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How to Start Last Dose Missions in GTA Online

How to Start Last Dose Missions in GTA Online
Written by: ASH

GTA Online's Last Dose missions are a thrilling addition, marking a continuation of the Los Santos Drug Wars saga. To dive into these missions, your game must be up to date, and you should have completed all of the First Dose missions. Start by exploring Los Santos in free roam until you receive a call from Dax. Accept this call, meet up with him, and you will be on your way to beginning The Last Dose missions.


If you have not yet completed the First Dose missions, visit Dax at The Freakshop to finish those tasks first. Once done, a phone call from Dax will initiate your next adventure.




Mission Details




The Last Dose saga consists of five distinct missions:


  1. This is an Intervention
  2. Unusual Suspects
  3. FriedMind
  4. Checking In
  5. BDKD


These missions take you deeper into a web of deceit and pharmaceutical conspiracies, driven by the eccentric Dr. Isiah Friedlander.


You can also tackle The Last Dose missions solo by selecting the Closed Matchmaking option after completing the First Dose missions. Playing solo offers a unique challenge and lets you experience the story at your own pace.




By completing all Last Dose missions, you can earn unique rewards including clothes, accessories, and even the Ocelot Virtue supercar. Specific rewards like the Floral Guffy Pool Sliders and Lime Leopard Slab cap along with Canvas Shoes are available upon completing the initial and final missions, respectively.


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The Last Dose missions in GTA Online offer players a complex blend of action and storytelling, deepening the already rich narrative of Los Santos Drug Wars. Whether you choose to play with friends or go it alone, these missions provide valuable rewards and further insights into the dark corners of Los Santos. Make sure your game is up to date and dive into the challenge.

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