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How to Fly in Royale High Roblox

How to Fly in Royale High Roblox
Written by: iamharoongill

Welcome to the enchanting world of Royale High, a crown jewel among the Roblox games, where fantasy and fashion go hand in hand. This high school isn't just any ordinary campus; it's a magical kingdom where players can live out their fairy tale dreams, attend classes, and participate in seasonal events.


Roblox Royale High stands out with its unique blend of role-playing elements, engaging activities, and social interactions. As players navigate through opulent halls and mystic environments, they can customize their characters, attend royal occasions, and, most importantly, take to the skies, a quintessential aspect of the Royale High experience.


Flying isn't merely a whimsical addition; it's a core mechanic that elevates the gameplay - quite literally. It enables players to traverse the expansive realms quickly, reach floating islands, and discover hidden secrets perched in the clouds. It's a necessary skill for completing quests and gives an extra dash of magic to the overall game aesthetics.


Despite its importance, flying in Royale High isn't as straightforward as one might hope. Newcomers may find themselves grounded, puzzled by the controls, while veterans returning after an update or hiatus may feel like they're learning to soar all over again. This guide is your companion to demystify the art of flying in Royale High.




Basics of Flying in Royale High




As you don your virtual wings in Royale High, it's crucial to understand the basics to make the most of your airborne adventures.


Flying in Royale High is more than just an efficient way to get around; it's a passage to fully immersing yourself in the magical aura of the academy. With the simple double tap of a button, you're airborne, ready to explore everything from the highest turret to the deepest dungeon.


Flight in Royale High is not just a convenience; it's a gateway to excellence in this fantasy world. Aspiring royals can flaunt their aerial acrobatics, reach otherwise inaccessible areas for exclusive items, and make a grand entrance at the Royal Ball. Mastering flight is as crucial as acing your magical subjects if you wish to thrive in this elevated society.



Step-by-Step Guide on How to Fly in Royale High


How_to_Fly_in_Royale High Roblox


Mastering the skies in Royale High begins with a few simple steps. Whether you're a PC or mobile user, the world above awaits your exploration. Here's how to spread your wings and fly.



Starting to Fly


Before you can enjoy the breathtaking views from above, you need to know how to launch yourself into the air.


Default key to initiate flight


In Royale High, the magic of flight is at your fingertips. The default key for PC players to take off is as intuitive as it is essential:


  • Double-tap the 'Spacebar' key.


This action mimics the natural motion of jumping and then extending your leap into flight.


Instructions for PC users


For PC users, the process is straightforward:


  • Begin by standing still or moving in the direction you wish to fly.
  • Quickly tap the 'Spacebar' key twice.
  • Upon the second tap, your character will transition from a jump to flight.



Flight Controls




Once airborne, controlling your flight is crucial for navigating the realms of Royale High.


Use the mouse for direction


Directing your flight is as easy as pointing the way:


  • Move your mouse to steer your character's gaze—and flight path—upward or downward.
  • Your character will follow the direction of your cursor, allowing you to soar through archways or dive toward the ground.


Control keys for ascent and descent


To refine your altitude during flight:


  • Press and hold the 'W' key to ascend or move forward in flight.
  • Use the 'S' key to slow your ascent or stop moving forward.



Instructions for Mobile Users


Mobile users are not left earthbound; flight remains a touch away.


Initiating flights on mobile


The mobile interface is designed to be as intuitive as possible:


  • Tap the jump icon on your screen twice.
  • The second tap will shift your character from a jump to a soaring flight.


Camera and directional controls


The mobile controls mirror the ease of PC flight with touch-based commands:


  • Drag your finger across the screen to control the direction of your flight, much like you would with a mouse on a PC.
  • The on-screen directional pad (or joystick) will help you ascend, descend, and move forward in flight.


With these steps, players of Royale High should find themselves flying high in no time, ready to take on all the aerial challenges that the game has to offer.


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Managing Your Flight




Soaring through the skies is exhilarating, but all flyers must know how to land gracefully. Whether you're alighting at the Grand Hall or touching down in the Enchanted Forest, controlling your descent is as important as your ascent.



How to Stop Flying and Descend


Key/button to press for descending


  • To begin your descent in Royale High, simply press the same button used to initiate flight: the 'Spacebar' key on PC or the jump icon on mobile.
  • A single press will cancel your flight mode, and gravity will take over, guiding you back to the ground.


Tips for a smooth landing


  • To avoid a royal tumble, aim to descend onto flat surfaces or platforms.
  • Reduce your descent speed by tapping the jump button/key again just before you land, which can help achieve a gentler touchdown.
  • Make use of directional keys or your screen controls to navigate toward your intended landing spot, ensuring you don't crash into obstacles on your way down.


By mastering these steps, you'll ensure that every journey into the sky ends as elegantly as it began, with poise befitting the regal atmosphere of Royale High.



Advanced Flight Options


To truly rule the skies of Royale High, you may wish to enhance your flight capabilities. Speed can be of the essence, especially when you're racing to class or exploring vast areas.



How to Fly Faster


Purchase the Faster Flight pass


  • To increase your flight speed, visit the 'Store' section on the game's listing page and purchase the 'Faster Flight' pass, which costs 249 Robux.
  • This one-time purchase will permanently unlock faster flying speeds for your character.


Access and use the flight speed controls


  • Once purchased, the flight speed controls will become available whenever you are in flight.
  • Look for the Fly Speed meter on your screen, which becomes visible only when you're airborne.



Control Flight Speed


Adjust the Fly Speed meter.


  • You can adjust your flying speed by interacting with the Fly Speed meter. Sliding it up will increase your speed while sliding it down will make you hover more slowly through the air.


Strategies for effective speed management


  • Use higher speeds to cover great distances quickly or when high in the sky to avoid collisions.
  • Slow down as you approach your landing zone for precision and safety.
  • Adjust speed mid-flight to navigate through tight spaces or when you're in a crowded area to maintain control.


With these advanced options, you'll zip through the Royale High skies with unmatched speed and agility, ensuring your place among the elite flyers of the academy.





Flying in Royale High is not just a mode of transport; it's an essential skill that enriches your gaming experience, allowing you to embrace the full magic of this high-flying academy. It's a feature that, once mastered, opens up a realm of possibilities, from completing missions with grace to attending classes with flair.


Embrace the skies, and take the time to practice your aerial maneuvers. The more you fly, the more natural it will feel, and soon you'll be navigating the airways with the confidence of a seasoned royal. Remember, every great flyer started with a leap, a flutter of wings, or in this case, a double-tap of a button.


So, spread your wings and let the winds of Royale High elevate your adventures to new heights. Whether you're racing across the kingdom or simply enjoying the view from above, flying is your passport to unlocking all the enchantment that this virtual world has to offer.

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