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The Best Wallbang Spots For Pearl

The Best Wallbang Spots For Pearl
Written by: Weeii

Whether you're a casual player or an aspiring pro, every Valorant player is in a constant hunt for the edge that turns defeat into victory. In the dynamic, fast-paced, and strategic world of Riot Games' hit tactical shooter, knowledge is your most potent weapon. Knowing where to aim, where to plant the spike, and how to best use each agent's abilities can be the difference between clutching a win and facing a crushing defeat.


However, one aspect of Valorant that can truly separate the good from the great is mastering the art of Wallbangs. This tactic, which refers to shooting through penetrable surfaces to hit enemies hiding on the other side, can catch opponents off guard and turn the tide of a battle. In this article, we're going to guide you through the best wallbang spots in Valorant, arming you with the knowledge that can boost your tactical prowess and leave your enemies wondering, "How did they do that?"


We will take a dive into the world of Valorant and uncover the hidden secrets that lie behind its destructible walls. Here you will find the best spots to wall bang on the map Ascent.



Wall Bang Spots 


Now before we head and reveal the secret spots on this map that even you may have not thought about, pay attention to the details provided as we will talk through the penetration levels and what usage each spot is good or best used for. Mind you, we will take a look at a diverse variety as there will be attacking, defending and even post plant set ups. Let’s get right into it:


A Lobby And Art


What Does It Cover: Starting on Art, A side, this wall bang will hit anyone playing towards Art. It is best paired with a revealing piece of utility as it makes it easier to earn a kill on anyone playing there.

When To Use It: Best when ever you are looking to earn a pick whether it be to strengthen your defensive lines or ease the entries of sites as an attacker.

What Makes It Special: Best part about this wall bang spot is that it goes both ways, making it usable in two different scenarios. You can do it from Art to A lobby, or the other way around.

Penetration Level: Medium To High 

A Site 1


What Does It Cover: Uniquely, into A site you will be able to spam anyone playing on Dugout. But that isn’t only from the default planting spot, but from church or anywhere that you can shoot at this wall.

When To Use It: Best used with reveal abilities to get kills and take out the anchor in the site. Or, to hide there and spam whoever is trying to plant the spike.

What Makes It Special: The fact that this spot works for both scenarios makes it a perfect way to go after anyone playing in these positions.

Penetration Level: Medium To High



A Site CT


What Does It Cover: Similarly to the walls on dugout, these over here in Secret / Deep CT work similarly as you can shoot anyone crossing from spawn to secret.

When To Use It: Best used if you are taking a duel around that are and you know the enemy might be hiding behind the wall.

What Makes It Special: Enemies will not expect this wall bang spot making it add more to your favor in the fights taken.

Penetration Level: Medium To High



A Site Connector


What Does It Cover: Over here, you will find the wall bang spot on anyone trying to come from Connector to Waters, which is a common flank that attackers may attempt if they gain control of Connector / Link area.

When To Use It: Best used to clear the corner just in case anyone was hiding to attempt and flank you while you retake site.

What Makes It Special: Most players do not know about this wall bang spot which will leave them vulnerable to it.

Penetration Level: Medium To High



Double Doors


What Does It Cover: One of the most common wall bang spots, this one on Mid Link as you can shoot through the doors.

When To Use It: Best used if you want to spam enemies walking through mid.

What Makes It Special: While it may seem so obvious, but this wall bang spot always rewards you with a free kill or at least a lot of damage dealt.

Penetration Level: Light To High


B Site


What Does It Cover: This is a very generic spot, which covers large portions of B site. Any area with a screen box such as on B long, Screens on site, or anywhere else is a good free spam.

When To Use It: Best used if you want to spam enemies just to deal damage or get a free kill.

What Makes It Special: Constantly spamming these angles will limit the enemy’s playstyle thus giving you an advantage in the long term.

Penetration Level: Low To High

Pro Tips


  • Each Wall Bang location has a specific penetration level. There are 3 types of that, Light, Medium, and Strong penetration guns that are able to break through different walls. For example, the sheriff and odin count as strong penetration weapons while the Vandal is a medium penetration weapon. Keeping that in mind helps you know when to use it and where.

  • By looking at the wall, you can tell if your bullets are going through it or not. If the wall is penetrated by your bullets it will create a hole with an obvious remark that it went through. If not, there will be more like a “dent” on the wall and your bullets would have clearly not reached the other side.

  • If you are worried about not having the right gun for a specific wall bang you are looking to perform, with a good economy you can keep a sheriff as your pistol which will save you in situations where you only have a Vandal or a Phantom.

  • A good way to ensure you do not miss your shots through wall bangs is to ping the spot you are aiming to hit on the minimap. This will create a visual ping in front of you too which can guide you where to shoot if you forget the exact spot.

  • Don’t hesitate to ask for utility from teammates or even better, play agents that can hold abilities to help you. A popular pick would be Sova as he can have set reveals for each wall bang spot essentially helping you get even more guaranteed kills with these locations.
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