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A Full List of Secret Locations in Roblox Brookhaven

A Full List of Secret Locations in Roblox Brookhaven
Written by: iamharoongill

In the dynamic world of Roblox Brookhaven RP, players often stumble upon Secret Locations in Roblox Brookhaven that aren't immediately apparent. These hidden alcoves not only offer a perfect escape to relish tunes of one's choice, thanks to the special Roblox codes provided by the creators, but they also serve as ideal Secret Places for games like hide and seek. Easily accessible with just a few steps, these secrets await the curious and the adventurous.


Designed by Wolfpaq, Roblox Brookhaven stands as a beacon in the role-playing genre on the Roblox platform. It's not just about discovering hidden locations; it's an expansive realm where players can interact, own homes, race vehicles, and traverse an animated city. As with many of Roblox's simulation games, Brookhaven is a gateway to living countless adventures and experiences. So, as we delve deeper, prepare to uncover the myriad Secret Places that make Brookhaven so enchanting.




List of all secret locations in Roblox Brookhaven







Make your way to the mall's cinema and venture behind the scenes. A surprise awaits as you drop into a hall with a stairway, guiding you to a panoramic view from the top of the structure.



Burger shop




Step into the kitchen of the Burger Shop. Begin by enlarging your avatar to its maximum scale. Once done, leap onto the oven and, with another hop, find yourself basking atop the establishment's roof.







From the underground base, navigate through a narrow corridor leading you straight to the vault. Strategically position the explosives just outside the entrance. Seize the treasures within and make your swift exit.



The Bank Vault




While the bank houses treasures, there’s another gem concealed within that requires teamwork. After making a dramatic entrance into the vault using explosives, notice the metallic racks. Position yourself atop one and then, with a boost from a friend's shoulder, leap into an unsuspecting nook. This compact chamber, unbeknownst to many, offers a secluded respite.



Hair Salon




Don the cloak of a black outfit and head to the Hair Salon. Take a position on the floor, inching your way to nestle undetected within the cozy confines of the sofa.



Secret Cave


The adventure begins with a thrilling vehicle ride up the mountain peak. Upon reaching the zenith, a cluster of drones awaits your command. Hop onto one, and it will fly you to a massive cave situated on the outskirts of the town. Its cavernous interiors are perfect for setting up a covert base or plotting your next escapade.







Enter the grand doors of the hospital. Look up, and you'll spy a curious opening in the ceiling. Fetch a ladder, climb up, and unveil what's hidden in this medical establishment's rafters.



Secret House


Navigate towards the bustling airport but then venture beyond the beaten path. Nestled between a pair of trees lies a forsaken house. Its desolate state makes it an ideal refuge, offering privacy amidst the chaos.



Hidden Wall


Curate your Brookhaven experience by selecting the 'modern house' from the house icon menu. As it takes shape, step inside and ascend the staircase on the left. Inside one of its rooms, adjust your avatar's size for a snug fit. A curious leap onto the table reveals an unanticipated alcove within the wall. Perfect for hideaways! But that’s not all - head back downstairs, and by leaping atop the refrigerator, another concealed pocket emerges.



The Cemetery




Within the quiet confines of the cemetery, a peculiar secret beckons. Simply approach and descend into one of the graves. It's that straightforward, yet eerily enchanting.



The Secret Wall


As you come off the table from the prior discovery, cast your gaze on a wall on the right. It may appear ordinary, but it’s a wall like no other - it lets you pass right through, defying logic and expectation.



Outer wall


Outside this house of wonders, grab a ladder and ascend the external walls. The structure itself holds a secret ledge, acting as a vantage point or another perfect hideaway.



Dark Scary House




For those with a penchant for the eerie, select the 'dark scary house' from the house icon. As it materializes, explore its many rooms and corridors. Each nook and cranny of this macabre abode offers countless secret spots, allowing one to disappear into the shadows and observe the unfolding drama.



Luxury Apartment




Within the confines of a plush Luxury Apartment lies an ingenious hideaway. Navigate to the sink, and from there, leap onto the overhead shrubs. Engage the lying pose, and you'll find yourself seamlessly blended into the greenery.







