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Valorant Player Count - How many people play Valorant?

Valorant Player Count - How many people play Valorant?
Image Credit: Riot Games
Written by: carrico14

The Valorant player base is one that has managed to consistently expand since its release. This is no surprise considering the fact that the title was released by Riot Games as its first new original IP since the release of League of Legends.


Their dip into the FPS territory is one that was bound to succeed in place of the aging CSGO. Riot is yet to officially release the data for their live player count. However, there are some statistics related to the player count available.


According to the executive producer for the FPS title, Anna Donlon, she reported that Valorant had about 14 million average monthly players. With a figure this high, the title is one of the most successful free-to-play shooter games available. This number was originally reported in June 2021. Since then, it's sure to have gone up considering the enduring popularity.




On Twitch, Valorant is consistently among the top streamed games. Big-time streamers like Shroud, Aceu, iiTzTimmy, and many others are frequently streaming the title. On top of that, a good chunk of the Valorant players are members of the CSGO community that found an opportunity to migrate and experience a newer and fresher take on the tactical shooter genre.


The Valorant player count is a figure that is being tracked by the website Their stats are pretty reliable due to the ways in which they are able to farm the data. Everything they report is an estimate using statistics and mathematical formulas.


The average monthly player count according to the website is at 13 million for the last 30 days. For the daily player count, it’s currently reported to be at 882,000. That is quite the figure considering that Riot needs to consistently maintain their servers.


Valorant still has a lot of developing to do, even with their impressive numbers. In Valorant’s highest month of 14.9 million players, other games saw much higher figures in that same month. Here are the stats they had:


  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: 10 million
  • League of Legends: 128 million
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: 36 million
  • Apex Legends: 115 million
  • Overwatch: 7 million


As you can see, there’s still a good portion of the market that Valorant can bring in. It’s important to remember that titles like Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and Overwatch are also on consoles, meaning that their PC player figures will be lower than the overall reported data.



How can the Valorant player count be increased?


If Riot Games wants to get more FPS players into their title, they’ll need to increase their presence within the eSports community. Currently, they are building a solid foundation for it, but it seems like Riot wants to take their time to get it absolutely right. Massive influencers already love the game, so there’s definitely a good amount of people that enjoy watching it streamed. Eventually, the Valorant player count will surpass Counter-Strike as Riot Games seems far more interested in expanding their reach in comparison to Valve.

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