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Apex Legends Character Tier List

Apex Legends Character Tier List
Written by: iamharoongill

Apex Legends, developed by Respawn Entertainment, has been a sensation since its unexpected release in February 2019. With its unique characters, fast-paced action, and emphasis on teamplay, it has carved its niche in the Battle Royale genre.


One of the features that has contributed to its success is its ever-growing list of diverse Legends, each with distinct abilities that can turn the tide of battle. As with any competitive game, certain characters inherently fit the meta better than others. In this post, we'll delve into a tier list of these Legends, breaking down their current standings in the game.




Apex Legends Character Tier List






S Tier

Bloodhound, Seer, Valkyrie, Horizon

A Tier

Gibraltar, Lifeline, Ash, Wraith, Ballistic, Caustic, Loba, Octane, Revenant, Catalyst

B Tier

Pathfinder, Wattson, Newcastle, Mirage, Bangalore, Vantage, Fuse, Maggie

C Tier

Crypto, Rampart



S Tier Legends: The Cream of the Crop


The landscape of Apex Legends is ever-changing. As players adapt, learn, and strategize, certain Legends rise to the forefront, showcasing their prowess in the current meta. The S Tier represents these standout Legends—characters whose abilities, synergy, and adaptability make them invaluable assets on any squad. They’re not just strong choices; they’re often the best choices. Let’s dive into why these Legends dominate the current meta and what makes each of them exceptional.





One of the original Legends, Bloodhound has remained consistently relevant in the game's ever-evolving meta. Their tracking abilities are second to none, allowing squads to gain vital information on enemy movements and positions.


In a game where knowledge can often mean the difference between victory and defeat, Bloodhound provides real-time intel that can be leveraged for strategic plays. Their ultimate, "Beast of the Hunt," elevates their reconnaissance role, turning them into a fast-moving, enemy-spotting machine—critical for both offensive pushes and defensive repositioning.







Bringing aerial dominance to the battlefield, Valkyrie offers a fresh take on mobility and engagement strategies. Her jetpack capabilities provide unparalleled verticality, allowing for quick repositioning, surprise attacks, or rapid escapes. This mobility, paired with her "Missile Swarm" tactical ability, can disrupt enemy formations and create openings for her team. Her ultimate, "Skyward Dive," is not just a personal escape tool but a squad-based redeployment method, making late-game rotations and strategic repositioning a breeze.





Seer has revolutionized the way reconnaissance works in Apex Legends. With his heartbeat sensor, Seer can detect enemies through walls, giving his team a significant advantage in anticipating enemy movements and planning engagements. His tactical ability, "Focus of Attention," disrupts and reveals enemies, making it a potent tool in team fights. Furthermore, his ultimate "Exhibit" creates a sphere that tracks fast-moving enemies, making it nearly impossible for adversaries to make sneaky plays within its radius.




Dr. Mary Somers, better known as Horizon, has a unique approach to battlefield control. Her gravitational abilities provide both offensive and defensive advantages. "Gravity Lift" can be used to gain a height advantage, evade enemies, or even hoist adversaries into vulnerable positions. Her ultimate, "Black Hole," can pull enemies out of cover and group them for coordinated attacks. Furthermore, her passive ability allows her to move in the air with more agility, making her harder to hit during aerial maneuvers.



A Tier Legends: Strong Contenders


When navigating the adrenaline-fueled world of Apex Legends, the A Tier is reserved for those Legends who consistently demonstrate their value in a range of scenarios. Although they might not always redefine the meta as the S Tier Legends do, their solid abilities and adaptability make them hard to overlook. Here's what makes these A-Tier Legends such potent choices:







With a captivating combination of speed and aggression, Ash's kit emphasizes disruption. Her ability to pull opponents from cover and rapidly reposition using her rifts makes her a dynamic choice for players who love to catch enemies off-guard and control the flow of the battle.





The sinister scientist excels in area control and denial. His noxious gas traps can turn any enclosed space into a death chamber. While he may not always be the go-to for aggressive playstyles, his ability to control areas, especially in the final circles, remains unparalleled.





A true assassin, Revenant's strengths lie in his capacity to disrupt and disorient. By disabling enemy abilities and creating a shadow version of himself and allies, he can quickly turn the tide of a fight, making him a unique asset in team-based engagements.







A fan favorite, Wraith's ability to phase in and out of reality provides unmatched flanking and escape opportunities. Her portals also ensure rapid repositioning for the entire team, making her an invaluable asset when caught in tricky situations.





As the primary medic of the group, Lifeline's healing drone and fast revives are a beacon of hope for any team. In a game where every second counts, her ability to get teammates back into the fight quickly can often be the difference between victory and defeat.





Speed and agility are Octane's trademarks. His stim shot provides a burst of speed, perfect for aggressive pushes or hasty retreats, while his jump pad can be used to launch surprise attacks or traverse the map rapidly.







The master thief shines in her ability to provide gear and resources. Her teleportation bracelet allows for sneaky plays and quick escapes, while her ultimate, the Black Market Boutique, can supply her team with vital equipment, ensuring they’re always battle-ready.





Often affectionately referred to as "Gibby," this gentle giant brings defense and offense to the table. His dome shield can provide vital cover in open spaces, and his airstrike can decimate unsuspecting squads. Plus, with fortified health, he's a force to be reckoned with in direct combat.





Catalyst, despite initial expectations, has not significantly influenced the current Apex Legends meta. Her unique abilities, such as reinforcing doors and deploying ferrofluid spikes, offer defensive and offensive utility. However, her Dark Veil ultimate, once effective against the scan meta, has seen diminished usefulness in the current season.







