How to Get and Use the ODM Gear & Thunder Spears in Fortnite

How to Get and Use the ODM Gear & Thunder Spears in Fortnite
Written by: TheQalamkar

The ODM Gear from Attack on Titan was first teased in Fortnite in the trailer for the latest season. While we saw everything else in the game immediately, such as the Kinetic Blade and the Grind Rails in Mega City – everyone was curious as to when the ODM Gear will be introduced.


Fortunately, the wait is over. The ODM Gear is finally available in Fortnite and you can find it as a Mythic item throughout the game’s map. Not only that, but even the iconic Titan-killing Thunder Spears have been added to the game, which comes off as a nice surprise.


Since everyone is out to get the ODM Gear in Fortnite right now, it’s not very easy to find it. Especially since it’s only located in certain spots on the map and people might grab it before you do.


Fortunately, we’re here to help. Here’s a thorough guide on where you can find the ODM Gear & Thunder Spears in Fortnite. And we’re also going to tell you how to use it too, since it’s a bit different than other weapons in the game. Let’s get started!




How to Find the ODM Gear in Fortnite


First of all, it’s worth noting that the ODM Gear in Fortnite can appear in one of many places on the map. Fortunately, we have been able to narrow it down to four specific spots on the Fortnite map where the ODM Gear is most commonly found.


As you can see on the map above, tower-like places in Breakwater Bay and Shattered Slabs contain the ODM Gear in Fortnite. The same goes for the far-left side of The Citadel.

And last but not least, Anvil Square in Fortnite has the hidden Jaegar Basement location, which is an iconic landmark from Attack on Titan. And of course, more often than not, you’ll find the ODM Gear inside it.




Keep in mind that the ODM Gear is located in chests called the ‘Scout Regiment Footlocker’ in Fortnite. And you don’t always find both the ODM Gear and Thunder Spear inside, as sometimes it’s only one of the two.


But one way or another, this is how you get the ODM Gear in Fortnite – and the locations we’ve highlighted are the best ones.





How to Find the Thunder Spears in Fortnite


Similar to the ODM Gear, you can find Thunder Spears in the Scout Regiment Footlockers in Fortnite. And we’ve already explained the best spots on the map in which you can find these new Mythic items too.


Just remember that sometimes someone else might have found the chest before you. And at other times, you might only get one item and not the other. The key is to keep looking, and killing enemies will sometimes force them to drop Thunder Spears as well.





How to use the ODM Gear in Fortnite


Attacking with the ODM Gear in Fortnite is a bit confusing at first because the command for it is a bit different to just flying.


  • The first thing to do is to hold the right mouse-click button while aiming towards your target.
  • Then, while still holding it, press the left mouse-click to fly towards your target.
  • Once you finally approach it – you’ll end up using your sword slash, which will then be followed with a cool backflip.




It may take some time to get used to this, but once you do, it’s very easy to slash through your opponents afterwards.


As for flying, that part is simple. Just aim at a target and then press and hold the left mouse-click button to fly.



How to use the Thunder Spears in Fortnite


Using the Thunder Spear in Fortnite is very easy. Just aim at a target and then press the left mouse-click button to launch it. Make sure that you aim at your enemy carefully, so that it sticks inside their body and causes maximum damage.


If it hits the ground, it will still explode but your enemy needs to be very close to it to receive damage. And even then, it won’t be the same as the damage that you can cause if the Thunder Spear sticks inside them.





Where is the Jaegar Family Basement in Fortnite


You can find the Jaegar Family Basement in Fortnite by going to the Anvil Square.




In the picture above, you can notice the exact spot on the map where you need to go. Once there, just go down the stairs and you’ll find the basement, which keeps all the secrets of the Jaegar family inside.


And there you have it – now you know where to find the ODM Gear and Thunder Spear in Fortnite. Not only that, but you know how to use both of these items too. It’s very easy to miss your attacks at first, but practice will help you out. And of course, Fortnite does have a few targets that you can hit the nape of too – just like in the Anime!




Though you can only find the items in the places we mentioned, keep in mind that Fortnite often randomizes content. You might run into these Mythic items in random places too, especially if a player drops it off somewhere and leaves it behind.


Last but not least, if you want to know how you can obtain the Eren Jaegar, Mikasa, and Levi Ackerman skins in Fortnite, you can check our guide for it by clicking here.

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