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Roblox Military Tycoon: How to get The Hunt badge

Roblox Military Tycoon: How to get The Hunt badge
Written by: iamharoongill

Embark on an exhilarating quest to secure the prestigious Military Tycoon badge in Roblox's The Hunt 2024, a coveted accolade that symbolizes your strategic prowess and exploration skills in the game. Participating in the Military Tycoon challenge enhances your gaming experience and aligns you with the elite circle of players who boast this distinctive honor.


As part of the Roblox The Hunt event, securing this badge unlocks the doors to the Infinite Vault, teeming with extraordinary rewards that amplify your gameplay. With a clear objective to locate hidden crates across the expansive map, this guide will navigate you through the essentials to claim the 'Completed the Hunt' badge and the exclusive Hunt Spitfire, elevating your Military Tycoon journey.




How to get The Hunt badge in Roblox Military Tycoon




Unlocking The Hunt badge in Roblox Military Tycoon during The Hunt 2024 event is an exciting challenge that rewards players with exclusive items and brings them closer to the grand prizes in the Infinite Vault. To embark on this quest and secure your badge, follow the comprehensive steps outlined below:


  1. Start the Game: Initially, access Roblox and navigate to the official Military Tycoon game page. Launch the game to begin your adventure.
  2. Initiate the Quest: Once in the game, locate a unique cowboy-like NPC within your base. This character serves as the quest-giver. Interact with this NPC to activate the mission of finding hidden crates.
  3. Search for Crates: Your primary objective is to find 20 crates scattered throughout the game's landscape. These crates are strategically placed in various locations, making your quest both challenging and engaging. Key areas to search include:
    • Abandoned or empty bases are often overlooked by players.
    • Vicinities around the Juggernaut boss battle zones, where players typically focus on combat.
    • Crossroads adjacent to enemy soldier patrols, requiring stealth or combat readiness.
    • The vicinity of the elevator building is a key strategic point.
    • Areas near palm trees along roadways blend with the environment.
    • Entrances to bridges are critical transit points in the game.
  1. Leverage Upgrades: While not mandatory, upgrading your base to access an ATV can significantly speed up your crate-hunting process. Additionally, having superior weaponry can aid in defending against hostile players and NPC enemies you might encounter while searching.
  2. Claim Your Badge: After locating all 20 crates, you will be awarded The Hunt badge for Military Tycoon. This achievement marks your success in this specific event and grants you the exclusive Hunt Spitfire plane, enhancing your in-game experience.
  3. Visit the Infinite Vault: With The Hunt badge secured, head over to the Infinite Vault to discover the range of rewards you've unlocked. These rewards further celebrate your achievement and offer new avenues of enjoyment and competition within Roblox.


By following these detailed steps, players can efficiently achieve The Hunt badge in Roblox Military Tycoon, delving deeper into the immersive world of Roblox's The Hunt 2024 event and unlocking new levels of gaming prowess.





Securing the Military Tycoon badge in Roblox during The Hunt 2024 event is a thrilling journey that tests your exploration and strategy skills and enriches your gaming experience with exclusive rewards and recognition. By following the detailed steps to locate the 20 hidden crates across the vast and dynamic map of Military Tycoon, you immerse yourself in a quest that is both challenging and rewarding.


Upon completion, the accolade of the 'Completed the Hunt' badge and the distinctive Hunt Spitfire plane await you, symbolizing your dedication and prowess. Additionally, this achievement opens up a treasure trove of opportunities in the Infinite Vault, further enhancing your gaming journey. Remember, the event has a limited timeframe, so embark on your quest promptly and secure your place among the elite Military Tycoon badge holders in Roblox's The Hunt 2024.

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