How To Get Competitive Points In Overwatch 2

How To Get Competitive Points In Overwatch 2
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There are four different types of currencies in Overwatch 2: Overwatch coins, Legacy Coins, Overwatch League tokens, and Competitive Points. They are each used to buy different types of cosmetics. The most exclusive currency is the Competitive Points, which can only be used to purchase golden weapons. 


To get competitive points, you need to play and win competitive matches. It is logical to assume that a player gets points for a win, less for a draw, and nothing at all for a loss. If, in the game, you meet players with golden weapons, then you will understand that they have spent a lot of time in Overwatch and have good skills.



How To Get More Competitive Points in Overwatch 2?


The easiest way to get more competitive points is by playing ranked matches and winning them. And only in it. If you're used to playing Quick Mode, you'll need to adapt to Competitive Mode. Here everything is stricter, you can't change heroes, as in Quick Mode, and a few more rules.


Don't worry, the scoring system is simple enough. You get 15 points for winning a ranked game and five for a draw. Unfortunately, you get nothing for a loss. But on the other hand, wins don't just improve your rank, they give you points that you can use to your advantage.


Players also will receive competitive bonus points at the end of each competitive season in Overwatch 2, and the number of bonus points changes depending on your rank. For the role queue, you will receive separate bonus points for each role.


Also at the end of each season, players will receive points for the rank they have reached during that time period.


  • Bronze - 25 points per role
  • Silver - 50
  • Gold - 100
  • Platinum - 200
  • Diamond - 300
  • Masters - 500
  • Grandmasters - 650



What Can You Buy With Competitive Points in Overwatch 2?


Golden guns are the only thing that players can buy with competitive points in Overwatch 2. They are unique weapons in the game that changes a hero’s weapons into a gold variant of the original that sparkles in-game. These weapons are unique to each hero in Overwatch 2. They can change minor details, like their weapons or a costume element. For some, these golden weapons can completely change the image, including the effects.




The gold weapons for each hero cost 3,000 competitive credits. But be careful and always remember that there is a limit to the number of points you can have. The current limit is 6,000 points. You will not be able to accumulate more than this number. That means that you will have to buy two gold weapons to be able to score points.


Logically, it is better to buy gold weapons on those heroes that you play more often. Although it happens that these gold weapons only spoil the hero. But this happens quite rarely, so feel free to buy what you want.


Check our article about ranks in Overwatch 2 to learn all about it. 

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