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All Decal IDs in Roblox - Ultimate Compilation

All Decal IDs in Roblox - Ultimate Compilation
Written by: iamharoongill

Decal IDs in Roblox provide a streamlined approach to integrating copyright-free visuals into your gaming environment. Instead of sifting through countless results from standard image searches, often encountering unrelated or inappropriate content, Decal IDs give you direct access to the exact imagery you need. In this guide, we’ll delve into the top Roblox Decal IDs to enhance your gaming experience.



What Is a Roblox Decal ID?


Decals in Roblox serve as a dynamic tool to infuse individuality into the games you love. Within Roblox, players can employ decals, including logos and other designs, to customize in-game items. Over time, Roblox developers have refined and expanded this feature. To utilize decals, one must first acquire the Spray Paint gear.




This essential tool allows players to apply Roblox Decal IDs and personalize their gameplay environment. The user interface of the Spray Paint gear is straightforward, offering both fundamental and advanced customization options. Its introduction was hailed by the community, enriching the already vast gaming experience.



How to find Roblox image IDs


Before diving into our curated list of the top 60 decal and image IDs in Roblox, it's essential to understand how to leverage them and where to explore more.




To discover a plethora of user-generated images and decals on Roblox, navigate to the Marketplace via the official website (


Once there, select 'Images' to view the vast collection. To acquire your desired decal, just hit the 'Get Decal' button, and it will be added to your inventory.



How to use Roblox Decal IDs


Want to add a unique touch to your Roblox universe? Decal IDs are your secret key! Here's a simple guide on how to redeem them:





Start with the Basics:

Kick things off by opening up your favorite browser, heading over to Roblox's main site, and signing into your account. And don’t worry; this works on any device that can access the web.



Navigating the Marketplace:

All decals nestle comfortably within the Roblox Marketplace. To get to the decal you want, use this standard URL structure:

Just replace 'YourDecalIDHere' with the desired Decal ID from our list. For instance, if you're trying to access the decal with ID 6403436082, you'd go to



Claim Your Decal:

Once on the page, simply tap the “Get” button. Presto! Your chosen decal is whisked away into your inventory, waiting to be used. The icing on the cake? The majority of these decals won’t cost you a dime!



Upload Your Own Decal to Roblox


Roblox boasts an extensive library of decal IDs, but for those who desire a unique touch, the platform offers the option to upload custom images as decals. Here’s a simplified guide to help you through the process:




  1. Begin by navigating to the Roblox Creator Dashboard. You can access it directly through this link.
  2. Locate and select the "Decals" section found under the "Development Items" tab.
  3. Click the "Upload Asset" button. Before uploading, ensure your image aligns with Roblox's community standards (more details available here).
  4. After a successful upload, the decal will appear in your list. You're now free to adjust its settings or even list it on the marketplace for others to see and use.



List of All Roblox Decal IDs


Seeking a vibrant and distinct way to showcase your personality in Roblox? Dive into the world of anime decal IDs! These decals not only offer a plethora of diverse designs but are also user-friendly when it comes to application and removal.




What's more, anime decals are budget-friendly, enabling you to frequently switch up your style without any financial concerns. So, whether you're an ardent anime enthusiast or merely in search of a fresh aesthetic, anime decal IDs are a fantastic way to leave a memorable impression in Roblox.


Below is a curated selection of all top-notch Roblox decal IDs to infuse flair and vibrancy into your virtual realms:


  • People on the Beach: 7713420
  • Sakura (Anime): 1367427819
  • Anime Face: 3241672660
  • Blue Dude: 9876543
  • Target and Destroy: 69711222
  • Bubble Gum Smile: 115538887
  • Beluga: 7129155278
  • Roblox Sword: 108289954
  • Cute Face: 128614017
  • Universe: 1234562
  • Shiny Cutie: 2782324454
  • Hair 2: 4637746375
  • Spider Tux: 1803741
  • Zombie: 57764564
  • Dragon: 136931266
  • Pink Hair: 435858275
  • Red Eyed: 265790769
  • Cat Ears: 112902315
  • Cute Anime Girl: 6394847912
  • Lol Emoji: 24774766
  • Hair 1: 6576347905
  • Ninja Run: 917776099
  • Red Dirt Bike: 30155526
  • Anime Girl: 1234538
  • Shy Face: 6105266701
  • Silver Wings: 473759087
  • Truck: 5961037
  • AC/DC: 12347538
  • Super Super Happy Face: 1560823450
  • Adidas: 1117897387
  • Pikachu: 46059313
  • Wizard: 80373810
  • Drake: 473973374
  • Miley Cyrus: 144685573
  • Bandana: 121437562
  • Blonde and Black Hair: 6979659642
  • Playful Vampire: 2409898220
  • Nerd Glasses: 422266604
  • Roblox logo: 80373024
  • Spongebob Street Graffiti: 51812595
  • Super Smash Bros Brawl: 2018209
  • Epic Face: 109251560
  • Red Fang: 16735534
  • Annoying Orange: 76543210
  • Monster Energy logo: 123474111
  • Sword Pack (2): 83250046
  • No Noobs: 1081287
  • Panda Mask: 4442686497
  • Smiling Girl: 722564687
  • You Can’t See Me; I’m an Invisible Cat: 2483186
  • Spongebob Pattern: 1234532
  • Welcome to Hell Sign: 30117799
  • Bang!: 6013360
  • Super Sonic: 1234752
  • Party Hat: 12345383
  • Twitter Bird: 394647608
  • Sword Pack: 73737627
  • Kitty: 123475161
  • Finn and Jake: 80684094
  • Pink Party Dress with Diamond Belt: 90567189
  • Sapphire Encrusted Headphones: 53890741
  • Angry Patrick Star: 13712924
  • Trump: 415885550





In the expansive and ever-evolving world of Roblox, decals play a pivotal role in allowing players to add a touch of personal flair and creativity to their experiences. From pop culture references and iconic logos to whimsical designs and unique artistic expressions, the vast repository of Roblox Decal IDs ensures that every player finds something that resonates with their taste.


As we've explored some of the popular choices for 2023, it's evident that the platform remains committed to fostering individual expression and creativity. Whether you're a seasoned Robloxian or a newbie, dive into the decal world and let your imagination run wild. Here's to more vibrant, immersive, and personalized Roblox adventures!

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