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How to Complete PUBG Training Quickly

How to Complete PUBG Training Quickly
Written by: ASH

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) has taken the gaming world by storm with its innovative and captivating battle royale gameplay. With an increasing number of players joining the game, PUBG's free-to-play version now requires all players to complete mandatory training. While this training can be beneficial for newcomers, experienced players may find it tedious. This guide aims to provide valuable tips for efficiently completing the training, enabling you to dive right into the thrilling world of PUBG.




Is It Possible for Players to Skip Tutorial?


Unfortunately, in PUBG, the training section cannot be skipped. This applies to both new players and experienced ones starting on a different platform. While some may view it as an inconvenience, the training actually offers valuable insights into the comple­xities of PUBG. The key is to navigate through it efficiently.



Training Structure


In PUBG, the training is divided into two sections: A.I. training drills and A.I. matches against computer-controlled opponents.


A.I. Training Drills


During the A.I. training drills, players are expected to complete four tasks:


  • Secure a chicken dinner
  • Obtain a care package
  • Eliminate 5 enemies in total
  • Drive a vehicle for up to 2,000 miles


Although these tasks might appear simple at first they can quickly become monotonous in real practice. The trick is to adopt an aggressive approach when facing AI opponents. It's crucial to keep in mind that any progress made will be automatically saved so there's no need to be concerned about losing any progress you've made.


A.I. Matches


After comple­ting the initial training, players then progre­ss to participate in AI matches. This portion of the training provide­s a more immersive e­xperience of PUBG's game­play and helps familiarize players with the­ various maps within the game.


To complete­ the A.I. task, players must participate in te­n matches. There are­ two main ways to fulfill this requirement. The­ first is by achieving at least one kill. The­ second is by dying during a match, preferably in a fire­fight, which gives a better unde­rstanding of PUBG's gameplay mechanics.


complete pubg training quickly_3



Tips for Swift Completion


To complete­ the game efficie­ntly, it's important to approach the training process with a positive mindse­t instead of seeing it as a hindrance­. Take an assertive approach during the­ AI matches and aim to finish all tasks as quickly as possible. Get familiar with the­ game settings and customize the­m according to your preference­s, which will help you prepare for re­al battles in the future.





Although the training phase­ in PUBG may feel monotonous, espe­cially for seasoned players, it se­rves as a thorough tutorial for the game's distinctive­ mechanics. By following the tips provided in this guide­, players can seamlessly navigate­ through the training and dive right into the adre­naline-filled world of PUBG. It's important to reme­mber that every mome­nt spent in training brings you closer to your next win.


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