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Peroxide Shikai Tier List (2023)

Peroxide Shikai Tier List (2023)
Written by: iamharoongill

Drawing its essence from the popular Bleach manga and anime series, Peroxide Roblox offers an extensive range of powers for players to unlock and integrate into their in-game characters. This variety significantly enriches gameplay and character customization.


Within the expansive array of choices, Shikai moves to take a central role, mostly incorporating various elemental powers into your arsenal. While some Shikai abilities are fairly straightforward to acquire, others demand a significant commitment of both time and resources.


To help you navigate your way to the ideal Shikai skill in Peroxide Roblox, we've compiled a tier list that categorizes all available Shikai moves. So, stay tuned!





Peroxide Shikai Tier List: A 2023 Guide


Here, we've cataloged all seven Shikai abilities in Peroxide, ranking them from the most powerful (S Tier) to the least effective (B Tier). To give you a deeper understanding, we also describe the specific moves associated with top-tier Shikai. So, without further ado, let's dive into the rankings:




S-Tier: The Elite Choices


Below are the ultimate Shikai skills you can attain in Roblox Peroxide, complete with a description of their special moves:


Lightning Shikai:

  • Storm Blitz: This technique initiates with an uppercut, then follows through with a barrage of electric slashes.
  • Falling Thunder: Players execute a ground stomp that transforms into a bolt, launching the opponent skyward before teleporting next to them for further slashing.
  • Approaching Storm: This ability mildly augments your stats and allows you to unleash a full-on electrical storm attack.


Glacier Shikai:

  • Frozen Construct Fang: Hurl ice shards at your foes with this move.
  • Hundred Ice Nights Purgatory: Embed your sword into the ground to unleash upward spikes of ice against your enemies.
  • Cry of a Thousand Moons: Summon a tombstone to magnetize enemies toward you, then assail them with a volley of enchanted arrows.


Gravity Shikai:

  • Gravity Field: Create a localized gravity zone that hinders enemy movements. Double usage will trigger a rock-smashing secondary effect.
  • Rock Scatter: Eject large boulders from the ground to target your adversaries.
  • Orbital Pull: Generate a magnetic aura that repels enemies in your vicinity.



A-Tier: Highly Competent Choices




The following Shikai abilities are strong contenders in particular scenarios and offer potent move sets:


Fire Shikai:

  • Fire Slash
  • Will Of Fire
  • Fire Pillars


Clone Shikai:

  • False Clones
  • Emulate Clones
  • Mirror Inverse



B-Tier: Serviceable, But Outclassed




Finally, these Shikai are generally easier to acquire due to their common rarity but suffer from limited damage output:


Explosion Shikai:

  • Impact Point
  • Detonation Wisps
  • Bomb Jump


Wind Shikai:

  • Tornado Stomp
  • Triple Gale
  • Tailwind


And there you have it—the complete Shikai tier list for Peroxide in 2023. Choose wisely and harness the power that best suits your gameplay style!





The 2023 Shikai Tier List for Peroxide provides invaluable insights into optimizing your gameplay experience. From the electrifying prowess of Lightning Shikai to the more nuanced and tactical abilities of Clone Shikai, players have a plethora of options to suit their preferred combat style.


While S-Tier Shikai undoubtedly offers unparalleled damage and utility, even the B-Tier options have their moments to shine. This tier list serves as a comprehensive roadmap to help you make informed decisions, ensuring that you invest your time and resources wisely as you navigate the elemental battlegrounds of Peroxide. So go ahead—unleash your ideal Shikai and dominate the arena!


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