.



8. Winter’s Watch




Mao Code: 1634-1810-6649


There is a Kingdom which is plagued by short seasons and cruel winters which decides to launch a daring offensive against its neighbours. However, winter is on the Watch. The Winter Season’s Long Stare Has Opened. It will be a terrifying show for the men, so prepare yourselves.



9. Tilted Towers




Map Code: 0610-6333-6731


The Tilted Towers were originally featured on the base map and have been recreated as one of the most unique Fortnite map duplicates. The Fortnite Creative mode was extremely useful in helping players create this particular replica.



10. Borderlands




Map Code: 8044-6364-0525.


This specific FFA Fortnite map was inspired by the Borderlands video game. The freeform editing tool in Fortnite proved to be really useful in helping the player create this map. Put down Borderlands 3 and challenge your squad to some friendly competition on this thrilling map.

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