Venture into the cleaner's establishment. Peek behind its nondescript wall, and let the stairs guide you downward. The room on your left beckons. Drawn to the solitary light swaying above? Give it a click, and voila, a hidden underground base reveals itself through the trapdoor.







On your journey, don't bypass the Arcade Arena. Once inside, head to the upper level. The festive "birthday section" awaits eager players, bringing a surprising contrast to the arcade's neon glow.



The Kids Play Room


Navigate to the children’s playroom within the Modern House. Here, a pantry cabinet stands inconspicuously, providing an unobtrusive hideout when needed.





Upon entering the hauntingly atmospheric dark, scary house, make sure to adjust your avatar to a more diminutive size. This adjustment will allow you to slip into and conceal yourself within one of the unsuspecting boxes scattered around.







Seek out a mysterious opening located beneath the stairwell. Once you've slipped through, ascend the staircase to discover the front room. Here, near the stairwell, another deceptive wall reveals itself to the inquisitive explorer.



The Hidden Death Spot




Venture into the Scary House and make your way toward its seemingly quiet backyard. A thick cluster of shrubs surrounds the ominous graves. Behind them lies a perfect, albeit eerie, hiding spot.



Kids Room




Within the confines of the spooky mansion, locate the children's room. Once inside, use your agility to hop onto the top tier of the bunk bed, providing a bird’s eye view of the room below.



Garage Gate




Adjust your avatar's size to a petite 0.5, and approach the residence’s garage. Utilizing a handy ladder, you can ascend and perch atop the garage gate, turning it into a lookout point.



Microwave Oven




Head indoors and follow the stairs adjacent to the garage, leading you straight to the kitchen. For those seeking utmost concealment, the oven serves as an unlikely refuge, shielding you from prying eyes.



Dressing Room


By employing the house's elevator, transport yourself to the dressing room. A surprise awaits as you seamlessly pass through one of the walls to take refuge within the cupboards, making it a chic hideout.



The Roof


Again, use the trusty elevator, but this time, let it whisk you away to the very pinnacle of the structure. The roof offers panoramic views and a grand vantage point, elevating your hiding game, quite literally!



Hidden Reading Spot




Approach the residence's front entry, ensuring your avatar is slightly reduced in size. Head upstairs and venture into a bedroom. Nestling close to the bed will plunge you into a secluded reading spot, perfect for a quiet retreat.



Shower Teleport




Within the master bedroom's bathroom, observe a peculiar wooden panel adjacent to the shower. Passing through this panel will unexpectedly teleport you to another zone within the house.



Bathroom Sink


Take position near the bathroom sink and crouch beneath it. This location not only offers concealment but also a strategic viewpoint, allowing you to monitor incoming visitors subtly.



House Entrance




Head to the main entrance of the house. Upon reducing your size, slip beneath the entryway ramp. This niche offers an unexpected hideout, perfect for eluding discovery.





Venture into a house and take a seat on a cozy couch. In a surprising move, erase the house by selecting the house icon on your screen's right side. Once the structure vanishes, you're free to explore this newly created ghostly domain or claim it as your secret space.



Fire Station




The fire station, a beacon of safety, also harbors a covert spot. Approach the fire station and strategically place a sleeping bag upon the pillar situated between its doors. Subsequently, ascend to the roof and leap onto the sleeping bag. This action plunges you into a vast hidden chamber, ideal for secrecy.





Roblox Brookhaven, with its bustling streets, dynamic communities, and intricate structures, has proven to be a treasure trove for avid explorers and curious players. As we've journeyed through the many secret locations, from covert nooks in modern homes to hidden chambers in eerie mansions, it's evident that Brookhaven offers layers of discovery beyond its primary facade.


These secret spots not only add depth to the gaming experience but also enhance the element of surprise and wonder, making every gaming session unique. Whether you're seeking a quiet refuge, a thrilling game of hide and seek, or simply the satisfaction of uncovering Brookhaven's mysteries, this list serves as your compass. Dive back into the world of Roblox Brookhaven, equipped with this knowledge, and enjoy the thrill of unveiling its best-kept secrets.



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