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New Games Coming Out In March 2023

New Games Coming Out In March 2023
Written by: GreenMcqueen

Are you ready to play some of the newest, most innovative games? Whether you're a fan of competitive online gaming or prefer the solace and challenge of single-player adventures, March 2023 has a promising lineup. 


This month promises new releases for fans spanning all genres across multiple platforms. From hotly anticipated sequels in long-standing franchises to compelling storytelling experiences and beyond—we’ve rounded up some of the best upcoming titles in this list. So sit back, grab your controller or mouse, and let's look at some games that will spin off into stores near you!



Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

First up is Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, a brand-new multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) available on all major platforms. Developed by leading studio Team Ninja, Wo Long takes place in a stylized version of ancient China and allows players to command their armies on the battlefields to victory. Experience unique game mechanics such as deep character customization, real-time strategy battles, and more!




Valheim from Iron Gate AB is a survival game that offers a world full of adventure and exploration, where you must build your settlement from scratch using resources gathered from dense forests and cold mountains. From crafting new weapons to growing food and forging alliances with others players—Valheim has it all for an exciting online experience. The game will be released for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on March 14th.



Anno 1800

Anno 1800, part of Ubisoft’s Anno franchise, is set in the 19th century—a time of industrialization and progress across Europe. So put your strategic mind to work by building and expanding your own city while trading with other factions throughout the continent! With detailed graphics and thrilling gameplay features such as turn-based strategy elements, Anno 1800 will be available on PC and Xbox Series X/S on March 16th.



WWE 2K23

On March 17th, you can expect WWE 2K23 from Visual Concepts! Get ready for another round of mayhem with this latest installment in this popular wrestling franchise that brings together some of the biggest stars in professional wrestling today! Create your own characters or play as existing icons like John Cena or Becky Lynch–it’s up to you! The game will be available on PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One & Series X/S.



Resident Evil 4

Arriving on March 24th will be Resident Evil 4—one of Capcom’s most beloved horror action games originally launched over 15 years ago. Now available with enhanced visuals powered by Unreal Engine 4, Resident Evil 4 returns with improved graphics alongside new content for this remake release—including updates to enemy behavior, so prepare for intense combat sequences. This title will also be playable across PC systems as well as PlayStation 4/5 & Xbox Series X/S platforms.



The Last of Us Part 1

Last but certainly not least is The Last Of Us Part 1 from Sony Interactive Entertainment—available exclusively on PC via Steam starting March 28th! Join Joel and Ellie as they travel through post-apocalyptic America, filled with dangerous encounters at every turn. Experience thrilling gameplay moments complemented by some of the best storytelling in video games today–you won't want to miss out!




With so much to choose from, March promises to be an exciting month for gamers around the globe. Whether you’re up for tense action sequences or a more strategic experience, this lineup has something for everyone!

And if you’re more into adrenaline-filled gaming, check out blackjack strategy guides to get a taste of the fast-paced action of blackjack. No matter what type of game you prefer–we hope our list has given you something to look forward to in March! Happy gaming!

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