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Kingdom Hearts 4 and Series Might Arrive on Nintendo Switch 2

Kingdom Hearts 4 and Series Might Arrive on Nintendo Switch 2
Written by: ASH

Trusted insider Midori has shared that Kingdom Hearts 4 might be released on the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2. This information comes from sources within Square Enix. Along with the latest title, the entire Kingdom Hearts series, previously available on platforms like Xbox One and PlayStation 4, could also be ported to the new console.



Square Enix is reportedly planning to collaborate with other studios for the Kingdom Hearts franchise. This move aligns with the company's strategy to make future games available on multiple platforms, rather than as exclusives. Midori also mentioned that Kingdom Hearts 4 will include some online features. The game is said to look quite different from its initial trailer.


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Furthermore, the series might see more characters appearing in other non-Square Enix IPs. Midori also debunked rumors about a Final Fantasy X remake but confirmed multiple Dragon Quest projects and a Final Fantasy IX remake are in the works.


Another insider suggested that Kingdom Hearts 4 could be released in 2025. However, given the complexities of game development, a delay to early 2026 is possible.

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