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Best Gekko Flash Lineups On Breeze

Best Gekko Flash Lineups On Breeze
Written by: Weeii

As any seasoned Valorant player will attest, the tactical depth and versatility offered by the game's various agents can dramatically shift the tide of any match. Among these agents, Gekko, with his unique Flash ability, has emerged as a favorite for many. His dynamic playstyle, combined with the right lineups, can effectively dominate the game's strategic landscape. But, the million-credit question is - what are the best Gekko Flash lineups on Breeze to maximize your success rate?


In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the most effective and game-changing Gekko Flash lineups that the professional scene has seen. From the utility-centric to those designed purely for executes, these lineups promise to give you the edge, whether you're grinding the ladder or duking it out in high-stakes tournaments.


We will dissect each lineup in terms of its positioning, utility, timing, and its compatibility with other agents' abilities. Additionally, we will provide you with pro tips on how to best utilize Gekko's Flash and the agent in varying in-game situations and map locations, so you can outmaneuver your opponents every step of the way.


Gekko Flash Lineups 


Gekko’s Flash is unique as opposed to other abilities of a similar kind in the game. Other flash abilities are instant and they miss one key advantage of Gekko’s flash which is giving away information. These lineups will be spots where your flash will spot as many enemies as possible giving you maximum benefit for a specific play. Here are our best collected flash through spots: 

A Site - Defense & Attack


What Does It Cover: This flash on A site will definitely take enemies by surprise as it works for both attacking and defending sides. On the defensive side, it will hit anyone coming out of A main or peeking in A main. On the attacking side, it will blind anyone behind the pyramids, although they can take cover at places like yellow or stairs.


When To Use It: Best for defense: When enemies walk out of A main, as soon as you hear enemy utility being casted throw it and peek. Attack: use it whenever you walk close to pyramid so you take control fo back site a lot easier.


What Makes It Special: This is a versatile flash spot that covers multiple angles, it’s a no brainer!

Mid - Attack


What Does It Cover: This flash spot will hit anyone on Nest, out of tunnel or peeking it, double doors and anyone flanking up to elbow. 


When To Use It: Best used in attacking scenarios, especially if you are looking to gain fast control of a certain area like nest or tunnel.


What Makes It Special: By running and throwing the flash against the elbow wall, it will come back to its original spot which makes it safe to pick up once again and use it elsewhere.

Mid - Halls




What Does It Cover: This flash on halls is perfect for checking mid or dropping out after clearing the area. The old style is to use a pistol but with this flash, you will get specific information and potentially a kill.


When To Use It: Best used if you were holding A’s push and wanted to help out your teammates in Mid or help yourself get out faster than rotating through spawn.


What Makes It Special: After throwing this flash, you will be able to easily pick it up and move on to use it again throughout the round. 

B Site - Post Plant




What Does It Cover: This flash against the wall of back site will bounce and ensure to blind anyone coming out your way to retake B site in attempt to defuse the spike.


When To Use It: Best used when defenders are on their way to retake site as this is more of a post plant flash.


What Makes It Special: Throwing it against the wall will send the flash to pillar eventually which allows you to pick it up and get extended information on enemies.

Pro Tips


  • Keep in mind that Gekko’s Flash works quite differently. The main advantage of your flash is the ability to gain information; you can do that by looking where the flash lining went so you can determine enemy locations.

  • Players can still dodge the flash by taking cover or running out of its radius. This makes it tricky but luckily, it is really hard to dodge a Gekko flash and if it is to be dodged you will at least hear the enemies repositioning.

  • The Gekko flash makes a sound when it detects someone before shooting the flash, sometimes, enemies can run out of its radius but the flash would have still made a detection noise. Pay attention to that in order to know if the area is clear or not.

  • Always remember to ask for accompanying utility from your teammates as it can be a tremendous help for your own set of plays with Gekko. Especially in post-plant scenarios.

  • You can always reuse your flash by trying to pick it up again. This can be an important and game-changing habit so make sure you always pick your utility when it is safe to do so.

  • Never use your flash if you do not plan to capitalize on it. Each flash lineup/spot given in this guide is provided with clear instructions and when/where it is best to be used, following that you will ensure your utility usage is always top-notch.

  • Aside from teammate utility, you can always use your own abilities to assist your flash after clearing position. For instance, you can always pair the flash with a molly to punish an enemy hiding in a certain corner or to further clear it if the flash does not get there. 


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