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Both Kick and Twitch are Doubling Down on Their Stance on Online Gambling

Both Kick and Twitch are Doubling Down on Their Stance on Online Gambling
Written by: Weeii
In recent months, the issue of content relating to online gambling sites and advertising on streaming platforms has sparked significant controversy within the streaming and esports community.
Two major players in this space, Kick and Twitch, have taken distinct stances on the matter, leading to debates on ethics and the freedom of content creators.
Twitch, one of the most prominent streaming platforms, has been vocal about its opposition to promoting unregulated gambling services. On the other hand, Kick has provided an alternative streaming platform for gambling websites to promote their services, regardless if they are offshore from the United States and operate with licenses not recognized by US authorities.
In an interview with Twitch streamer Filian, Twitch CEO Daniel Clancy reaffirmed the company's stance against unregulated offshore gambling. Recognizing the negative impact on the Twitch community, the platform implemented a ban on streaming gambling from unregulated websites in October 2022. This decision came after prominent streamers took firm stands against unregulated gambling. Twitch clearly distinguishes between offshore gambling sites and legalized online gambling sites by allowing content and advertising only for legal entities.
Conversely, Kick has often been criticized for launching their new Streaming platform due to Twitch's decision to ban unregulated gambling content. Kick, launched in March 2023, boasts looser restrictions on gambling and other content categories. As a result, several streamers have migrated to Kick to gain more freedom regarding online gambling. Kick has been so successful that their "Slots and Casino" category surpassed all other Twitch categories regarding audience engagement. These numbers are expected to grow further and challenge Twitch's dominance in the streaming landscape.
One streamer who has expressed support for Kick and its association with online gambling is Zack "Asmongold" Hoyt. Asmongold has defended his pro-Kick stance during a recent stream. Responding to criticism that accepting deals from online gambling sites is unethical, he asserted that the rules set by others do not bind him.
Since its launch, streaming celebrities like Adin Ross, Hikaru Nakamura, Pokimane, xQc, and Amouranth moved to Twitch. xQc and Amouranth are the latest arrivals. Reportedly, Kick agreed to pay $100 million to xQc for a two-year non-exclusive contract. Online rumors mention that Amouranth received a similar deal worth $30 million.
Other streamers are moving to Kick because of their 95/5 revenue split, where streamers keep 95% of their channels' revenue. Twitch only offers a 50/50 revenue split; the streamers only receive 50% of their revenue.
It is worth noting that Ed Craven, co-founder of Kick, has consistently denied any relationship between Kick and online gambling websites. They typically assign the platform's success to the abovementioned revenue model and deny claims of sponsorship or preferential treatment of online gambling content on Kick.
Despite these assurances, the debate surrounding online gambling content and advertising on streaming platforms continues to generate interest and raise questions about the responsibilities of platforms, content creators, and the ethics of accepting partnerships.
Regardless of their different approaches to online gambling, Kick has a lot of potential. However, it is a long way to dethrone Twitch. While Kick recently surpassed 10 million created accounts, Twitch currently has 140 million active users. What is for sure is that the platforms' respective stances on online gambling will continue to divide the public's opinion. As long as streaming celebrities like Adin Ross and xQc continue using Kick, they can steal significant market shares from Twitch.
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