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Apple Terminates Epic Games' Account Amid Clash Over CEO's Criticism

Apple Terminates Epic Games' Account Amid Clash Over CEO's Criticism
Written by: ASH

Epic Games recently announced that Apple has terminated their developer account. This account, managed by Epic's Swedish subsidiary, was crucial for launching the Epic Games Store on iOS in Europe. This move notably impacts the availability of the popular battle royale game, Fortnite, on Apple's platform.


The termination follows Epic Games' attempts to engage with Apple under the European Union's Digital Markets Act. The act aims to regulate large platforms to ensure fair competition. Epic intended to reintroduce Fortnite to iOS, which is now halted.


Apple's decision came after Epic Games requested discussions within the DMA framework, which Apple rejected. Apple asked for a compliance assurance from Epic, which CEO Tim Sweeney provided. However, Apple found Sweeney's response insufficient, citing his public criticism of Apple's policies.



Tim Sweeney has been openly critical of Apple's practices, accusing them of hindering fair competition on iOS and violating the spirit of the Digital Markets Act. Epic Games views this account termination as a breach of the DMA, reflecting Apple's reluctance to allow real competition on iOS devices.


This event is part of an ongoing legal conflict between Epic Games and Apple. Meanwhile, Epic has experienced more success in its legal challenges against Google.

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