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5 Recent Fortnite Skins That Will Probably Be Rare Later

5 Recent Fortnite Skins That Will Probably Be Rare Later
Written by: Shizza

Usually, Fortnite cosmetics become quite rare without any logical reason or rhyme. There are times when a skin would just disappear for a really long time. There might be some cause behind it, such as the Travis Scott outfit.


However, generally, it just happens randomly, and players have no idea when a cosmetic might come back once it leaves the Item Shop. There were plenty of skins that were available in the Item Shop recently or are still in there for players to grab.



This might as well be the upcoming batch of rare cosmetics, so players should get them as long as they are still available in the video game. In this article, we have compiled a list of the latest Fortnite skins that might become rare later, so check it out!



5 Recent Fortnite Skins That Will Probably Be Rare Later


Here is a list of the five most recent Fortnite skins that may or may not become rare later in the game, so let’s take no chances and grab them while they are still here, right?



1) Grimey


Grimey Fortnite Icon Skin

Grimey only recently left the Item Shop in Fortnite, so players have missed the chance to purchase him. Hopefully, the players took the opportunity to buy this skin, which came back to the shop after more than a hundred days.


With tons of appearances in the Item Shop over the last two years, a long break is overdue. The Grimey skin is an exceptional skin, and it might become rare very soon, so, with any luck, gamers would have picked it up this time around.



2) Deadfire


Deadfire Fortnite Skin

The Deadfire skin is a legendary one that just returned to the Item Shop for the very first time in more than 500 days. This drops its rarity by quite a margin, but this also means that Epic Games is not prioritizing pushing this cosmetic to the players.



Fortnite players who have 2,000 V-Bucks should definitely buy this skin if they wish to because there is a high chance that it will go through another huge drought the moment it leaves the Item Shop this time around.



3) Immortal Spire


Immortal Spire Fortnite Skin

Currently, players will be able to find the Immortal Spire skin in the Item Shop, so they clearly have the chance to go and grab it right now. They should definitely go for it, as the skin has been seen multiple times in the last 600 days since its release, which likely means a drop in appearance rate is coming sooner than we expect.


In fact, there is absolutely no predicting when the outfit might make a comeback to the game. It is not tied to anything, such as a collaboration or an event, so there is no reason to think that it will ever even return. As such, it might very well become quite rare very soon.



4) The Ageless


The Ageless Fortnite Skin

Each season there are tons of skins on the Battle Pass as well as a lot of players who acquire them. As a result, they end up with many high-quality cosmetics, but only a few players choose not to get one round of subscription or another.


For Chapter 4 Season 1 of Fortnite, players would be ill-advised to pass the Battle Pass. To begin with, it has several exceptional cosmetics, including several good skins, and the Ageless is arguably the best one out of all of them.



As is the case with all of the Battle Pass exclusives, there is no precedent for them coming back to the game later. Much like Midas and Omega from the previous iterations, the skins will become rare as well as famous.


In a few seasons, there will most probably be Ageless re-skins, but nothing can beat the original, and it will be rare. So, be sure to grab that Battle Pass and unlock the Ageless skin so you don’t end up regretting it.



5) P.A.N.D.A. Team Leader


Panda Fortnite Skin

The P.A.N.D.A skin is not that famous in the game and is associated with one of the Team Leaders. Even though it left the Item Shop recently, the skin has been in the store a couple of times lately.


Fortnite has no schedule for the majority of these things, but if any skin is due for a huge break, then this might as well be the one. Team Leaders do not come out that often, so there is no reason to expect a short hiatus.


This could make this skin a very rare one, so with any luck, Fortnite players took the skin very first chance they got and went on ahead to buy it as soon as it became available.



That is all there is to know about five of the best Fortnite skins that may or may not become rare later. In order to avoid any regrets or miss any chances, we suggest you head on over to the Item Shop and purchase them!

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