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How to Catch and Evolve Dragonite in Pokemon Go

How to Catch and Evolve Dragonite in Pokemon Go
Written by: iamharoongill

In Pokémon Go, Dragonite stands as a symbol of power and versatility, making it a highly sought-after companion for trainers aiming to dominate in Raids, Gym Battles, and PvP challenges. Known for its formidable presence in the Pokémon universe for decades, Dragonite's addition to your lineup can significantly elevate your gameplay experience. This guide is dedicated to unraveling the secrets behind acquiring this Pseudo Legendary Dragon/Flying-type Pokémon.


We'll explore the steps to evolve Dragonite from Dratini, shine a light on its elusive shiny variant, and delve into its optimal moveset for both PvP and PvE encounters. Whether you're a seasoned trainer or new to the Pokémon Go arena, understanding how to catch Dragonite is essential for witnessing the true potential of your Pokémon team.




How to get Dragonite in Pokemon Go




Embarking on the quest for Dragonite in Pokémon Go is an adventure that begins with the humble yet essential Dratini. This dragon-type Pokémon is your key to unlocking the immense power of Dragonite. To evolve Dratini into Dragonair and finally into the coveted Dragonite, trainers need to gather 125 Dratini candies—a task that embodies both challenge and strategy.


Starting Your Journey: Finding Dratini is the first step. These Pokémon often appear near bodies of water, making rivers, lakes, and coastal areas hotspots for Dratini encounters. Additionally, Dratini can hatch from 10 km eggs, providing another avenue for trainers to add this elusive Pokémon to their collection.


Candy Collection Strategies: Accumulating 125 Dratini candies requires patience and effective strategy. Regular participation in community events and making Dratini your buddy Pokémon are reliable methods to earn candies. Pinap Berries can double the candy received per catch, speeding up the evolution process. Additionally, transferring extra Dratini to Professor Willow grants an extra candy, and keeping an eye out for Double Candy events can further expedite your journey.



The Shimmering Scale - Shiny Dragonite


The_Shimmering_Scale_ _Shiny_Dragonite


Among the myriad of achievements in Pokémon Go, capturing a shiny Dragonite is a badge of honor that many trainers aspire to. The allure of its distinct emerald-green scales sets it apart from its standard counterpart, making shiny Dragonite a prized possession in any trainer's collection.


Shiny Hunting Tips: To embark on the quest for a shiny Dragonite, trainers must first focus on finding a shiny Dratini or Dragonair. Shiny Pokémon appearances are rare and random, so patience is key. Engaging in community day events, where shiny rates are boosted for specific Pokémon, increases your chances. Also, utilizing lures at PokéStops near water bodies can attract more Dratini, potentially leading to a shiny encounter.


Raid Rewards and Wild Encounters: Another avenue to obtaining shiny Dragonite is through Raids and wild encounters, albeit more challenging. When shiny Dragonite is featured in Raid battles, participating in as many Raids as possible maximizes your chances of encountering this rare variant. Remember, every shiny Pokémon caught in Raids is a guaranteed catch, adding an extra layer of excitement to these encounters.



Dragonite in Combat - A PVP and PVE Powerhouse


Dragonite_in_Combat_ _A_PVP_and_PVE_Powerhouse


Dragonite is not just a trophy to showcase in your Pokémon Go collection; it's a formidable force in both Player vs. Player (PVP) and Player vs. Environment (PVE) battles. Its dual Dragon/Flying typing, coupled with high stats, makes it a versatile and powerful contender, capable of turning the tide in many battle scenarios.


Dominate the PvP Arena: In the competitive realms of Ultra and Master Leagues, Dragonite's presence is both feared and respected. With a maximum CP reaching up to 4287, it stands tall among the top-tier combatants. Its impressive balanced Defense (198), Attack stat (263), and substantial HP (209) allow it to withstand and deliver heavy blows. The recommended moveset for PVP includes Dragon Breath as the Fast Move, providing consistent damage and energy generation, paired with Dragon Claw and Superpower as Charged Moves for their utility in breaking shields and dealing significant damage, respectively.


Master PvE Challenges: Dragonite shines equally in PVE content, such as Raids and Gym Battles. Its resistance to several common attack types, like Fighting, Water, Bug, Ground, Fire, and Grass, allows it to remain on the battlefield longer, dealing devastating damage to opponents. The ideal moveset for PVE features Dragon Tail as the Fast Move and Outrage as the Charged Move. This combination leverages STAB (Same-Type Attack Bonus), maximizing damage output against a wide array of Raid Bosses and gym defenders. If a second Charged Move is unlocked, Hurricane offers high damage potential against specific types, while Superpower provides coverage against common threats in gyms and raids.



