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JustaMinx broke her promise at the Streamers Award

JustaMinx broke her promise at the Streamers Award
Written by: Weeii


JustaMinx claims she thought it would be okay to get drunk at the Sreamer Award afterparty while explicitly being told not to 



In the streamers award event, there is an afterparty right after crowning the winners of each category. In which, drinks were available.


JustaMinx who is a famous twitch streamer hasn’t received an invite due to her alcohol addiction. 


After her tweeting that she had the worst seizure of her life drinking that night, somebody in the comment section brought up her promise to not drink during the party. 


She responded saying she “assumed” it was fine to drink at the afterparty and that clearly it wasn’t a good idea. 


QTCinderella who is the creator of Streamer Awards, responded revealing DM messages between her and Minx which show that Minx was only allowed an invitation in the explicit condition that she will not be drinking. 


Cinderella then asked Minx to seek help, as she’s tried to help her but nothing worked and she believes that Minx is now at Rock Bottom and is in serious need of professional help. 


Minx responded to her tweet by saying that is sorry for what happened and offered her to send an invoice to compensate for the actions of that night. 


However, from there Cinderella did not respond anymore. 

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