The Most Insane Fortnite XP Glitches in 2023

The Most Insane Fortnite XP Glitches in 2023
Written by: TheQalamkar

Getting XP in Fortnite works differently to other video games. In RPG games, the more experience you gain, the more powerful you become. But here, leveling up allows you to get more cosmetic items and V-Bucks that are a part of the seasonal Battle Pass.


Normally, you earn XP by completing challenges and doing specific things inside matches. But sometimes, players manage to find XP glitches in Fortnite that give you a significantly larger number of points in a very short time.


Sometimes the XP glitches in Fortnite are very simple, and at other times they require custom games. But despite how much Epic Games works on fixing them - there are always new ones coming around.


So, here's our list for the most insane Fortnite XP glitches ever!





The Best Fortnite XP Glitches in 2023


At the time of writing this, some of these glitches are active. However, Epic Games is always working hard on fixing them, so you might end up finding less XP than you hoped for. But in any case, it's certainly worth a shot and you will be rewarded for your time, nonetheless.



1. Traversal XP Glitch


A very common type of XP glitch in Fortnite is one that gives you rewards for walking inside custom maps. This is because Epic Games allows creators to reward players for the amount of time that they spend inside a certain map.




After the map is a bit old, however, it starts to generate less and less XP – so you have to make sure that you join one that is very new. Interestingly, creator nijin has a secret in their map that counts different timers for the player in terms of traversal bonuses.


For example, it counts both 5000 and 1000 milestones at once, and then constantly resets them. And that allows players to constantly get XP as they keep walking around the map.


You can do this right now by heading over to this code: 8325-6431-7479 – and once inside, just keep running around and you’ll keep leveling up. Of course, you can spice it up by taking some friends and killing them for extra XP.



2. Deathrun XP Glitch


Deathrun maps are an incredibly consistent way to earn XP in Fortnite, and it’s a nice break from the usual gameplay too. As you complete more and more levels, you earn a lot of XP – which is usually in the form of checkpoints disguised as coins.


And almost every Deathrun map has secrets like teddy bears hidden throughout, which give the player mass XP points as soon as they interact with them.




But that’s not all, as the creators sometimes exploit Fortnite’s XP system and offer major rewards at the end of the finish line. As you earn coins in the run itself, you can use them to buy experience points at vending machines. And after you spend a certain amount of time inside the maps, you unlock vaults that are filled with extra coins.




Our favorite map for this can be found on this code: 8356-6557-8903 – which is neither too easy and nor too difficult.



3. Free-For-All XP Glitches


Fortnite is already a battle royale game, so it’s a free-for-all experience at its core. However, deathmatches are a different thing as they allow you to infinitely spawn back into the battlefield without the need of reboot cards or revivals.


Some of the maps in the Free-For-All category secretly give the player more XP than normal. And that can be earned by things like getting headshots, unlocking time-based vaults, and completing traversal challenges.




The best part is that you can just get a friend to join you and get headshots on each other to make a lot of XP. This is very useful when you’ve run out of challenges to complete in Fortnite – so in the slow period, you can still level up consistently.




Our favorite map for this is the Pit Fire & Ice, which you can join here: 4020-3116-8516.



4. Fortnite Unlimited Slap Berries Glitch


This glitch is no longer active in the game, but it was so insane that this list would be incomplete without mentioning it.


When Fortnite introduced the Slap Berry, which are a great foraged item – players quickly noticed that collecting them instantly gives you a small amount of XP. So, creators managed to create an exploit that spawns unlimited berries into the game.


So, if you just stood next to a branch full of them and kept gathering them – you would earn thousands of XP within just a few minutes. And within 8 minutes only, you would already be several levels up compared to where you started.


Since this has been the most exploitative XP glitch in Fortnite yet – Epic Games took it very seriously and gave players warnings for using it. And some players were even banned for a few hours as a stronger punishment – if they had received a strike in the past.


It’s a shame that this XP glitch is no longer available, but it’s possible for us to find a similar one in the future.




That’s it for our list of the most insane Fortnite XP glitches that can help you level up within a few minutes!


We hope that you find this guide useful. But please keep in mind that Epic Games constantly fixes and negates these glitches. So, if you’re a bit late – it already may have been patched out.


But as we mentioned the specific categories of these glitches, you can keep an eye out for new maps yourself too. For more Fortnite goodness, keep scrolling Esports Driven.

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