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All The Overwatch 2 Redesigns: All Hero Changes And Character Redesigns

All The Overwatch 2 Redesigns: All Hero Changes And Character Redesigns
Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
Written by: Knightmare

Overwatch 2 is a big overhaul of the original game. The developers have tweaked and added a lot of elements to the new game to refine the overall experience. On the other hand, the new hero redesigns are one of the most exciting additions.


In addition to adding new characters, Blizzard has also updated many of the original characters. A number of characters have seen gameplay changes in addition to visual changes, but the visual changes are more interesting.


Some heroes have seen very little change, while others have seen more dramatic changes, ranging from color palettes to costumes and new combat armor pieces. So today, we will take a look at all the Overwatch 2 redesigns and improvements. 







OW2 LaunchArt_EDP Page Hero_1920x1080 eb6f6f1cce12d838b45e


Ana's appearance is pretty similar to her Overwatch appearance. Her appearance is made simpler by adding a white scarf alongside a simpler armor. 







Ashe appears in Overwatch 2 with a minor visual upgrade. Rather than a total overhaul, subtle changes have been made to improve her appearance. She can be seen with a slightly different haircut, and her coat has been changed with some red accents.





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Baptiste's appearance has changed significantly over his Overwatch counterpart. His orange scarf is now assembled into his armor and is white to match the rest of his design. Although the gun has been whitened, his eyepiece retains the orange color of his original design.







Bastion's Overwatch 2 redesign includes a more polished frame and a more colorful paint job. He now also wears a cap, which looks quite adorable. Ganymede is still present on Bastion's shoulder, and overall he looks more refined now.







Brigitte Overwatch 2 1 1024x576


Overwatch fans were divided when they saw Brigitte's "redesign." She supports a slightly new hairstyle, and her eyebrow color matches her hair color. Overall, her design is quite similar to the original, except for a few tweaks.









Cassidy was formerly known as McCree, but Blizzard changed his name to Cassidy due to some controversies. Cassidy's cloak has been upgraded technologically with a new, modern design and markings. His armor and body are also more robotic in appearance.





image 55


D.Va's Overwatch 2 redesign is more subtle than most others. Her color palette has been tweaked slightly. Rather than a full pink mech, it's mixed with white, purple, and shades of aqua. D.Va's new bodysuit also features this new color palette. This redesign signifies D.Va's growth.





Doomfist Overwatch 2 1 1024x576


Doomfist's redesign is also quite minute. We don't see any major changes apart from a few color changes. The golden shine has faded and been mostly replaced by darker equipment along his right arm. 







Hanzo's appearance has changed significantly in Overwatch 2, with the hero now wearing a full coat. Furthermore, the grey in his hair has become more noticeable to signify that a lot of time has passed. Hanzo looks more badass and lethal due to his Overwatch 2 redesign. 





Junkrat Overwatch 2 1024x576


Junkrat's Overwatch 2 redesign adds goggles on his head as well as a dark red transformation of his green and yellow trunks. This new design makes Junkrat look more chaotic and evil. He's also missing a tooth in this redesign.





lucio ow2 850x478


Lucio's new design adds a lot of funky elements to his design. This new design includes green dye in his hair and darker dreadlocks. He has black arm guards in addition to updated leg guards. There are neon green accents throughout his costume which look really attractive.







overwatch 2 talents mei


Mei's character design has been significantly changed; honestly, it looks much better than her initial design. Her winter coat is sleeker and less frizzy. Her boots have also been made more practical, and her gloves have undergone a few cosmetic changes. 







Mercy has discarded the high ponytail in favor of a shorter haircut. Her wings and combat medic gear now have new gold accents, making her armor stand out even more. Furthermore, there's a halo floating above her head in this new redesign. Overall, this new design is very sleek.





overwatch 2 personagem orisa 768x432


The most noticeable change in Orica's Overwatch 2 redesign is her headgear. Orisa's color palette has also been somewhat altered. Dark green is now prevalent over the Tank's upper torso and on her weapons.





skin classique overwatch 2 pharah 01


While Parah's overall design looks very similar to her original design, you can find subtle changes on closer inspection. The only differences are her haircut and armor color. Her leg armor now features more white, while her helmet is more shiny and golden.







Reaper's coat and overall costume are now much darker, and his shotguns are no longer as large. The heavy belt, leg guards, and sharp spikes have all been removed. His Overwatch 2 redesign looks much sleeker and similar to what an assassin would wear. 





overwatch 2 talents reinhardt


There has been a major change in Reinhardt's redesign. He doesn't hide his face inside the bulky metal helmet anymore. Moreover, the lion crest, similar to his arm, is visible on his chest as well. The red highlights have been replaced with gold.





Roadhog Overwatch 2 1024x576


Overwatch 2 has given Roadhog a huge redesign. He received a new jacket, spikier kneepads, and a new haircut. His hook has also been redesigned. This new redesign still features the same chaotic vibe as the original design.





Sigma Overwatch 2 1024x576


Sigma's new redesign is extremely different from his original design. He now wears a more compact and sleek armor with a grey color scheme. His shoulder spikes have been removed, and his new outfit seems less cluttered.





Soldier: 76


The Overwatch 2 redesign for Solder: 76 brings changes to his face mostly. His white beard is now visible as he has gotten rid of his face mask. Instead, he wears a visor that covers his eyes. There have also been some changes in his jacket, including some extra padding. 





bxSjLqKegQrxBDuUQEvmUm 1200 80


Sombra almost looks exactly the same as her original design. Her jacket is now more purple, and her pants are a mixture of purple and blue. The remainder of her attire has changed to match the color shift, and a circular symbol has been shaved into her skull.







Symmetra's changes are mostly in terms of her color pallet. A new gold pattern has been added to her outfit, but the rest of her outfit is pretty similar, apart from a new shade of blue.







The witty engineer, Torbjörn, now uses a new hammer and new goggles. Moreover, his beard is different from his original design as his beard is now much lo ger. His armor has also changed significantly, and his hair is now visible.









It won't be wrong to call Tracer the face of Overwatch. Blizzard has kept most of her original design but with slightly improved elements. Her coat has been changed from brown to grey. Her leggings have been lightened to a warmer orange as well.







Most elements from Widowmaker's original design have been changed. Her outfit looks sleeker, Widow's Infra-Sight specs are no longer entirely covering her head, and her long purple hair is braided. These changes are very simple, yet they look extremely effective.





winston ow2 850x478


Winston's Overwatch 2 redesign is extremely simp e and minor. His outfit has become less bulky and cleaner. His headgear has some engraving on it, and his energy packs also look quite different.



Wrecking Ball


wrecking ball ow2 850x478


Wrecking Ball's redesign features some changes for both the hamster and the mech. Hammond (the hamster) is now dressed in a new streamlined bodysuit and goggles. Meanwhile, the mech features a darker color scheme with prominent yellow accents. 







Zarya's redesign includes a new haircut with a slightly different colored suit. The suit looks a bit more streamlined and less bulky. Her iconic pink hair color is still present, albeit she has grown a ponytail now.





Zenyatta Overwatch 2 1 1024x576


Zenyatta also features slight changes in his design. His golden trousers have been toned down, as have his strong orbs, which have been painted white instead. Overall, he looks pretty similar to his original design.





So we have covered all the major Overwatch 2 character redesigns. You can check out all the major character redesigns when you play the game yourself. 

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