How to Get Headless Horseman in Roblox

How to Get Headless Horseman in Roblox
Written by: iamharoongill

As you embark on your journey in the captivating world of Roblox, there are countless ways to express your unique style and creativity. A popular trend among the Roblox community is embracing the headless style - an avatar without a head. It's a fun, quirky look that can give your character an eccentric edge. Whether you're a seasoned Roblox veteran or a newcomer just starting out, mastering the headless style can set you apart in the bustling community of players.


In this blog post, we will guide you through the exciting and somewhat mystifying process of getting a headless look in Roblox, opening up a new dimension of gameplay and self-expression. Buckle up, dear Robloxians, for an exciting trip into the realm of the headless!




Understanding the Headless Look


The headless style in Roblox emerged as a unique trend among players looking for distinctive ways to express their individuality. Its inception can be traced back to the release of the "Headless Head" item in the Roblox Catalog during the 2013 Halloween event. This item, which essentially renders your avatar's head invisible, quickly gained traction and became a coveted accessory for those looking to stand out in the crowd.




The headless look is not just about the shock factor; it's a blend of whimsy and innovation that mirrors the creative spirit of Roblox itself. With the rise of social media platforms, screenshots and videos of headless avatars quickly spread, contributing to its growing popularity. Today, the headless style has evolved into a signature look for many players, defining their presence in the Roblox universe.



Why Players Choose the Headless Style


The reasons for choosing a headless avatar in Roblox are as diverse as the players themselves. For some, it's a way to disrupt the norm and challenge the conventional avatar design. After all, a headless character is bound to turn heads, pun intended, and draw attention in any Roblox game.




For others, the headless style is a form of creative expression. Roblox is a platform that encourages players to let their imaginations run wild, and going headless certainly fits the bill. It allows players to craft a unique identity that sets them apart from the millions of other avatars in the game.


Lastly, some players choose the headless style purely for the fun of it. The absurdity of a headless avatar running, jumping, and interacting in the game adds a layer of humor and lightheartedness to the gaming experience. In the end, the headless style embodies the spirit of Roblox, where creativity, individuality, and fun merge into one exciting adventure.



Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Headless in Roblox


Necessary Prerequisites


Before you can transform into a headless avatar in Roblox, there are a few prerequisites you need to have in place. Firstly, you'll need a Roblox account. If you don't have one yet, head over to the Roblox website and sign up. It's a straightforward process that involves providing some basic information.


Roblox Headless Horseman Item Featured Image


Secondly, you need to have a basic understanding of Roblox avatar customization. You should know how to access and navigate the Avatar Editor, as this is where you'll apply the "Headless Head." Familiarize yourself with how to change your avatar's appearance and how to apply different items from your inventory.



Purchasing the "Headless Head" from the Roblox Catalog


Once you're logged into your Roblox account, navigate to the Roblox Catalog. You can do this by clicking on the 'Avatar Shop' at the top of the screen. In the search bar, type "Headless Head" and press enter. The "Headless Head" should appear in the search results.




Please note that the "Headless Head" is a premium item, which means you'll need Robux to purchase it. At the time of writing, the "Headless Head" costs 31,000 Robux. If you have enough Robux, click on the "Headless Head" item and click 'Buy Now' to purchase it.



How to Apply the "Headless Head" to Your Avatar


After purchasing the "Headless Head," it will automatically be added to your inventory. To apply it to your avatar, navigate to the Avatar Editor, either through the side menu or by clicking on 'Avatar' at the top of the Roblox site.


Once you're in the Avatar Editor, click on the 'Body' tab and then click on 'Head'. Here, you should see the "Headless Head" in your inventory. Click on it to apply it to your avatar. Your avatar should now be headless!



Troubleshooting Common Issues


While the process of getting headless in Roblox is generally straightforward, you may encounter some issues along the way. If your avatar isn't appearing headless even after applying the "Headless Head," ensure that you've removed all other head-related items, like hair or hats, as they may interfere with the headless effect.


If you're having trouble finding the "Headless Head" in the Catalog, ensure that you've spelled it correctly in the search bar, and try refreshing the page.



Alternatives to the Official Headless Head


Understanding the "Headless Glitch" Technique


The official "Headless Head" in the Roblox Catalog is a premium item, which may be out of reach for some players due to its high Robux cost. Fortunately, there's an alternative known as the "headless glitch" technique. This method allows players to achieve a headless look without having to purchase the official "Headless Head." However, it's important to note that this is a workaround and may not work consistently across all games or platforms.



Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Glitch Method




Here's a simple guide on how to go headless with the glitch technique:


  1. Open your Roblox Avatar Editor.
  2. From the 'Body' section, click on 'Bundles.'
  3. In the Bundles, search for 'Man' or 'Woman' and click on it to apply it to your avatar.
  4. Go back to the Body section, and select 'Scale.'
  5. Adjust the 'Height' and 'Width' sliders to the maximum and the 'Head' slider to the minimum.
  6. Finally, head to the 'Animations' section, and apply the 'Levitation' animation to your avatar.


Once you've done this, your avatar should appear headless. Remember, this is a glitch, so it might not work perfectly every time and may vary between games.



Pros and Cons of Using the Glitch Method


There are both advantages and disadvantages to using the glitch method for achieving a headless look in Roblox.



  1. It's free: You won't need to spend any Robux to go headless.
  2. It's easy: The process is simple and quick, making it accessible to all players.



  1. Inconsistency: As it's a glitch, it may not work consistently across all games or platforms.
  2. Limited customization: Unlike the official "Headless Head," which can be combined with other avatar items, the glitch method has limitations in terms of customization.


In conclusion, while the glitch method is a handy alternative, for a more reliable and customizable headless look, purchasing the official "Headless Head" is the way to go. Regardless, both methods open up fun and unique ways to express yourself in the exciting world of Roblox.


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