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How To Avoid AFK Penalty In GTA Online

How To Avoid AFK Penalty In GTA Online
Written by: Weeii

Isn't it a bit annoying when you have to step away from your console or PC for a moment, only to come back and find out you've been kicked out of the game? If you've been playing GTA Online for even a short while, you've probably faced this issue at least once. The game, packed with thrilling missions and endless exploration opportunities, unfortunately, doesn't have a pause button. Yep, you heard that right—no pause button!


But hold on a second, because it's not all doom and gloom. The gaming community, always a treasure trove of hacks and workarounds, has come up with some nifty tricks to keep you in the game even when you're AFK—that's "Away From Keyboard" for those new to the lingo.



How AFK Penalties Affect Your Game


So, you've set up your criminal empire, you're raking in those GTA dollars, and things are looking good. Then life happens. Maybe your doorbell rings, your phone buzzes, or perhaps you just need a snack. You step away, thinking you'll be back in a jiffy. But lo and behold, GTA Online has other plans! You return to find you've been booted out of the game, and you're like, "Come on, really?"


Getting kicked for being AFK is more than just a mild inconvenience; it can actually mess with your in-game progress. Imagine being in the middle of a high-stakes mission or working on building your businesses, and suddenly, you're out. This can result in a loss of earnings, disruption in missions, and let's not forget the social cost—your gaming buddies might not be too pleased to see you vanish mid-action.


If you're into AFK farming—gaining passive income while you're not actively playing—then getting kicked is even more of a bummer. You're basically losing out on potential money, resources, and, worst of all, time!

The Reddit Revelation


Huge props to a clever Reddit user, Nateovision_, for coming up with this life-saving trick. Here’s how it works, step by step:


Step 1: Make your way to your in-game apartment. Ah, home sweet virtual home.


Step 2: Open the interaction menu—you know, the one where you also choose outfits and snacks from. You can do it by pressing "M"


Step 3: Find and select the "Apartment Style" option. It'll show you a list of different styles you can preview.


Step 4: Choose any style for preview. Don't worry, you're not buying anything, so your in-game cash stays right where it is.


Step 5: As soon as the preview is up and running, you’re golden! You can now either walk around your plush apartment or walk away from your game altogether. GTA Online will think you're still active, and voila, no more getting kicked for being AFK!


There you have it, folks. A simple but super effective way to stay in the game while you take care of, well, life! So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try it out!



Well, there you have it, folks! No more fretting about stepping away from GTA Online for a few minutes. Gone are the days of frantically sprinting back to your console or computer to find that you've been rudely kicked out of the game. Thanks to the simple, yet genius trick shared by Nateovision_ on Reddit, you can keep your GTA session rolling even while you’re doing something else.


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