What is the Valorant Battle Pass and How Does it Work?

What is the Valorant Battle Pass and How Does it Work?
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If you’re a player that spends time playing Valorant, there’s an incentive from the developers to keep you interested in the experience, even beyond your love for the gameplay loop. To make this possible, there is a reward system in place that allows you to earn cosmetic items from the XP you gain.


In Valorant, there’s a free Battle Pass and a Premium Battle Pass. For players that are looking to display their cool new cosmetics at every opportunity, the Premium Battle Pass will be better suited. In every Act of an Episode in Valorant, there is always a new Battle Pass added to the game.



At the end of every act in Valorant, players are reset to the beginning of a new pass. So, when you reach level 50 of the current act, you’ll get all the rewards for the free pass and premium passes respectively.


However, at the start of the next act, you’ll be reset and have to grind your way to the top from level one all over again for new rewards. You’ll still get to keep your rewards from the previous act forever.


The premium Valorant battle pass costs about $10 which is equivalent to 1000 Valorant Coins. Within an act, there can be occasional additional passes released in tandem to a battle pass. These special passes are usually tied to special events such as the anniversary of Valorant’s release.



The rewards in a battle pass usually contain gun skins, a knife skin, sprays, gun buddies, player cards, and titles. Players without the premium battle pass will not receive a lot of items, so it’s usually more of a worthwhile experience to own the premium version. The premium version also comes with a 3% Battle Pass XP boost for players to earn rewards slightly faster.


The free track contains 3 player cards, 3 player titles, 3 gun buddies, 2 prays, 2 times you’ll be given 10 Radianite points, and 1 sidearm skin. A battle pass usually lasts for about two months. Each act pass has 55 tiers that are grouped into 11 chapters. Chapters 1-10 and a final Epilogue chapter to close it off.



What does the future hold for Valorant Battle Passes?


The Community Battle Pass is a new way for talented artists within the player base to showcase their talent and immortalize their work in the Valorant Battle pass. This is done thanks to Riot allowing players to design cosmetics for their favorite weapons and agents. Riot will then organize a fan vote for the general player base to vote and choose their favorite cosmetics. When the community decides to choose the skins they like the most, they’ll be given access to those skins through the Battle Pass in the future.



With the new Valorant Battle Pass there will be region-specific elements that will allow local artists from every region to shine. All regions will get their own version of the community battle pass. This feature is currently scheduled for release on March 1, 2022.

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