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Best Snipers in PUBG Mobile

Best Snipers in PUBG Mobile
Written by: ASH

Snipers are a significant factor that always comes as an edge to be the most powerful in shooter games, and in PUBG Mobile, this stands no different. The firing sounds of the weapons, along with the high damage outputs rendered by these long-range weapons, present the players with an almost realistic shooting experience. While player accuracy is key, certain sniper rifles in PUBG Mobile stand out as the best choices. This article gives a brief insight into the best snipers in pubg mobile with recommendations on how to use them.




The Best Sniper Rifles in PUBG Mobile


In the realm of PUBG Mobile, certain sniper rifles distinguish themselves as superior choices. Below is an overview of the top-tier snipers in PUBG Mobile:



6. Win94a


best snipers in pubg mobile


The Win94 has an inbuilt sniper scope fitted within it, which is one of a kind, and using it does not require attaching another scope to it. While this is not one of the aggressive long-range snipers, ease of use and adjustment make it good for engagements at mid-range. The 2.7x scope on the Win94 proves helpful in specific situations and can be commonly found on the Miramar map.



5. Mosin Nagant


best snipers in pubg mobile 3


The Mosin Nagant is a relatively new entrant in PUBG Mobile, but it already has a lot of fans for its sound and who pick it up just for that purpose. Compared to the Kar98K, which usually gets compared to, The Mosin Nagant doesn't grace as many games as its predecessor. Nonetheless, the Mosin Nagant is a reliable sniper rifle that can be a great choice when available.


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4. M24


best snipers in pubg mobile 4


This sniper rifle is also among the best snipers in PUBG Mobile. Though its damage rating may be slightly lower than AWM, it has great headshot powers. The M24 is rarer than the AWM and can be found lying on the floor or in loot crates scattered around the map. It's a multi-purpose gun that can serve long as well as medium ranges and has attachments fitted to enhance its performance.



3. Kar98K


best snipers in pubg mobile 1


The Kar98K surely has a place in the history of PUBG Mobile, and one of the biggest names, also quite iconic, associated with sniping. It's known for being the easiest sniper to handle and, therefore, easily advisable for beginners of the sniper class. The Kar98K, when suppressed with a silencer, becomes a stealth weapon that might be difficult to locate. 



2. AWM


best snipers in pubg mobile awm


In PUBG Mobile, the AWM has been the undisputed king of sniper rifles for quite some time. Its brutal power and damage are fearsome, and its sound alone is enough to send shivers down an opponent's spine. The AWM can easily penetrate through level-three armor, almost always knocking out an opponent in a single shot. However, its exclusive presence in supply drops makes it a rare and much-coveted weapon. Indeed, having the AWM in your arsenal can be a game-changer.



1. Lynx AMR


best snipers in pubg mobile lynx


The Lynx AMR is a sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile that will be available through crate drops and has destructive power higher than that of an AWM in damage, firing rate, and bullet velocity, with slight improvements in each aspect. One salient feature of the Lynx AMR includes its ability to damage vehicular objects and opponents from other sides, making it a fearsome weapon to counter with the usage of covers. However, this unit has limited ammunition, forcing the players to make sure each of their shots does real good damage.



Strategic Value of Snipers in PUBG Mobile


Sniper rifles bring quite a big difference in PUBG Mobile: the perfect balance between punch and precise shooting. With the potential to one-shot opponents from quite a distance away, it might just end up being the court of the match. Where a game allows snipers, these weapons are effective but mostly rely on one's patient targeting and timing of their shots to be hugely devastating.


Effective use of snipers, in other words, needs a combination of patient aiming and practicing with tactical ability in the game. Snipers can be super rewarding, giving a huge tactical advantage to players willing to invest that time refining these skills due to the wide range of combat scenarios it encompasses within the game.


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Playing Snipers in PUBG Mobile Tips:


  1. Understand the effective range of your sniper rifle to determine the right moments to shoot or remain hidden.
  2. Practice aiming to enhance your sniper skills, as precision is crucial for successful sniping.
  3. Maintain awareness of your surroundings to capitalize on advantageous situations while sniping.





Sniping has always formed an integral part of PUBG Mobile since it gives the players an advantage in long-range combat. The best sniper guns in PUBG Mobile are Win94, Mosin Nagant, M24, Kar98K, AWM, and Lynx AMR since all have diverse characteristics as well as different strong points. So, the idea behind mastering how to effectively use these best snipers in PUBG Mobile with some strategic gameplay is just not to brag but it's all about overpowering your opponents and landing those wins.

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