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15 Best Roblox Games to Play with Friends in 2023

15 Best Roblox Games to Play with Friends in 2023
Written by: iamharoongill

Spending time in a particular game alone can sometimes be terribly boring. I want to drag my friend there and create crazy things together or go deeper into the plot together. If you have such a desire, and if you love Roblox, then this article will definitely come in handy for you because we will look at some of the best Roblox games to play with friends where you can have fun, relax, and exercise yourself.




List of 15 Best Roblox Games





1. Murder mystery 2


For almost 10 years, the game has had a huge number of visits, which means that it is really cool, and you and your friends might enjoy it. The project is called “Murder Mystery,” which suggests that gamers will have to think a lot in order to solve mysteries and survive. The game is made in the horror genre and is one of the most visited on the Roblox platform.




There are three roles: Civilian, Sheriff, and Assassin. Civilians are ordinary people without special privileges, but the Sheriffs already have a more difficult task: to identify and destroy the Killer so that as many ordinary citizens as possible can survive. Naturally, the Killer will try to kill as many of his victims as possible. However, you need to act carefully because, at any moment, the killer can catch a bullet either from a cop or from a civilian who picked up a gun.


If you have ever played card mafia, then Murder Mystery 2 will not seem difficult to you. However, who knows how insidious and cunning your friends are? Perhaps they will be the ones who will shoot you somewhere around the corner.



2. Adopt Me!


Adopt Me! at one time, Roblox exploded, setting a new online record of 2.7 million players. This project is currently on the leaderboard, so it's a great place to hang out with friends.




The project is a sandbox and life simulator in which you can not only simulate trips to the store and communicate with millions of players but also take care of your pets. Pets have a separate role here. And there is a real hunt for rare species. There are even scammers in the game who try to lure out in-game money in exchange for an egg with a rare animal.


Overall, Adopt Me! you can actually live: go to work, buy transport, and visit public places. You can even make your own pizza in a special oven. The most important thing here is communication since the online project is consistently high.



3. Jailbreak




Basically, it's an RPG where you have to be a cunning criminal or a brave cop trying to catch a robber. If you decide on the first role, then you will have to start with escaping from prison. Once your character is in the city, the fun begins because you will have to think through a cunning plan to carry out raids.


You can also choose the role of a criminal who engages in robberies. It will be more interesting to roam the outlaw world with a friend because he will become your assistant.


Or he will become a policeman who will chase you. Both of you will have to think and build tactics to pull it off successfully. Whoever turns out to be more cunning will win.



4. Piggy




So, we present one of the most popular horror games - Piggy. The name may seem very cute, but the game hides things that are not at all funny. Your main task will be to escape from the map while finding keys, tools, and much more. At the same time, you cannot face an ominous monster in the form of an anthropomorphic beast. Call your friend to plunge into the atmosphere of horror together.


You will try on the role of a cop who will have to save not only himself but also other victims. Initially, the project did not continue but ended in the very first chapter, which is why the house turned out to be so large. After the update, some puzzles were moved to other chapters.


In search of a way out, you have the opportunity to examine rooms, objects, cabinets, chests of drawers, and so on. If a particular door is locked, you will see a hint about what you need to find to open it.



5. Survive the Killer!




Among the best Roblox games, we cannot help but mention such a project as Survive the Killer! From the title, it already becomes clear that the player’s main task will be survival and constant escape from the killer. You won't get a lot of emotions, tension, and even laughter if you play alone, so the project suggests doing it together with friends. Besides this, you will also have to save your guys. But this is survivor gameplay.


Now let's look at the gameplay if you chose the role of an assassin. Everything is so simple here: you need to kill other users and as many as possible. You need to do this before time runs out, or they all hide from you.


Only you can decide who to be: a bloodthirsty killer who will stop at nothing or a survivor who will save and escape in a panic.



6. Anime Fighting Simulator




Well, it's time to fight. Anime Fighting Simulator is a game inspired by several popular anime series featuring unique moves, weapons, difficult bosses, quests, and much more. If you are an anime fan, then you urgently need to evaluate this project, which can captivate you for several amazing hours. Spending time there with a friend will be much more interesting and fun.


To become the best, strongest, and most agile fighter in this simulator, the player needs to train a lot in specially designated areas. Pumping up your strength, chakras, and endurance will be crucial in battle. For each of these skills, there are areas where you can improve yourself.


Train with a friend to battle opponents or each other. It will be interesting because winning will not be so easy.



7. Arsenal




Among the best games, we will also note the arcade shooter called Arsenal, which is very popular among players. No wonder it has already received 5 billion visits.


Arsenal is reminiscent of CS: GO. You, in a team of your brave fighters, will have to shoot opponents who will have the same goal as you. In addition, players need to collect skins. This can be done in two ways: grind long and hard or donate. The choice is yours.


There are 4 teams in the play: blue, yellow, red, green. There is also a purple one, but mere mortals will not be able to get into it since it is intended for developers and admins. The goal of the place is to get to 33 points. If you play in Standard mode, then after the next kill, you will have a new weapon. After 31 points, the user will have a gold weapon and then a gold knife. If you use it to kill another gamer, the game will end, and the killer will be the winner.



8. Brookhaven RP




Brookhaven RP is one of the top projects on the Roblox platform. This is a game about meditative gameplay, where a pig or a crazy woman won't try to kill you. The player will expect a considerable number of different buildings and locations that are in every city: shops, churches, schools, hospitals, and so on. You will also be amazed by the wide selection of things. Players come here to relax, as Brookhaven RP is known for its simplicity.


If you play with a friend, your everyday life in Roblox will become more interesting, because together you can create various things, communicate with other users, live in a house, and look for Easter eggs and secret locations. The developers update the project every three weeks.



