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How To Get The Vigerozx: GTA Online

How To Get The Vigerozx: GTA Online
Written by: Weeii

If you've been cruising the streets of Los Santos lately, you might've heard the roar of a new engine, seen a sleek silhouette zoom by, or simply been left in the dust by an exceptionally stylish 2-door wonder. That's right, it's the Vigero ZX we're talking about! With the introduction of the Criminal Enterprises DLC in GTA Online, we've been treated to a plethora of new adventures, characters, and of course, vehicles. And leading the pack?


The Vigero ZX, a car so remarkable that it's turned even the most loyal Los Santos citizens into eager car enthusiasts. So, if you've been scratching your head, wondering how to get this beauty parked in your garage, you've landed in the right place. Let's dive in and unravel the mystery behind this sought-after ride!



Step-by-Step Guide to Getting the Vigero ZX


Alright, gear up, GTA aficionados! Whether you're a seasoned player or a newbie just trying to pimp up your virtual garage, the Vigero ZX is a must-have. Here's a clear-cut guide to help you slide into the driver's seat of this showstopper:


The GTA Wallet Check: First thing's first. Before you even think about getting this beauty, you need to ensure you've got a hefty balance. The Vigero ZX comes with a price tag of $1,947,000. Yep, that's quite the number, but trust us, it's worth every penny.

Venture to Southern San Andreas Super Autos: Navigate your way through the bustling streets of GTA Online and set your course towards Southern San Andreas Super Autos. This is your one-stop-shop to view, admire, and most importantly, purchase the Vigero ZX.


Earn That Cash: Thinking about the dollar signs? Let's be real; that's quite a sum to cough up. But fret not! GTA Online is teeming with opportunities to rake in the bucks. Look into heists or jobs that offer big payouts, like snatching the Panther Statue. With a bit of hustle, you'll see your virtual bank account grow.

Seal the Deal: Once you've got the moolah, head back to Southern San Andreas Super Autos, find the Vigero ZX listing, and make that purchase. Voilà! The coveted Vigero ZX is now yours.


Take It For a Spin: Now, don’t just let it sit in your garage collecting dust. The streets of Los Santos are waiting for you and your new ride. Feel the power, embrace the style, and let the world know you own the latest gem from the Criminal Enterprises DLC.



Well, there you have it, folks! The Vigero ZX isn't just another car in the vast universe of GTA Online—it's an experience, a statement, a testament to your dedication in the world of Los Santos. Whether you're revving up its engine for a quick race or simply taking a midnight drive along the coast, this beauty is bound to turn heads and garner admiration. With the Criminal Enterprises DLC offering so much, the Vigero ZX stands tall, reminding us why we all fell in love with the expansive, unpredictable, and always thrilling world of GTA Online. So, here's to many joyrides, thrilling chases, and memorable moments with your shiny new companion. Until the next adventure, keep those engines roaring and the spirit of Los Santos alive in your hearts! Safe driving and see you on the roads!


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