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Best Monitor for Fortnite in 2023

Best Monitor for Fortnite in 2023
Written by: iamharoongill

In the dynamic and fast-paced world of Fortnite, where every frame and millisecond can be the difference between victory and defeat, choosing the right monitor is crucial. As the game continues to evolve, becoming increasingly competitive at high levels, the need for a monitor that can keep up with the intensity and speed of Fortnite has never been greater.


In 2023, the ideal monitor for Fortnite is one that combines a high refresh rate with minimal response time, ensuring that you stay a step ahead in the battleground. But it's not just about speed; size matters too. Opting for a slightly smaller screen can significantly enhance your ability to track rapid movements and keep the entire game action within your immediate field of view, minimizing the need for excessive eye movement and keeping you focused on the game.


Understanding these needs, we have curated a list of the top 5 best monitors for Fortnite, selected based on their specifications, user reviews, and unique features that set them apart in various categories. Whether you are playing on a PC or console, pairing these monitors with the best gaming mice or top-tier controllers will elevate your gaming setup, ensuring you are fully equipped for the Fortnite experience.


Stay tuned as we dive into the specifics of what makes a monitor exceptional for Fortnite, and explore our top picks that will help you dominate the game with clarity, speed, and precision.




What Makes a Monitor Good for Fortnite?


What_Makes_a_Monitor Good_for Fortnite


When it comes to excelling in Fortnite, one of the most crucial choices a gamer can make is selecting the best monitor. The right monitor can significantly enhance your gaming experience and improve your performance in this competitive arena. But what exactly makes a monitor ideal for playing Fortnite?


Firstly, a high refresh rate is paramount. In the lightning-fast world of Fortnite, where every action is critical, a monitor with at least a 144Hz refresh rate is a game-changer. This feature ensures that the display updates more frequently per second, providing a smoother, more fluid visual experience. It allows gamers to react faster to in-game events, an essential factor in Fortnite's fast-paced environment.


Another key aspect is the response time. A monitor with a low response time, typically around 1 ms, reduces motion blur and ghosting, ensuring that every movement and transition on the screen is crisp and clear. This clarity is vital when tracking players and objects rapidly moving across the screen.


Moreover, the monitor size and aspect ratio play a significant role. A more compact screen, ideally around 24 to 27 inches, helps in tracking movements without the need to move your eyes too much, keeping all the critical action in your immediate view.


Finally, adaptive sync technologies like NVIDIA's G-Sync or AMD's FreeSync can also greatly enhance the Fortnite experience. These technologies synchronize the monitor's refresh rate with the GPU, reducing screen tearing and stuttering and leading to a smoother gaming experience.



List of 5 Best Monitors for Fortnite in 2023



1. Alienware AW2518H




The Alienware AW2518H stands out as a top contender in the realm of Fortnite gaming monitors. This 25-inch display boasts a staggering 240Hz refresh rate and a swift 1ms response time, making it a powerhouse for fast-paced gaming. Its TN panel delivers exceptional picture quality, a crucial aspect for discerning gamers. What elevates the AW2518H further is its G-Sync support, ensuring smooth, tear-free gameplay, especially vital in the high-octane scenarios of Fortnite.


The design features of this monitor are as impressive as its performance – its thin bezels exude a sleek, modern look, while the programmable RGB lighting on the back adds a personalized touch to your gaming setup. The stand is not just about aesthetics; it offers practical adjustability with tilt, pivot, swivel, and height modifications. Additionally, the monitor comes equipped with essential connectivity options, including two USB ports and a headphone jack. If you're seeking a premium 1080p TN monitor that combines aesthetics with high performance, the Alienware AW2518H is a prime choice.



2. ZOWIE XL2546




The ZOWIE XL2546 by BenQ stands as a formidable choice for Fortnite enthusiasts, particularly for those seeking a blend of performance and specialized features. This monitor comes equipped with a 240Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time, ensuring that every frame is rendered with precision and speed, a necessity in the fast-paced world of Fortnite. Although it doesn't feature G-Sync or FreeSync, the XL2546 compensates with unique additions like BenQ’s DyAc technology. It significantly reduces motion blur, offering an edge in tracking fast-moving objects in-game.


One of the standout features of the XL2546 is the Black eQualizer, which enhances visibility in dark scenes, crucial for spotting hidden enemies. The color vibrance adjustment also adds to its appeal, aiding in better visual clarity. The monitor's design is subtle yet functional, with the inclusion of privacy shields and the innovative S-Switch. The S-Switch allows for quick navigation of the on-screen display and stores personal monitor settings, an invaluable feature for gamers who frequently participate in tournaments or share their setup.


