How to Chat in Valorant: Team, Party, All and Private

How to Chat in Valorant: Team, Party, All and Private
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Valorant is a quality project by Riot Games, which can offer users to participate in the fight between two teams. Each of them will have a specific task, the completion of which is equivalent to winning one round, and then the entire match. 

Of course, in order to achieve success in such gameplay, you will have to constantly communicate with your allies. For these purposes, there is both voice and text chat available.  



What are the chat options in Valorant?


There are four modes of text messaging in the Valorant game, namely team messaging, personal messaging, all messaging, and party messaging.



How to type in Team Chat in Valorant?


Chatting with teammates is the first method. You will only need to press the "Enter" button to start a text chat with a teammate. 
In the chatbox, you'll see a notification about team writing before you write. To send a message to your teammates, type in what you want to say and hit "Enter" once more.




How to type in Private Chat in Valorant?

In the next section, we will discuss how to conduct private chats. If you are addressing a particular person, and don't want anyone else to see the chat, you can use this method. This approach can be used for your teammates or for the members of the enemy team.
To send a message, you have to first press "Enter", then press "Tab", then type a slash following with the nickname of the person you want to address (example: /PlayerName) and type the contents of the message, then send the message by pressing “Enter”.




How to type in All Chat in Valorant?


Here are two ways you can use to chat with all players in Valorant.

  • One approach is to press "Shift" + "Enter", then just type in a message and hit "Enter" to send it.
  • This second method is almost the same as the personal chat, with the exception that we want to send messages to everyone. The method is to hit the "Enter" button then type "/all" at the start, then write the message and press "Enter" again to send the message.


Compared to the second method, the first one is a little easier to use because it is a little less complicated.




How to type in Party Chat in Valorant?


Following is a method for chatting in the Valorant party. In Valorant it is possible to only chat with a party. This method can be used when you want only your party friends to see the message instead of the full team.
Changing the chat mode to party is possible when you are in a party so that it's not team mode anymore. The trick is to press "Enter", then type "/party". Once you have done that, you can type in the message you wish to send to your party members.






Valorant offers a number of ways to chat, starting with chatting with your entire team, sending a personal message to a specific player, chatting with your teammates and enemies through all chat, and finally chatting with only your party. There are various ways to chat in Valorant which can be used while playing Valorant. Hope you find them useful.

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