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Tips and Tricks For Damage (DPS) Players in Overwatch 2

Tips and Tricks For Damage (DPS) Players in Overwatch 2
Written by: NutellaOwl

Overwatch 2, a first-person shooter (FPS) developed by Blizzard Entertainment, was launched nearly four months ago. The game offers an upgraded competitive experience, attracting both seasoned and new players who are eagerly climbing the rank ladder.


The game features three playable classes: Tanks, Supports, and Damage (DPS), the latter being the most straightforward and closely related to the core foundation of first-person shooting. Although Tanks and Supports are crucial for team composition, DPS heroes excel at engaging enemy Supports and DPS while pressuring their Tanks. The abilities and health pools of DPS characters can vary significantly.



For example, Symmetra and Tracer have the lowest hit points in the game, but they can deal massive damage when played skillfully. In this article, we will explore five practical tips for Damage Players in Overwatch 2.


overwatch 2 battle pass mercy



Tips and Tricks for Damage Players in Overwatch 2


There are 17 Damage heroes in Overwatch 2, some of which are hitscan, while others are projectile or beam-based. Each hero possesses a unique set of abilities and skills that complement their playstyle.




DPS characters initiate team fights, isolate 1v1s, and counter aggressive Tanks. Although playing DPS might seem simple, mastering a few essential techniques is crucial for consistent performance and outpacing opponents.


Your choice of Damage hero depends on the game's situation and mode, as well as whether you're on offense or defense. However, any DPS choice can be effective if played to its strengths. So here are five valuable tips for mastering DPS heroes.



Recognize When to Disengage


As a DPS player, the desire to fight and achieve results can sometimes cloud your judgement. It's crucial not to overextend in engagements and to retreat when your team needs you.


Being a Damage hero doesn't mean you should be constantly fighting during a match; instead, it means engaging in intelligent battles and securing kills. In Overwatch 2, if a DPS player fails to recognize when they're losing a fight, their team may overcommit alongside them.




If you're uncertain about winning a fight, it's better to fall back and regroup with your team. If communication isn't working, focus on the objective.


Exceptions may arise, such as during overtime when fighting around the objective becomes a priority, and you should fight until the end.



Knowledge of the map


A strong DPS player must possess excellent map knowledge. Precise aim and mastery of a hero's abilities won't make much difference if a player doesn't know where their team is being attacked from.


Make an effort to learn and memorize key locations on different Overwatch 2 maps, both for offense and defense. Specific choke points on maps like Circuit Royale and Colosseo can yield easy picks for Damage players who know how to take advantage of these areas.




If you lack Overwatch 2 map knowledge or your opponents are better informed, they are likely to outperform you. Familiarity with your surroundings involves anticipating enemy locations and reducing the element of surprise.



Selecting Your Targets


As a Damage hero, it's essential to choose targets wisely and communicate your intentions with your team. Support heroes in Overwatch 2 are among the most vulnerable, especially when isolated in 1v1 situations.


When initiating an attack, remember to communicate with your teammates so they can support you and counter any enemy reinforcements. Teaming up also helps prevent flanking during a duel.


If DPS players don't inform their teammates about their target selection, they may find themselves lost on the battlefield. Overwatch 2's gameplay system doesn't favor uncoordinated attacks, which could result in feeding rather than securing kills and holding the objective.


overwatch 2 cover 1



Avoid Overextending


As a DPS player in Overwatch 2, you may be eager for action. While engaging enemies is a natural instinct, it's important not to take on fights recklessly, regardless of the number or strength of your opponents. Overextending can lead to depleting your health and dying without securing any kills.


Instead, focus on isolating enemies and catching one or two off-guard. This approach helps maintain control and keeps you focused on dealing damage effectively. Waiting for your team and coordinating with them can reduce your chances of dying and increase your team's odds of winning fights.



Relying On Your Supports


Relying on your Support heroes and staying within their line of sight can significantly increase your survival rate in Overwatch 2. Benefiting from Mercy's Damage Amp or remaining within Baptiste's Immortality Field can be game-changing.


Overwatch 2 PvE Story Mode aaa0ac9


Consistent healing from your Supports is invaluable, but remember to stay visible to them. Being mindful of your healer's position also allows you to react quickly if the enemy launches an attack on your backline. This can disrupt your opponents' momentum, relieve pressure from your tanks, and protect your healer.


These five tips are essential for DPS players in Overwatch 2. Applying them will likely help you climb the ranks and improve your gameplay rapidly. Avoid underestimating your enemies or becoming overly confident in your abilities. Choose your battles wisely, collaborate with your team, and track your progress.


With time and practice, your mechanical skills, aim, and game sense will develop significantly.

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