Similarly, Ballistic wasn't a part of the official roster as of my last update. Still, given his A-Tier ranking, it’s clear he brings valuable skills to the table, potentially offering game-changing moments that can elevate a squad's chances of securing a win.



B Tier Legends: Balanced yet Specific


While they might not be the first pick for every player or every situation, the B-Tier Legends offer a unique set of skills that, under the right circumstances, can make them shine just as brightly as their A or S-Tier counterparts. Their strengths often lie in specialized situations or are maximized when paired with specific team compositions. Here’s a closer look at these Legends and their specialized niches:





Wattson's prowess lies in her ability to fortify and defend. With her electric fences, she can lock down areas, making them hazardous for enemies to pass through. Paired with her Pylon, which negates incoming ordnance, she's perfect for the end game or holding down a fortified position.







Speed and disorientation are Bangalore's trademarks. Her smoke canisters create instant cover or distraction, and when combined with her passive speed boost when under fire, she becomes a slippery target. In the hands of an adept player, she can control the battlefield's visibility, making her invaluable in ambushes or escapes.





Mobility is Pathfinder’s game. His grappling hook provides unique movement opportunities, allowing him to reach advantageous positions or make a hasty retreat. Furthermore, his zipline can serve the entire squad, making rotations and high-ground access easier for the team.





An explosive enthusiast, Fuse is all about area damage and disruption. His cluster bombs can scatter enemies, while his ultimate, "The Motherlode," encircles foes in a ring of fire. He's especially potent in forcing enemies out of cover or splitting enemy teams.



Mad Mirage


Mirage began in Apex Legends as a weak character with limited utility, but a rework has made him more viable, especially for skilled players. However, his abilities are primarily one-dimensional and lack significant team play value, aside from his cloaking during revives. While his Ultimate can be advantageous against newer players, Mirage might still benefit from further enhancements.







Though Maggie may not be the most favored legend, her offensive capabilities, especially with shotguns, are noteworthy. Her "Wrecking Ball" ultimate is particularly chaotic in battles, and despite some lingering issues, her performance has improved with recent updates. Maggie's abilities allow her to highlight damaged enemies, maneuver quickly with a shotgun, deploy a burn-inducing drill, and unleash a speed-boosting, explosive ball.





Newcastle's early impressions in Apex Legends suggest a promising role as a support-focused, defensive Legend with superior movement capabilities. His efficiency in reaching teammates surpasses even other mobility-focused Legends like Pathfinder. However, his long-term popularity and ranking are uncertain as players continue to explore and counter his abilities.





Introduced in Season 14, Vantage is ideal for sniper enthusiasts and offers tactical abilities for close-range engagements. Her viability in high-ranked play is still undetermined, but casual players might appreciate her sniper-oriented gameplay. Currently, Vantage doesn't possess standout qualities to overshadow other legends unless sniping is a player's primary focus.



C Tier Legends: Niche Picks with Potential


Often overlooked due to their perceived limitations, C Tier Legends in Apex Legends may not dominate every situation, but they certainly have their moments. In some scenarios or in the hands of an expert player, these characters can suddenly become game-changers, turning the tide of the battle unexpectedly. Here's a detailed look at the abilities and strengths of the Legends in this category:







Rampart's fortification abilities make her the queen of defense. Best suited for teams with a strategy revolving around holding a specific location, she can easily turn a simple building into a fortress.

Her amped cover can not only shield her team but also amplify outgoing damage. It makes her a real threat when holding choke points or high ground. Additionally, her minigun, Sheila, can lay down some serious firepower, intimidating anyone daring to approach.


For Rampart to truly shine, positioning is key. Anticipate enemy movements, and set up your defenses in strategic locations. Pairing Rampart with other defensive or information-gathering Legends can fortify her position even further.





Crypto is the quintessential surveillance expert. With his drone, he provides unmatched reconnaissance capabilities, able to scout ahead without ever putting himself in danger.

His drone can not only spot enemies but also disrupt them with its EMP blast, which deals shield damage and disables traps. In larger team fights, this can provide a significant advantage, leveling the playing field before the first shot is even fired.


Communication is crucial for Crypto players. Relaying real-time information to the team can help in planning ambushes or avoiding threats. While his drone is out, Crypto is vulnerable, so finding a secure location before using it is of paramount importance.



Top Apex Legends Characters for newbies




Jumping into the expansive world of Apex Legends can be daunting for newcomers, especially given the diverse roster of Legends, each boasting a unique skill set. While many of these characters are undeniably powerful, they often come with a steeper learning curve. For instance, while Valkyrie sits impressively in the S-tier, truly harnessing her capabilities necessitates seasoned gameplay and an intimate understanding of team dynamics.


Considering ease of use and efficacy, here are the Legends that newcomers might find most intuitive:


  1. Bloodhound: A relentless tracker, this character offers new players a way to spot hidden enemies, making engagements less unpredictable.
  2. Lifeline: An invaluable team asset, Lifeline’s healing and revival abilities ensure that even newcomers can make game-changing contributions.
  3. Octane: This adrenaline junkie’s speed boosts are both fun and straightforward, offering players a swift entry or exit from skirmishes.
  4. Loba: With her teleportation ability, Loba ensures rookies can quickly reposition themselves, adding a tactical edge.
  5. Wraith: Her phasing abilities can prove to be a lifesaver, allowing novices to slip out of perilous situations momentarily.


For those new to the arena, the aforementioned Legends present a balanced mix of offense, defense, and adaptability. Their abilities are not only potent but also forgiving enough for those still grasping the game's mechanics. Legends like Loba, Wraith, and Octane are especially valuable when a hasty retreat is needed, ensuring players can regroup and strategize.


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