9. Tower Defense Simulator




If you and your friends don’t want to get stuck into life simulators or other games where you need to meditatively stretch out the gameplay, then there’s a chance for you to tickle your nerves. Tower Defense Simulator will test your strength. And this will give you a lot of fun and reasons to discuss the game with friends.


Before, you were a classic tower defense with endless hordes of enemies. This time, zombies led by bosses will appear as waves of opponents. You and your friends will have to defend the base, correctly arranging defenses and distributing responsibilities. It will be very difficult to keep track of this whole nightmare alone, believe us.


For each stage you complete, you receive coins that you need to spend on building stronger defenses. Naturally, the end of the game awaits you only if you die since the enemies here are endless. Bosses not only drop coins but also upgrades for defense.



10. Epic Mini-games


10._roblox_Epic_Mini games


Epic Mini-Games is a true Roblox legend who confidently remains at the top. This is not just a game but a collection of more than a hundred mini-games, just like on the old Sega or Dandy cartridges.


When you start the play, you and your friends are taken to one of the mini-games. The choice here is huge, but you get to them randomly. Here, you will find puzzles, races, quests, and other entertainment in which you will not have time to get bored. The rounds move quickly, and since these are competitive mini-games, the winners will receive valuable prizes.


For winning each game, you receive epic coins that you can spend in a special store. You can choose equipment, titles, effects, and pets. To balance the mini-games, all items have no benefits and only provide a unique appearance. You can also receive some rewards for ongoing events and completing daily tasks.



11. Driving Empire




We also have an offer for fans of fast cars and driving. Driving Empire is a unique project. And at first glance, it’s even difficult to understand that it belongs to Roblox. It's all about the transport models, which are made at the highest level. It will be difficult for car lovers to take their eyes off since all cars and motorcycles have their counterparts in reality.


The closest analog from the world of big games here is The Crew. Here, you will also be able to ride not only hypercars but also regular cars, motorcycles, and even bicycles. You can tune your entire fleet of vehicles both externally and internally, adjusting the transport to suit you. With each update, the transport is replenished, which is also nice.


Here, you can not only complete races, showing your skill. It is quite possible to just drive around the open world and receive rewards for it. The social component also plays a major role. In the game, you will not only measure speedometers but also collect collections of cars, bikes, and bikes so that you can later show them off to your friends or rivals.



12. Phantom Forces PC




The Battlefield series has spawned many good and not-so-good clones. One of the good clones is a Roblox project called Phantom Forces, in which you will fully experience the meaty spirit of epic mass battles. At the same time, you won’t have to wait in a long line to start skating because the online speed here is higher than in some stand-alone online shooters.


The game features classic modes - from capturing the flag to assault. Of course, there is no military equipment here, but the developers were inspired by the BF series, and it shows. There are 4 standard classes to choose from with not quite standard features: attack aircraft, scout, sniper, and support. With an attack aircraft, everything is clear - it's firepower.


Scouts at this time run with light weapons and rely on stealth but cannot carry a sniper rifle. The rifle is only available to snipers, but unlike scouts, they generally avoid the battlefield. Their weapons have high damage but are not effective in close combat. The support class is represented in the form of tough guys with shotguns who can one-shot any enemy.



13. Tower of Hell




Tower of Hell is a great competitive game that will test your reactions and logic. You and other players find themselves in a tall tower that is randomly generated. To win, you need to get to the top of the tower within a certain time, but this will be very difficult.


The passage of the tower will be hampered by various obstacles, narrow passages, and cliffs. It’s worth noting right away that there are no checkpoints here. If you fall, lie down and rest until the round is over. The towers also have two difficulty types - standard with 6 sections and hard with 12 sections.


For winning, you will be awarded currency, which you can spend on items and skins. Everything is clear with skins, but items can give a boost to get through the next round. After death or the end of the round, this effect disappears.



14. Royale High




Roblox simply could not do without such a popular theme as magic school. This niche is rich not only in Hogwarts. Currently, there are an indecently larger number of TV series and books on this topic. The popular game Royale High will send you to one of these schools, where you and your friends will live a fun virtual life.


It all starts with character creation. This is a role-playing game, so you have to be smart about it. Then, you will be sent into an open world with a city, a school, and its surroundings. You will even be given your own apartment - where you can relax after classes, eat or sleep. By the way, there really are classes at school here, and they are represented by mini-games on different topics.


The world is big and alive thanks to high online connectivity. Moreover, it should be carefully studied in order to receive a reward in the form of diamonds. They are given not only for tasks and are scattered around the map. These shiny stones are the in-game currency, so once you fill your pockets with them, you can safely go shopping.



15. Work at a Pizza Place




Let's finish our top with an excellent game for a large group of friends. Work at a Pizza Place has attracted a huge fan base and has been added to favorites over 11 million times! It's rare to find a co-op experience like this, but the pizza creation simulator will pleasantly surprise you. The main feature is the distribution of roles, of which there are many:


  • Cashier - takes orders from NPCs;
  • Cook - makes pizza and puts it on the conveyor;
  • Packer - packs pizza into boxes and places it on the conveyor;
  • Courier - takes pizza from the table and delivers the order to homes;
  • Supplier - delivers boxes of ingredients to the pizzeria;
  • Manager - gives a bonus, returns to work, and so on;
  • Vacationers are players who are at home and chilling.


These are all living gamers who constantly interact with each other, while the gameplay for each employee is unique. While the chef begins to quickly prepare the pizza, the courier will rush around the city and hand out orders. And the manager must ensure that the pizzeria makes a profit.


It turns out to be a full-fledged excellent simulator, which is hard to find an analog. If you want to play with a large and close-knit group, this project is definitely for you.


These were the best Roblox games to play with friends. We tried to take the best representatives of different genres so that you have a wide choice for every taste.


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