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Elden Ring: All Map Locations

Elden Ring: All Map Locations
Written by: ASH

Exploring the complete map of the Elden Ring is not easy, especially when locations are only accessible by capturing the pieces of specific paths. Unfortunately, the only way to explore a complete map is by collecting the piece of map fragments together of all the different parts of the map in each area.


Starting your gameplay from the plains of Limgrave to the river of Liuirnia and then all the way top to the Mountaintops of the Giants, but to explore the map you have to find the fragments. In this guide, we will show you the location of every map fragment. Elden Ring’s map fills as you collect the map fragments. Each new region you explore will have one or more map fragments to find.



Map Locations In Elden Ring


all map locations in elden ring


Limgrave, West


This is the first map on which every player has started their journey. It is also very close to the Gate front Ruins.



Limgrave, East


The next step after Limgrave West is Limgrave East. It is found inside of Mistwood Forest. There are many dangerous bears found in this area, so be careful. Sneaking is a good option for this particular area on the map.



Liurnia, East


While entering the liurnia of the lakes, the first map fragment you interact with will be Liurnia East. You will also encounter some enemies in flooded areas.



Liurnia, West


Going North from the liurnia of the lakes, you will find the Liurnia West fragment.



Liurnia North map


Right after Gate Town Site of Grace, you will find the Liurnia Noth Fragment, surrounded by several sunken buildings and in the middle of the large lake.



Weeping Peninsula


Following the path south from Castle Mourne, you will find the map fragment of the Weeping Peninsula. As you follow the track, you will navigate to the castle itself.





Caelid’s map fragment is located southeast of Caelid Highway and northeast of the Cathedral of Dragon Communion.





This map fragment is located east of Dragonbarrow and West of Grace.



Altus Plateau


The Altus Plateau map fragment can be found north of the Altus Highway Junction.



Leyndell, Royal Capital


This Map Fragment is found east of Altus Highway Junction, near the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Lost Grace, with the track leading to the city.



Mt. Gelmir


This map fragment is found behind the Volcano Monor, Which unlocks the mountain region. It’s just east of the Road of Iniquity.



Siofra River


This map fragment is found east of the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace.



Mountaintops of the Giants, West


As soon as you enter this game area, you can find this map fragment by following the path between the elevator and the Zamor Ruins grace site.



Mountaintops of the Giants, East


This map fragment in the game can be found right next to the Site of Grace as soon as you cross the chain bridge, it's right to the Giant’s Grave post.



Lake of Rot


This map fragment is a hidden and dangerous area close to the Rot Shoreline lake.



Deeproot Depths


Located northeast of the Deeproot Depths Site of Grace, this map fragment is found near the Ethernal city Site of Grace.



Consecrated Snowfield


The Consecrated Snowfield map fragment is also a hidden area, and to unlock this fragment, you have to find both pieces of the Haligtree Secret Medallion and take a grant lift of this region. This fragment is on the stone obelisk main road.


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In conclusion, we've journeyed through the vast world of Elden Ring, pinpointing every crucial map fragment location to complete your exploration. From the initial plains of Limgrave to the hidden depths of the Consecrated Snowfield, each fragment brings you closer to unveiling the full scope of this epic adventure. Keep this guide handy, brave Tarnished, as you uncover the secrets of the Lands Between.

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