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The Best KAYO Lineups For Icebox

The Best KAYO Lineups For Icebox
Written by: Weeii

Kayo is a versatile initiator agent in Valorant, equipped with a powerful set of abilities that can gather information and control the battlefield. One of his key strengths lies in his ability to set up precise lineups, which are pre-determined locations where his abilities will land. These lineups can be used to clear out areas, gather information, and even secure kills.


There are many different KAY/O lineups that can be used on various maps in Valorant, each with its own specific purpose and application. Today we will demonstrate the best lineups for each key location on the map Icebox that will enable you to utilize his kit to the maximum of its ability and ensure the highest chances of winning. 


These lineups will cover all the important aspects such as attacking, defending, and even retaking. Whether you’re a veteran player or just starting out on the agent, this guide will be a step up and great help for your gameplay on Kayo while playing Icebox



Kayo Knife Lineups - Attacking Side 


While initiators are often associated with duelists, they play in a completely different way and adapt various possibilities than what a duelist player would. He is classified as a flasher initiator, meaning that you as a KAY/O need to assist the duelist’s entry, that can be by using precise flash lineups or even suppressing enemies with good knife spots that will help gather information and assist the execute. Here’s how you can utilize Kayo's lineups on attack:


On a classical A site hit, you’ll need a knife that will grant you information as A is often stacked and going into it that way will not be a good experience. So, use this lineup that will elevate your execution firepower. It’ll cover everyone on Nest, Rafters, Backsite and Maze. 


To do it, come over to this corner and jump on top of the box and then aim right next to this red arrow. After that, jump and throw your knife and it’ll land on the back of nest. 


Into B site, This knife will land right on top of B site’s structure and it will reveal everyone there. This doesn’t cover any close areas which makes it purely a site execution and not to clear any pathways into site. 


To do it, come over to this corner and then aim your crosshair exactly at this spot, then throw your knife and it’ll land after approximately 3 seconds. 


This is the perfect execution knife to reveal kitchen for your teammates if they’re walking up tube or setting up a late push/lurk. It’ll land on the wall, It isn’t easy to destroy and it’ll give you instant information and suppress enemies for you to make your next move. 


To do it, stand over at this corner (just like shown in the minimap) and aim your right HUD line at the tip of that building just like so. And then, throw your knife and it’ll land on the spot desired. 

Kayo Knife Lineups - Defending Side

It might not seem inevitably clear how important an initiator like Kayo is on defense, but the reality is you play a key part in winning even defensive sides. Utilizing his ability kit to gather as much information as you can on the attacking team’s positioning and moves can be the game changer and lead to victory. Here are the best lineups to defend and gather early information and suppress enemies with Kayo:


Now onto the defending side, A is usually a popular hit especially on pistol rounds and that’s why you always need to be equipped with utility that’ll cancel the executes. This knife will land on nest at the start of the round and suppress all enemies nearby. 


To do it, come over to this corner on rafters and aim between those lights and throw your knife. It’ll land quick and is suited for usage at the beginning of the round. 


For B site, this knife will land on B lobby and reveal everyone planning to hit B site either late or at the start of the round. It’s easy to do and it doesn’t land right away which can fool enemies that are always lurking or setting up executes late round. 


To do it, stand by the corner of this box on yellow and aim your molly icon with the bottom of this green box just like in the picture, and then throw your knife. 

Kayo Knife Lineups - Retakes 


Retaking is a part of playing defense, but it reverses the roles as after you’ve lost site it’s almost like you’re attacking to open site again. With that, you need proper lineups and knowledge to corner attackers and ensure your team gets the lead when it comes to positions and info. Here are the best retaking lineups for Kayo:


Retaking A is very simple with a Kayo, as enemies can play in site or for post plant and this will give you the firepower and information you need to figure it out. This knife will reveal top site, Gen, Maze and even backsite. 


To do it, simply come to this corner on screens and aim at that spot. From there, all you need to do is to directly throw your knife there. 


This is the best retake knife for B site as it takes on a huge portion of yellow and main. Especially if there’s a lineup larry in that area, you’ll easily be able to stall and execute the retake. 


To do it, you just need to peek around this corner from snowman and aim it directly at that spot shown. However, make sure you’re safe and that you don’t peek into someone’s crosshair. 

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