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What are Overwatch 2 Endorsements?

What are Overwatch 2 Endorsements?
Written by: Mohsin

After a long development period, Blizzard Entertainment finally launched Overwatch 2 in October 2022, and since then, many new players have joined the exciting first-person shooter. The game has gained a lot of popularity, and the player community is evergrowing. Why is it so? Is it because the sequel is free to play? Is it because of the new characters added? Well, there can be many reasons. 


A game's success and popularity are also largely dependent on its community. A nutric and supportive player base means the game is welcoming, which is great for new players and beginners. On the other hand, toxic players can significantly spoil the gaming experience for players.



Maintaining a positive gaming environment is essential, and Blizzard Entertainment knows that too. Hence, they have introduced the new Endorsement System. What is this new system? How does it work? Let’s find out!



What are Endorsements?


Simply stated, Endorsements are a way for players to appreciate their teammates. Doesn’t make sense? Well, at the end of every game, players get the option to endorse a maximum of 2 teammates. By endorsing someone, you are commending them on their performance. 


Patting someone on the back is never bad, is it? It shows that you are honoring them and like how they played or interacted with you. It helps others know that a particular player is a good teammate and won’t disappoint in terms of coordination and communication. Also, receiving some compliments can surely make someone’s day. Hence it promotes a supportive, non-toxic community. 



How do Endorsements work?


Getting some appreciation is always great, but Blizzard has designed the Endorsement system to be more than just simple compliments. Handing out endorsements means that you are contributing to a player's overall endorsement ranking. The more endorsements a player receives, the higher their Endorsement level is.


Endorsement levels range from Rank 1 to Rank 5. Rank 1, the default, is given to every player, and the highest possible level is Rank 5. Frequently receiving endorsements can help you level up through these ranks, but do keep in mind that you can rank down as easily. If you don’t receive any endorsements for some time, your rank will eventually go down. Hence, a constant supply of endorsements is a must. Furthermore, leaving too many games before they are finished or getting reported by other players frequently can result in a lower endorsement level. 



It isn’t clear how many endorsements one needs to level up, but note that it is not easy. You can check for a player’s endorsement level after the game by the option available next to their profile. This can be done from the Social menu too, where you can track your friends’ and recent teammates' endorsement levels. And if you want to check your own progress, proceed to your Career Profile. 



The Endorsement Level Reward System


Rewards? Well, of course, there are rewards. Players who behave well and are helpful toward their teammates are rewarded by Blizzard through the Endorsement level reward system, and rightly so! Occasionally, players will receive additional battle pass experience according to their Endorsement level.


The higher your level is, the greater XP you gain. These rewards may look insignificant, but players receiving them frequently can easily rank up through battle pass levels without having to purchase the premium battle pass. 





As good as the reward system is, players can easily abuse it to farm XP and rank up through the battle pass. To prevent such things from happening, there are certain restrictions in Overwatch 2’s Endorsement system, which shut out players from exploiting the reward system. Blizzard has implemented the following laws:


  • Only two teammates can be endorsed after every match.
  • You can endorse the same player only once within 12 hours.
  • Enemy players can’t be endorsed. 
  • You can’t endorse your friends.


To some, these rules may seem harsh. But they are necessary to avoid players from availing unfair advantages. This also makes sure endorsements are mostly given to players who are worthy of receiving them. 



So that was all from our side regarding Overwatch 2 Endorsements. We hope you found this guide helpful.

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