Best Dragonite Pokemon Go PvP moveset




Having Dragonite in your Pokémon Go arsenal is a significant advantage, but to unleash its full potential, knowing and mastering its best movesets is crucial. Whether for dominating PVP battles or excelling in PVE challenges, the right combination of moves can make Dragonite an unstoppable force.


Optimal PvP Moveset: For PVP, Dragonite's optimal moveset is designed to maximize damage while providing versatility against a wide range of opponents. Dragon Breath serves as the ideal Fast Move due to its high damage output and energy generation, allowing Dragonite to quickly charge its powerful Charged Moves. Dragon Claw is recommended for its low energy cost, enabling frequent use to pressure opponents and bait out their shields. Superpower offers coverage against Steel and Rock-types that Dragonite may struggle with, making it a comprehensive moveset for the PVP arena.


Ultimate PvE Moveset: In PVE contexts, such as Raids and Gym Battles, Dragonite's effectiveness hinges on exploiting its STAB bonus and dealing massive damage to bosses and defenders. Dragon Tail, as the Fast Move, provides a strong damage rate and energy accumulation. For the Charged Move, Outrage is the top choice due to its high damage output and effectiveness against different Raid Bosses. If a second Charged Move is available, Hurricane offers a powerful alternative against Grass, Bug, and Fighting types, while Superpower can be a strategic pick for tackling Ice and Rock types, enhancing Dragonite's utility across different PVE scenarios.


Leverage TMs for the Perfect Moveset: Achieving these optimal movesets might require the use of TMs (Technical Machines) and Elite TMs. Regular TMs can randomly change a Fast or Charged Move, whereas Elite TMs allow for the selection of a specific move from Dragonite's move pool, including legacy moves not normally accessible. Strategic use of TMs can tailor Dragonite's moveset to fit your specific battle needs, whether aiming for PVP dominance or PVE efficiency.



Evolve Your Strategy - Tips and Tricks


Evolve_Your_Strategy_ _Tips_and_Tricks


Successfully adding Dragonite to your Pokémon Go lineup and maximizing its combat effectiveness goes beyond just evolving and selecting moves. A deeper understanding and strategic finesse can elevate your Dragonite from being merely powerful to truly legendary. Here are some advanced tips and tricks to optimize your strategy.


Utilize TMs for the Perfect Moveset: The journey to the ideal moveset for your Dragonite might require patience and strategy, especially when using TMs. Since TMs offer random new moves, it’s wise to stockpile these valuable items for multiple attempts. Elite TMs, though rarer, allow for the selection of specific moves, including those that Dragonite can no longer learn through usual evolution or standard TMs. This makes them invaluable for acquiring legacy or event-exclusive moves that can significantly enhance Dragonite's performance in battles.


Counter Dragonite’s Weaknesses: Despite its strength, Dragonite has vulnerabilities to Ice, Dragon, Fairy, and Rock-type attacks. Anticipating these threats in PVP and PVE scenarios and planning your team composition accordingly can mitigate these weaknesses. For instance, pairing Dragonite with Pokémon that can counter its counters, such as Steel-types to fend off Fairy and Ice-types, ensures that you have a balanced and resilient team.


Maximize CP and IVs for Battle Leagues: Dragonite's effectiveness is also influenced by its CP and IVs, especially in PVP battles. For the Ultra League, optimizing Dragonite’s CP close to 2500 with a focus on high Defense and Stamina IVs can make it a more durable contender. In the Master League, where CP caps are not a concern, aiming for the highest possible IVs will give your Dragonite an edge in combat.


Strategic Use of Weather Boosts: Taking advantage of weather conditions can also play a crucial role in maximizing Dragonite’s performance. Windy weather boosts Dragon and Flying-type moves, making Dragonite even more formidable in battles. It also increases the spawn rate of Dragon-type Pokémon and can lead to higher CP wild Dratini encounters, aiding in your quest to evolve a strong Dragonite.


Build a Synergistic Team: Dragonite, with its dual Dragon and Flying typing, fits well into various team compositions. However, creating a team that covers its weaknesses and enhances its strengths is key to victory. Consider including Pokémon that can take down Dragonite’s common threats, ensuring your team remains versatile and prepared for a range of battle scenarios.






Securing Dragonite in Pokémon Go is more than just a quest; it's a journey that tests your dedication, strategy, and adaptability as a trainer. From the initial steps of gathering Dratini candies to the final evolution into the majestic Dragonite, each phase offers its own set of challenges and rewards.


Mastering the optimal movesets, leveraging TMs wisely, and strategically deploying Dragonite in battles will ensure this Pseudo Legendary Pokémon lives up to its formidable reputation. As you incorporate the tips and tricks outlined in this guide, remember that each Dragonite you evolve and train is a testament to your growth and prowess in Pokémon Go. Embrace the journey, and let Dragonite be your beacon of strength in battles to come.

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