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Capcom to Remove Three Games from Steam Next Month

Capcom to Remove Three Games from Steam Next Month
Written by: ASH

Capcom has confirmed that three of its games will be removed from Steam next May. The games affected include Dark Void, developed by Airtight Games, its retro spin-off Dark Void Zero, by Other Ocean Entertainment, and Flock, a puzzle sandbox game from Proper Games.


The company has not detailed the reasons behind the removal from Valve's digital distribution platform, though it is likely related to licensing issues. It is important to note that these games will be withdrawn from the store, but if they are already in your library, you can continue playing them without any issues.


In fact, all three games are currently on sale until May 8, just a day before they are set to disappear from the store on May 9 at 2:30 AM.


A notice posted on their product pages states, "Players who have purchased the title before the removal date will still be able to enjoy the game in the future, depending on whether their PC's operating system can continue to run the game."


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It remains unclear whether the removal will only affect Steam or if it will also apply to other digital stores, such as Xbox's digital store, where Dark Void and Flock are currently heavily discounted.

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