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How To Refund Valorant Skins - Step By Step Guide

How To Refund Valorant Skins - Step By Step Guide
Image Credit: Riot Games
Written by: carrico14

Have you ever purchased something on impulse, only to realize that you didn’t actually want that item? Most stores, especially online ones, offer a refund system in case you aren’t satisfied with the product or made a mistake. The same holds true for VALORANT: there’s a built-in refund system in place in the game.


However, you might have some questions about VALORANT’s refund system.


Which items can you refund? How long does it take to return your money? Can you refund items purchased a long time ago? These questions will be answered in this article.



Why would you need a Refund?


First of all, why would ever need a refund in VALORANT? Well, there are a few reasons why you’d want to ask for your money back, but most cases will likely boil down to you or someone else making a mistake on your account.




Perhaps you asked a friend of yours to buy a certain skin, and he/she selected the wrong skin. Or maybe your younger sibling accidentally got into your account and bought a bunch of skins and other stuff. Things like this happen, which is why the VALORANT refund system exists.


Or, of course, you had buyer’s remorse when you bought that Sakura Classic. You know, your typical 1 AM impulse purchase that you’re likely going to regret in the morning.



What can you refund?


So, the most important question: what are the things you can refund in VALORANT?


Well, not a lot of things… but also a lot. For starters: the only items you can refund in VALORANT are VPs (or VALORANT Points) and Weapon Skins.


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There are certain caveats to the latter which will be discussed later, but these are the only two items that can be refunded.


That means Battle Passes, Premium Battle Passes, Agents bought through Contracts, Weapon Levels, Radianite Points, and Bundles cannot be refunded. Be extra careful when buying these items, or at least be certain that you want these items for good.



Why You Can’t Refund Your Gun



By now, you’re probably lighting up at the fact that you can refund your VALORANT guns to get back the money you spent. Finally, you can sell off your Convex Spectre and Prism Shorty to buy the Champions Vandal that everyone seems to love.


However, there’s a big catch when it comes to refunding your guns. You can only refund your guns if and only if you haven’t used them at the time of refunding. That means… if you’ve equipped your Minima Ares at any point after purchase and used it in a game… you won’t be able to refund it.


Valorant Ruination Collection Phantom HD


Equipping a new weapon skin in your loadout is NOT a disqualifier for the VALORANT refund system or not.


However, you can get your gun disqualified for a refund if you’ve spent Radianite Points on it for skin variations or upgrade them even just one level. Be careful with that.



The Time Limit


There’s also another limitation to the VALORANT refund system that applies to both VPs and weapon skins: a time limit. If more than 14 days have elapsed after you purchased the items, they will automatically be ineligible for a refund.




That means any stored VALORANT points you may have that are leftover from previous purchases are ineligible to be refunded. Any skins you bought and haven’t used in 14 days cannot be refunded as well.



How long does it take for your refund to be processed?


In most cases, almost instantly! As soon as you hit the Refund button on the VALORANT support page, your funds should automatically be returned to the account. If you paid through a credit card or a virtual wallet (such as PayPal), the funds will be returned to those accounts.



How to refund Valorant skins?


Asking for a refund in VALORANT requires only a few simple steps:





  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, and log in to your Riot Account.
  • You’ll be redirected to the same page. Scroll back down, and select View Purchase History
  • If you have any item that is eligible for a refund, it will appear there. Select the Refund button.
  • Your VALORANT client should automatically open, and the refund process will be completed shortly after.



Additional Protocols on Refunding Real Money


Riot has extra rules in place for refunding actual, real-world money. In VALORANT, this will most likely apply when you want to refund VALORANT points you haven’t spent yet or accidentally bought.


These rules are taken from Riot’s official Global Refund Policy, which affects all of Riot’s games (League of Legends, VALORANT, Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra)


  • Refunds for real money will only be issued in the form of payment you used to purchase the Game Currency. For example, if you paid via credit card, the refund will be issued to the same credit card.


  • We can only issue you a refund if the form of payment you used to purchase the Game Currency or content has the ability to process refunds. For example, we can issue you a refund for payments made via credit/debit card or PayPal, but not for gift cards and prepaid cards. If your payment method doesn’t allow for refunds, don’t worry - we may still be able to refund your purchase for an appropriate amount of Game Currency.


  • Separate refund rules apply if you made your purchase via a third-party platform (such as the Apple App Store or Google Play Store). See below for details.





If you accidentally purchased the wrong item: fret not! Refunds are here to save your VALORANT wallet. However, even with these refund systems in place, it’s still important to make sure of your purchases. Additionally, make sure your account is secure, so no one can hack into your game and buy a bunch of unnecessary stuff.


All images rights belong to Riot Games Valorant, Valorant Fandom, Valorant Strike.

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