If you prioritize high performance over adaptive sync technologies and prefer a monitor with understated aesthetics, the ZOWIE XL2546 is an excellent choice.



3. Samsung Odyssey G95NA 49” 240Hz




The Samsung Odyssey G95NA is a game-changer in the world of Fortnite, especially for gamers who crave an expansive and immersive experience. This 49-inch ultrawide monitor is a standout with its 240Hz refresh rate, providing an ultra-smooth and responsive gaming experience that's critical in Fortnite's fast-paced action. The monitor's size and aspect ratio offer a wide field of view, enabling players to easily track movements and spot enemies, which can be a significant advantage in gameplay.


Beyond its size and speed, the G95NA excels in visual clarity with its 4K UHD resolution. This feature ensures that every detail, no matter how small, is crisp and clear, enhancing the overall gaming experience. The inclusion of both G-Sync and AMD FreeSync support is a substantial benefit, catering to a wide range of graphics cards and ensuring fluid gameplay without screen tearing or stuttering.


The Samsung Odyssey G95NA doesn't just stop at performance; it also offers advanced features like adjustable brightness levels and HDR10 support, with 2,048 dimming zones that provide deep blacks and bright whites. This not only enhances the visual quality but also adds to the immersive experience of the game. Its curvature is another aspect that adds to the immersion, drawing you deeper into the Fortnite world. Additionally, the monitor comes with a comfortable stand, allowing for optimal viewing angles and positioning on your desk.


For Fortnite players who value a large, immersive display with high performance, the Samsung Odyssey G95NA 49” 240Hz monitor is an unparalleled choice.


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4. ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q




The ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q emerges as a stellar choice for Fortnite players, encapsulating the essence of a high-performance gaming monitor. This model boasts a 240Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time, making it an ideal candidate for the fast-paced nature of Fortnite. The high refresh rate ensures that the on-screen action is incredibly smooth, allowing for precise and timely reactions during intense gameplay moments.


Beyond its performance metrics, the PG258Q is designed with gamers in mind. The thin bezels and fully adjustable stand cater to comfort and aesthetic preferences, allowing for a personalized and ergonomic setup. Additionally, the monitor carries the distinct 'gamey' look characteristic of the ROG series, complete with a customizable light projection of the ROG logo onto your desk, adding a unique touch to your gaming environment.


The inclusion of NVIDIA's G-Sync technology enhances the appeal of the PG258Q, providing seamless, tear-free gaming experiences by synchronizing the display's refresh rate to the GPU. This feature is particularly beneficial in fast-moving games like Fortnite, where screen tearing can be a distraction.


ASUS has also packed the PG258Q with extra features, such as various contrast profiles for different gaming genres, an FPS counter, and even an on-screen crosshair overlay or timer. These additional tools offer gamers the flexibility to tailor their gaming experience to their preferences.



5. Acer Predator XB252Q




Rounding off our list is the Acer Predator XB252Q, a monitor that has stood the test of time in the competitive gaming market. This 240Hz monitor is a solid choice for Fortnite players, delivering the high-speed performance essential for the game's fast-paced nature. The 1080p resolution combined with the 1ms response time ensures that every frame is sharp and clear, enabling quick reaction times and smooth gameplay.


While the Predator XB252Q may not boast the same feature set as some of the more recent models, its core performance metrics make it a reliable option for gamers. Its design is straightforward yet effective, with a focus on functionality over flashy aesthetics. This aspect makes it suitable for players who prefer a more understated look in their gaming setup.


One of the key strengths of the XB252Q is its adaptability. The monitor includes an ergonomic stand that allows for tilt, pivot, swivel, and height adjustments, making it easy to find the perfect viewing angle for extended gaming sessions. Additionally, the monitor’s compatibility with G-Sync technology ensures a smooth, tear-free gaming experience, which is particularly beneficial in a visually intense game like Fortnite.


The Acer Predator XB252Q stands as a testament to its durable design and consistent performance. For Fortnite players seeking a high-refresh-rate monitor that delivers on the essentials without unnecessary frills, the XB252Q remains a competitive choice, especially for those on the lookout for a more budget-friendly option.





Finding the best monitor for Fortnite in 2023 hinges on balancing high refresh rates, swift response times, and suitable screen sizes to match your gaming style. Whether you opt for the immersive experience of the Samsung Odyssey G95NA, the precision of the Alienware AW2518H, or the balanced performance of the ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q, each monitor on our list caters to the unique demands of Fortnite gameplay.


Remember, while a 240Hz monitor offers a competitive edge, ensure your system can fully utilize its capabilities. Ultimately, your choice will depend on personal preferences, budget, and gaming setup. Equip yourself with one of these top monitors, and you’re set for a visually stunning, responsive Fortnite gaming experience.

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